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Recap / Mr Robot S 03 E 09

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In the past, Gideon Goddard meets with Phillip Price, Terry Colby, and Tyrell Wellick to discuss a potential contract with Allsafe. Price takes notice of Angela when she enters and gets Colby some more tea. In the ride back to E Corp, Price informs Colby and Tyrell that Allsafe will be chosen as the company's security firm, despite protests from both. Tyrell implores Price to reconsider putting E Corp's security in the hands of Allsafe, but Price refuses to buckle.

Return to the present. Tyrell is returned home by the FBI, and told not to skip town. There, Tyrell breaks down beside his son's crib. Meanwhile, Elliot finds himself standing in his bathroom, with the words "THEY OWN THE FBI" scrawled on the mirror. Mr. Robot has taken over once again, and has intentionally left Elliot a warning. Elliot concludes that "THEY" must be Dark Army, and quickly mobilizes to retrace his footsteps after finding that Mr. Robot accessed his computer in the night, presumably reading Trenton's message and learning of Tyrell's release. Flashing back to the previous night, Mr. Robot confronts Tyrell in his home about the cyber-bombings, and the two argue over the Dark Army playing them both like puppets. The argument turns physical; Tyrell socks Mr. Robot, and prepares to beat his face in before someone knocks on the door. Tyrell opens it to see that it is Price, who has come to talk with him.


Elliot meets up with Darlene at the Fun Society arcade to show her Trenton's e-mail as well as where the decryption keys that Romero possessed could potentially be: a facility known as Sentinel. Darlene cautions Elliot about making a go for the keys, as it is almost a guaranteed path to being caught. Darlene instead proposes that she be the one to obtain the keys as she is the one closest to the FBI. Elliot reluctantly agrees, and opts to distract the Dark Army to waiver any suspicion. Later, Elliot meets Irving unexpectedly, demanding that a meeting be set with Whiterose about "stage three" of their plan. Irving is confused, and declines. Elliot warns Irving that the police are on their way, and that if Irving messes with the Dark Army's timeline, it will be his head on a platter. Elliot then leaves.


This episode provides examples of:

  • Armor-Piercing Question: Price gets in a nice one when Robot calls himself a leader: "Where are your followers?"
  • Call-Back: Darlene recalls Angela's planting of the femtocell in season two when putting the plan to retrieve the decryption keys in perspective.
  • Celebrity Paradox: Joey Bada$$, who plays Leon, has one of his songs, "Chicken Curry" playing in the candlelit bar where Dom and Darlene meet.
  • Dramatic Irony: Darlene confesses to Dom that Five/Nine can be undone and where the decryption keys can be found to do so... with Santiago in the room.
  • Fanservice: Dom and Darlene making out.
  • Flashback: The cold open takes place before the series, when Gideon is attempting to set up a contract with E Corp. It is there that Price first sees Angela.
    • The episode goes back and forth between the night Mr. Robot took over and the following day when Elliot and Darlene enact their plan to get the decryption keys.
  • Helpful Hallucination: For once, Mr. Robot actually helps Elliot by leaving a message revealing that the FBI is owned by the Dark Army.
  • Hypocrite: After seeing Leon in his apartment, Angela blames Elliot for tricking her into telling him about the plan and stopping Whiterose when she herself was the one who psychologically abused him and disposed him off after Stage 2 was a success.
  • Idiot Ball: Darlene seems to forget that Dom has difficulty sleeping when she attempts to steal her FBI badge after sex.
  • Out of the Frying Pan: While Elliot succeeds in hacking the Dark Army, he inadvertently makes himself a target of Whiterose after attempting to meet with her about the "third stage" of their plan and Grant convinces her to stop indulging in Elliot's whims. Darlene also ends up in bigger trouble after Dom catches her attempting to steal her FBI badge and unwittingly revealing the plan to undo Five/Nine to Santiago. He later tips off the Dark Army about this.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Angela leaves her apartment out of paranoia after seeing Leon at Elliot's. She takes her belongings (Qwerty included), puts them in a shopping cart, and wanders the streets as a vagrant.
  • Title Drop: Elliot refers to the next step in his plan to kill E Corp as "stage three". It is later revealed that stage three does not exist, and is merely a lie by Elliot to get him a meeting with Whiterose.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Whiterose goes through one when her plan for the Congo hits a snag.

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