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Recap / Mr Bogus S 1 E 1 Meet Mr Bogus

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Meet Mr. Bogus

Written by Michael Maurer

First Act

In a cozy suburban neighborhood, we are treated to the exterior of a house belonging to a family called the Anybody family. As the camera continues traveling along the top of the house, it then goes into the chimney of the house, before cutting to the inside where a tiny yellow-skinned blue-pantsed being by the name of Mr. Bogus is skateboarding along the insides of the walls. However, while he is doing so, he is being spied on by his enemy, a mean rat by the name of Ratty who plots to get rid of Mr. Bogus. Bogus continues skating along, until Ratty jumps forward and starts gnawing away at the rafter that Bogus is skating along, causing the rafter to break and Bogus to fall as Ratty waves bye-bye to him. Bogus continues falling until he starts falling down the grates. Outside of the house, Ratty's partner, a slow-witted mole by the name of Mole, shows up from a hole in the ground, asking Ratty if he got rid of Bogus. Ratty then states that now that he got Bogus out of the way, he is free to roam about through the house whenever he likes. Unfortunately, just as soon as Ratty says this, the outside grate then opens up, allowing Bogus to fall out from the grate and land right on top of Ratty.

A pair of lawn workers, named Butch and Jake, are about to do chores for the Anybody family, such as mowing the lawn and blowing away the leaves, when Mrs. Anybody comes out from the house and tells the two men to do her a favor before they do the yard work. She then tells them that the diamond from her diamond ring is missing and is presumably lost somewhere in the yard and asks them that if they happen to find it while working, let her know. Bogus watches the whole thing from a nearby fence. Butch and Jake then tell Mrs. Anybody that they would be glad to find her diamond. After Mrs. Anybody goes back into the house, however, the two men then plot to take the diamond for themselves once they find it, but Bogus vows that he will find the diamond before they do.

Ratty parts away the grass to see Mrs. Anybody's diamond perched on top of a mound of dirt in the yard, as he too plots to steal the diamond for himself (Much like Daffy Duck would). Ratty then peers into a nearby hole and tells Mole to hurry up for they have a valuable diamond to steal. At the same time, Bogus is making his way through the grass, while wearing Indiana Jones garb (complete with a bomber jacket and a fedora) as he is on the search for the diamond. Ratty quickly ducks down just as he gets part of the fur on his head sliced off by the machete that Bogus is using to hack through the grass. After reaching the end of the trail, Bogus looks up to see the diamond on the dirt mound, before pulling out a whip from the inside of his jacket then whips it forward to retrieve the diamond. However, the diamond suddenly disappears into the mound before Bogus could even reach it, so he winds up getting tied up by his own whip. Mole pops out from the dirt mound, telling Bogus that he beat him to the diamond before popping back into the ground again.

Ratty is sitting on a nearby rock when Mole pops up from the ground, telling him that he got the diamond. However, Ratty suddenly snatches the diamond away from Mole, claiming it to be his at last (Yet again, more Daffy Duck-like behavior), when he and Mole are interrupted by the sound of the lawnmower, prompting them to retreat back into the hole again. Butch is mowing the lawn when the lawnmower suddenly starts to go on the fritz, so he lifts it up to see the diamond jammed between the mower's blades. He and Jake are glad that they have the diamond for themselves now, before it gets snatched away by Bogus, with use of his trusty whip. As soon as Bogus gets the diamond back, Ratty suddenly jumps him as they both start fighting each other for possession of the diamond, just as the diamond rolls away and falls into a nearby hole. Butch and Jake have been watching the whole thing, as Butch states that it would be easy to get at in the ground, before Jake tells him to go get it. After the fight has ended, Ratty has Bogus pinned to the ground, but Bogus quickly jumps into the hole, still determined to get the diamond back.

Inside the hole, Bogus sees the diamond in the center of the hole, as does Mole as the two start crawling through the tunnels towards the diamond. Before either one of them could get the diamond, a shovel suddenly hits them both on the head and scoops up the diamond from the ground, as Butch gets the diamond. Ratty, still determined to have the diamond for himself, quickly jumps up and hits Butch with the shovel, causing him to fall to the ground. At the same time, the diamond flies up into the air before landing in the leaves in the gutter. Bogus climbs up the gutter at the same time that Butch and Jake have gotten onto the roof of the house. Butch then uses the leaf blower to blow the leaves out of the gutter revealing the diamond in plain sight, but Bogus quickly rushes in and swipes the diamond before Butch could get at it, before going down the storm drain then out the other end. After that is over with, Bogus then cooks up a plan to get rid of the shifty men as he starts to turn on the valve for the garden hose. While the Butch and Jake are wondering what to do now, Bogus suddenly appears while riding on the garden hose as he squirts them, causing them to fall off the house and into the pile of leaves below. As Bogus celebrates his success, the hose suddenly goes limp as he falls down before landing on the lawnmower, switching it on and causing to go right towards Butch and Jake, as they are still in the leaf pile. Once they see the lawnmower coming their way, they become frightened as they quickly get out of the leaf pile and run for their lives, with the lawnmower still chasing after them, just as Bogus jumps off the lawnmower.

Once that's over with, Bogus climbs up to the window and places the diamond on the windowsill then leaves. Mrs. Anybody approaches the window before noticing the diamond sitting on the windowsill, as she becomes happy that the diamond for her ring is back. Mrs. Anybody wants to thank whoever found her diamond, but since she doesn't see anyone in the yard, she becomes offended, then walks away from the window. Bogus then comes up with another idea to show his appreciation, as he quickly gains possession of a hedge trimmer and uses it to trim the hedges in record time. Ratty and Mole watch the whole thing, disappointed about their failure to get the diamond, as Ratty Face Palms in frustration. The hedges are then trimmed, with them cut in the shape of Bogus's likeness. Bogus then states his success before he starts giggling rather giddily afterwards.

Second Act

In the living room of the Anybody residence, Mrs. Anybody is watching a romance film on TV at the same time that the family pet, a bulldog named Kevin is sleeping in front of the television set. At the same time that this happens, Bogus is hiding in the bookshelf while looking through a pair of binoculars at the woman on the film talking with her boyfriend before he starts mocking the boyfriend. Bogus then exits the bookshelf before walking along the top of the curtains before grabbing hold of the window blind cord to bring himself down to Kevin's level before sneaking past the still-sleeping Kevin. Bogus then pulls the pillow that Kevin was sleeping on, directly out from under Kevin, as Kevin becomes alert.

Before Kevin can react, the channel changes to a wrestling match, much to Mrs. Anybody's confusion. Bogus is facing off against a bigger burlier wrestler, but the wrestler just grabs Bogus by his arms before Bogus to make a move. The wrestler then ties Bogus up like a pretzel, leaving him all tied up. The wrestler jumps up afterwards before landing on top of Bogus, which sends him right through the floor, before the channel changes again to a talk show just as Bogus drops in. The channel changes once more to a hot-air balloon festival as Bogus falls once again, which causes the channel to change again to a scuba-diving show which Bogus lands in, as Mrs. Anybody becomes frustrated, just as the phone starts to ring.

Mrs. Anybody goes off to answer the phone, leaving Kevin alone as the TV now shows a kung-fu movie with a pair of ninjas facing off against Bogus. Bogus starts spinning a nunchuck threateningly in front of the ninjas, but unfortunately for him, the nunchuck starts acting like an airplane propeller which sends Bogus flying across the alley before flying out directly from the TV set. Bogus ends up getting ricocheted by the sofa before landing in front of Kevin, who looks at him angrily. When Bogus turns around, he realizes that he's in trouble when Kevin starts stalking Bogus. Bogus quickly leaps over Kevin, who just ends up bumping his head on the side of a nearby end table. Bogus then starts flying all around the room until hightailing it into a nearby lamp as Kevin starts shaking the lamp. However, this only causes the lampshade to fall off and land on top of Kevin as he starts staggering around. Bogus then runs off while Kevin loses his balance and falls over. Later, Mrs. Anybody returns to find Kevin laying on the floor while still stuck in the lampshade. Mrs. Anybody assumes that Kevin messed up the room as she scolds him and calls him a bad dog, which causes Kevin to retract into the lampshade in shame.

Mrs. Anybody then answers the door to find the TV repairman at the door as he enters the house, while Mrs. Anybody has to go off and do some errands. The TV repairman turns over and becomes surprised to see the mess in the living room and a shamed Kevin sitting in the middle of it. The TV repairman then tells Kevin to run along so that he can find out what's wrong. When the repairman opens up the furnace duct, he starts to pull on the electric wires which Bogus is using as a hammock, which disturbs Bogus from his sleep. The repairman then tells Bogus that he can't hide forever, but Bogus says that he won't back down before getting his nose stuck in the circuit breaker, but he manages to get his nose free before becoming very angry.

The repairman thinks that he got Bogus now but he winds up getting his arm pulled into the wall, thanks to Bogus. What follows after that is a tug-of-war with wires between the repairman and Bogus, but Bogus simply lets go of the wires after a few seconds, which causes the repairman to fall backwards and land on the sofa, knocking it backwards. Later, the repairman starts to work on the TV, while Bogus is rewiring the TV remote, making a few alterations to it. After the remote has been modified, Bogus uses it to turn the table lamp on and off repeatedly as he starts laughing, before using the remote to turn on the stereo on full blast which surprises Kevin something awful. Kevin then realizes that Bogus is behind this as he starts sneaking up on Bogus who is too busy dancing with the remote to notice that he's being followed. When Bogus starts spinning around, Kevin catches the remote in his mouth as he takes it away from Bogus, but unfortunately, that also causes a vacuum cleaner to start running amok throughout the house as Bogus and Kevin run for their lives. The repairman then notices the rogue vacuum cleaner as he tries to stop it, but the vacuum cleaner winds up sucking up his hat before it also starts sucking up his clothes, which prompts the repairman to hide in the closet.

Before the vacuum cleaner can wreak any more havoc, Bogus shows up dressed up as a masked crime-fighting vigilante as he swings off to confront the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner starts chasing after Bogus as he still keeps on swinging, which causes the vacuum cleaner to tie itself up before exploding. Bogus then approaches the remote but when he tries to pick it up, Kevin still has a grip on the remote before picking up Bogus with it, which surprises Bogus as he tries to grapple the remote away from Kevin. Unfortunately, this causes every appliance in the house to come to life and start running amok all over the house, just as the repairman comes out from the closet, before noticing all of the appliances going crazy. This prompts the repairman to run for his life and exit the house, while Bogus and Kevin still fight over the remote, before they both become afraid as a rogue razor nips Bogus in the backside, which causes him to jump up into the air in pain.

Seconds later, Bogus lands on the razor while wearing an orange cowboy hat and a pair of raspberry pink cowboy boots as he starts riding on the razor like a bucking bronco. Kevin still continues running for his life just as the razor, with Bogus on it, starts heading for the kitchen then the laundry room as the razor starts chasing Kevin all around the ironing board. When Kevin passes under the ironing board, Bogus jumps off the razor before snatching the remote away from him, before he starts rewiring the remote back to its normal frequency, which causes the appliances to turn off. The razor then hits the ground behind Kevin, causing Kevin to jump up into the air in surprise before hitting the bottom of the ironing board, knocking Bogus back a few feet. Bogus then becomes surprised when he sees an iron that had somehow gotten knocked up into the air falls towards him and lands on top of him. Later, Mrs. Anybody's husband, Mr. Anybody, enters the laundry room in time to see Kevin start to leave. Mr. Anybody then lifts up a shirt that was on the ironing board before noticing Bogus squashed flat on the front of the shirt before laying the shirt flat on the ironing board before leaving. After Mr. Anybody leaves, Bogus is able to retain his original body shape again.

Third Act

It is once again a beautiful sunny day in the Anybody residence. Inside the house, Mrs. Anybody is on the phone while holding a briefcase before she exits the house once again. After that, the camera travels up the staircase, before entering the bathroom, where Bogus enters via use of a moving wall panel. However, once he exits the wall, he suddenly slips on the soap as he starts slipping all over the bathroom and around the bathtub, before getting his head stuck in the bathtub drain. Bogus then pulls his head out as it is briefly in the shape of a drain plug before he regains his natural head shape again. Once that's over, a strange feeling comes over Bogus, before noticing Mrs. Anybody's wig, as he gains possession of the wig and grabs a toothbrush and some dental floss as he starts making like he's a rockstar. After that, Bogus removes the wig as he starts bowing, before he rushes off to the kitchen. Once Bogus enters the kitchen, he notices two plumbers enter the room, as one of the plumbers tells his partner to watch where he's carrying his supplies. The other plumber then sets his toolbox down, but it also hits the first plumber's foot, causing him to hop in pain while holding his foot. Bogus laughs at this, just as the plumbers start working on the plumbing in the kitchen.

When the first plumber is unable to remove the pipe, he leaves, which prompts Bogus to swing the wrench around before it comes loose from the pipe. Bogus realizes the mistake he made when he pipes from under the sink have come lose, while at the same time the plumbers start arguing about how to do the job correctly. Bogus then retreats into one of the pipes as the second plumber tries to get at Bogus from inside the pipe. The second plumber then pokes Bogus in the belly while trying to get him, which tickles Bogus. However, when that plumber tries again in reaching inside the pipe, Bogus then bites his finger, which causes him to pull his finger out. Bogus then starts laughing, while the first plumber tells his partner to stand aside and and let him take care of Bogus as he wields a plunger before approaching the sink.

The first plumber then starts using the plunger to get Bogus out of the pipe, along with a bunch of gunk that was also in the pipe. Bogus manages to fool the first plumber by hiding on the inside of the plunger that he was using as he argues with his partner that there's nothing in the sink. The first plumber angrily slams the plunger on the sink, leaving Bogus trapped underneath as the second plumber notices the plunger start wobbling before alerting his partner that there's something under the plunger. When the first plumber removes the plunger, Bogus makes a run for it while the first plumber winds up with the plunger stuck on his face, as the second plumber goes over and helps him pull the plunger off, only to wind up with the plunger stuck on his face instead.

Bogus starts laughing at the plumber's expense, but unfortunately, he accidentally kicks a nearby glass into the sink as it breaks, which alerts the plumbers. The first plumber then pulls the plunger off his partner's face, telling him that there's nothing in the kitchen as he tells his partner to get to work. The first plumber then decides that it's lunchtime as he opens his lunchbox and takes out a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Bogus becomes delighted upon seeing this delicious delicacy in the first plumber's possession, as he too is also hungry. Before the first plumber can help himself, Bogus swings in on a window shade cord as he spears the meatballs with a fork, before the first plumber notices that the meatballs from his spaghetti are missing. Bogus then eats all of the meatballs as he relaxes against the wall on a full stomach while at the same time kicking away the fork that he used, as it lands next to the second plumber.

When the first plumber sees the second plumber with the fork, he quickly assumes that he stole the meatballs from the spaghetti as he angrily confronts him about it. The second plumber says that he didn't do anything, but the first plumber outright tells him that he had three meatballs in his spaghetti but someone stole them. The second plumber becomes afraid, while at the same time, Bogus tries sneaking away, but he winds up slipping on a sponge but he gets back up again before hightailing it into the sink drain as he hides inside the drain. The second plumber then starts using a plumber's snake in an attempt to get Bogus out of the sink. In Bogus's eyes, the plumber's snake turns into a real snake as he crawls through the sink drain, before coming from the washing machine while riding on the snake. Back in the kitchen, the plumbers are thinking that they caught Bogus when he enters the kitchen while carrying the plumber's snake before clamping it on the first plumber's suspenders. Thinking that they caught Bogus now, the first plumber tells the second plumber to pull, but when he does so, it's the first plumber that winds up getting pulled back.

Bogus laughs at this as the first plumber continues getting pulled until getting pulled near the washing machine. The second plumber continues pulling, until the first plumber's overalls get pulled off and come up from the sink. Once the second plumber realizes what happened, he rushes over to his partner who is now in just his underwear, before the second plumber starts to pull him out from the washing machine while Bogus watches on. However, the washing machine suddenly comes lose as the pipe bursts and starts spraying water all over the room before the door gets knocked down by the pressure, which washes the plumbers out while Bogus is riding in a cup like a boat, while the water starts flooding the house. Bogus then jumps into the plumbers' toolbox as he uses a wrench to start fixing the pipes in the house so that they won't leak anymore. Once that's over, Bogus is a little bit tired. Later, Mrs. Anybody has come home and enters the kitchen as she turns on the water which is flowing perfectly. Bogus then states that no job is too big for him, before accidentally leaning on the wrench which causes the water to leak once again. The water sends Bogus surfing through the house on the wrench as the episode ends.

Character Introductions: Mr. Bogus, Ratty, Mole, Jake and Butch, Mrs. Anybody, Mr. Anybody, Kevin the bulldog

Tropes found in Meet Mr. Bogus:

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Happens in the second act, where Bogus rewires the TV remote so that it can control other appliances in the house. Unfortunately, this causes many of the appliances to go out of control, among them a vacuum cleaner that looked like that it came from hell.
  • Ash Face: The claymation short shown after the commercial break and before the end credits had Bogus see what he thinks is Rapunzel, but it actually turns out to be a dragon with long hair like Rapunzel who breathes fire on Bogus, leaving him charred slightly.
  • Big Ball of Violence: Bogus and Ratty engage in one of these, while fighting each other over the diamond.
  • Binocular Shot: Used in the second act when Bogus is watching the romance movie from atop the bookshelf.
  • Blowing a Raspberry: Bogus does this in the second act while watching the romance movie on TV.
  • By the Lights of Their Eyes: This happens while Bogus was falling down the storm drain after getting the diamond.
  • Close-Call Haircut: Ratty gets part of his hair cut off by the machete that Bogus was using, while he was cutting his way through the grass.
  • Cranial Eruption: Bogus and Mole both suffer from this trope, as they both wind up with pretty nasty lumps on their heads, due to getting hit on the head by the shovel that one of the lawn workers was using.
    • Kevin also suffers from this after hitting his head on the ironing board in the second act.
  • Exit Pursued By A Lawnmower: This was what happened to Butch and Jake near the end of the first act.
  • Face Palm: Ratty does this near the end of the first act, in response to Bogus trimming the hedges.
  • Fat Bastard: The plumbers from the third act appear to show shades of this.
  • Human Knot: Happens to Bogus in the second act of the episode, while facing off against a hulking behemoth in a wrestling match on TV.
  • Hurt Foot Hop: This happens to one of the plumbers in the third act, after his partner inadvertently sets his toolbox directly onto his foot.
  • Mineral MacGuffin: Mrs. Anybody's missing diamond.
  • Mood Whiplash: One of the claymation shorts shown near the end of the opening credits had Bogus standing on the bathroom sink, looking rather groggy, but when he turns on a nearby radio, he immediately starts jamming to the music on the radio while playing an electric guitar and rocking out before falling into a nearby makeup case. When he peeks out from the makeup case, he looks tired again.
  • Oh, Crap!: Bogus gets one when he sees that part of the rafter that he had been skateboarding on had been gnawed away by Ratty.
    • Jake and Butch also get this reaction when they see the lawnmower, with Bogus on it, heading in their direction.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Bogus wears a pair of raspberry pink cowboy boots as part of his cowboy attire in the second act.
  • Shout-Out: The way that Bogus tries to grapple against Ratty and Mole and Butch and Jake for possession of the diamond is near-similar to that of the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Heck, even the clothes that Bogus was wearing are identical to those worn by Indiana Jones, especially the jacket and the fedora. The only thing missing now is a boulder chase.
    • The claymation short shown after the commercial break and before the second act of the episode showed Bogus wearing an aviator's cap and using a fan to fly around the room. This is similar to how Snoopy, when in his persona as the World War I Flying Ace, would often fly around in his doghouse and pretend that it's his Sopwith Camel.
  • Slippery Soap: Happens to Bogus in the third act, after entering the bathroom.
  • Squashed Flat: Happens to Bogus as he winds up getting flattened against a shirt, thanks to the iron, near the end of the second act.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: The vacuum cleaner in the second act winds up exploding after inadvertently tying itself up while it was chasing after Bogus.
  • Surprise Jump: This happens to Kevin after the razor hits the floor behind him in the second act.
  • Traveling-Pipe Bulge: This happens while Bogus was making his way down the storm drain, after acquiring the diamond.
  • Vicious Vac: A vacuum cleaner starts going on a rampage through the Anybody residence in the second act, due to Kevin taking the remote away from Bogus.
  • Water Hose Rodeo: Bogus rides on the garden hose as he uses it to make quick work of the shifty lawn workers. Unfortunately, it falls back down again once that's over.