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Recap / My Gym Partners A Monkey S 3 E 10 Pride And Pixiefrog

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Principal Pixiefrog becomes the principal of the year and his ego gets the best of him.

  • Callback: Adam refers to the other students as "Future Zoo Animals". This is a reminder of how in "I Got a New Aptitude", everybody's career aptitude test scores said they'd have futures as zoo animals.
  • Continuity Drift: Larry Raccoon and Ding Bang Panda from "Bad News Bear" are standing in line as students of CDMS, despite the former being expelled and the latter being an alter-ego of the former, in said episode.
  • Drugs Are Bad: In the original storyboards of this episode, Principal Pixiefrog had personalized urinal cakes, that featured his face with the motto, "Just Say No to Drugs".
    • Thanks to executive meddling, this was edited to "Just Say No To Lawsuits".
  • Dumbass Has a Point: With the absence of Adam, someone had to be the voice of reason to the pack. Because of a role shift, this title went to Jake.
    Jake: If I made sense it was totally on accident.
  • Forgotten Phlebotinum: When Slips took on the role of Lupe, he gained the ability to fly.
  • Funny Background Event: When the news people were interviewing Principal Pixiefrog, one of the cameraman's buttcrack was showing.
  • Goal in Life: Principal Pixiefrog reveals his former goal in life was to be a wedding cake designer.
  • Mysterious Middle Initial: Principal Pixiefrog's middle initial is "W", but it's never said what it stands for. It never will be revealed either, because in future episodes, his middle name is "Pegone".
  • Narcissist: Principal Pixiefrog became this, when he got his "Principal of the Year" award.
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  • Overly Long Gag: Jake explaining the role shift that happened, when Adam left the pack to become the new Mrs. Warthog.
    Jake: So, there's one thing I still don't fully comprehend, Windsor. When the pack changed and Adam became Mrs. Warthog, and then I became Adam, who became me?
    Windsor: Well, judging by my newfound love for my posterior, I'd say, I did.
    Jake: Oh, but if Adam's the new Mrs. Warthog and I'm the new Adam and you're the new me, then who's the new you?
    Lupe: After upgrading the headers in the exhaust of PF's scooter, I realize I am the new Windsor.
    Jake: Yes of course, but if Adam's the new Mrs. Warthog, and I'm the new Adam, ...
    (This goes on for a while)
    Jake: So, if Adam's the new Mrs. Warthog, and I'm the new Adam, and you're the new me, and Lupe's the new you, and Slips is the new Lupe, and Ingrid's the new Slips, then who's the new Ingrid?
    (Henry walks by on stilts)
    Henry: I never would've imagined the view from up here.
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  • Personality Swap: "Personality Shift" is more fitting. When Adam took on the role of Mrs. Warthog, he basically became her, and in turn, left his position as "Adam Lyon" open. Jake took on his role and started to become him. That left the "Jake" role open, and Windsor took his place. Lupe became the new Windsor, Slips became the new Lupe, and so on. This went on throughout the entire school, making everybody act like someone new.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: When Adam replaced Mrs. Warthog, he started to become just like her. First, he started wearing her glasses, just for giggles. Then he inhales a bunch of clapped eraser chalk, causing his voice to get all groggy, much like Mrs. Warthog's.

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