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Recap / Mr Bogus S 1 E 13 Good Sport Bogus

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Good Sport Bogus

At an Olympic stadium, Mr. Anybody and Tommy Anybody have come to check out all of the different Olympic sporting events that are going on. They have brought a camera with them, which they will use to document each event. Tommy then reaches into the camera box, but becomes surprised then angry when he sees that Bogus had stowed away in the camera box and is now looking through the camera lens like it's a telescope. However, he is looking through the wrong end of the lens, which prompts Tommy to turn the lens around, which now has a closeup of Tommy's eyes, scaring Bogus so much that he drops the lens. Tommy then asks Bogus what he's doing in the camera box, to which Bogus answers that he wanted to join Tommy in going to the Olympics. When Mr. Anybody asks Tommy who he's talking to, Tommy quickly closes up the camera box, to which Mr. Anybody then decides that he should carry the camera box. However, Tommy says that he'll carry the camera box, but Mr. Anybody doesn't think so as he tries to take the camera box from Tommy. Inside the camera box, the impact causes Bogus to get slammed around repeatedly inside the box. The tug-of-war finally ends when Mr. Anybody pulls the box away from Tommy, which sends Bogus flying directly out of the camera box before crashing onto the starting tracks for the track.


Bogus then pries himself off the tracks before he starts laughing afterwards. Mr. Anybody angrily tells Tommy that he doesn't know what's gotten into him, but from now on, he should just let him handle the equipment, before he reaches in and takes the camera out of the box before Tommy takes the box from him afterwards. However, when Tommy looks in the box, he is shocked to find that Bogus is not in the box anymore, before wondering where he went. Meanwhile, Bogus is now wearing a tank top like an Olympic runner as he prepares to run before he starts running, but is forced to go back the way he came when he finds that a large group of runners are coming towards him before they run right past him, bringing up a large cloud of dust to which Bogus now finds himself in a desert while dressed as a desert trekker traveling through the desert. Bogus continues making his way through the desert when he sees what looks like an ice cream cone in the middle of the desert, which excites him so very much that he starts to run towards the ice cream cone. However, when he jumps towards the ice cream cone, it turns out that it was actually a mirage as it disappears, to which Bogus ends up landing head first in the sand. Bogus still continues traveling across the scorching desert, now crawling across the sand while desperate for a drink of water and some food, before coming across a cow skeleton in the desert. However, Bogus then looks over in time to see a dust devil coming his way before Bogus is now back on the Olympic track once again.


Bogus then decides that he needs to find a safer sport, before noticing a really buff guy warming up for the Discuss throw. Bogus becomes excited before rushing up a pole used for the Pole Vault, just before the athlete throws the discuss, sending it flying past the vault that Bogus is standing on, before he jumps onto the discuss, which then flies directly out of the Earth's atmosphere. This time, Bogus is now dressed as a space explorer while commandeering a spacecraft, before noticing that he is being shot at by a pair of Dirt Dudes that are acting as aliens also flying a spacecraft while they pursue Bogus. Bogus continues dodging the laser blasts that the Dirt Dudes shoot at him, before he does a U-turn and starts to fly back to confront the Dirt Dudes head on. Bogus then presses a button on the control panel, which sends out a stream of water from the front of his spacecraft that hits the Dirt Dudes, blasting them away. Bogus is triumphant before seeing that he has returned to Earth while still riding on the discuss before crashing to the ground. Bogus then starts staggering around before he regains his composure once again. However, before Bogus can find more Olympic events to take part in, he is suddenly grabbed up by Tommy who tells him not to run away at the Olympics anymore. Bogus then says that he won't do it again, before slyly telling the viewers that he's going to check out more Olympic events later on.


Second Act

Back at the stadium, the next Olympic event is the 100-meter dash, while Tommy tells Bogus to stay put and not wander off. However, the gunshot from the referee's gun surprises Tommy so much that he becomes distracted for a few seconds, and also causing Bogus to fall off of Tommy's shoulder. After regaining his senses, Tommy realizes that he lost Bogus again before he starts looking for his miniature friend, not realizing that Bogus is now hiding in a bush that he had just walked past. Bogus then jumps out from the bush before he looks over and notices the pool, which has a diving board. Bogus then runs over towards the diving board while wearing a pair of lime green swim trucks with purple streaks on them, before he suddenly steps on a puddle of water which sends him sliding across the puddle, until he runs into one of the poles of the diving board. After regaining himself once again, Bogus looks up at how high the diving board is, before he comes up with an idea on how to get up to the diving board without any problems. Bogus then has the camera turn the scenery upside-down, before he 'slides up' to the diving board. After making it to the diving board, Bogus then turns the scenery right-side-up once again, before climbing up to the diving board.

After picking himself up, Bogus is rather surprised at how far the diving board is, before he runs forward and jumps off the diving board, preparing to dive into the water. Bogus then does a swan dive, but instead of landing in the water, he lands in the net being used by the poolboy to get the leaves out of the Olympic pool. The poolboy then scoops a bunch of leaves out of the water, before dumping the leaves and Bogus into a trash can where other leaves are. Bogus then climbs up out of the trash can with a leaf on his head before going on his way once again.

This time, Bogus then approaches a soccer field while wearing his soccer shirt again. Bogus reaches into his pocket before pulling out a golf ball which he throws away, before pulling out a steering wheel which he also throws away as well, before finally pulling out a soccer ball from his pocket. Bogus then throws the soccer ball up into the air before he jumps up into the air and hits the ball with his head before hitting the ball with his butt afterwards, before coming back down again. However, a shotput suddenly lands next to Bogus, as he starts wondering what sort of ball this is, but when he kicks it, since the shotput is made of metal, Bogus ends up hurting his foot very badly as he hops around in pain. The buff athlete from earlier then throws another shotput that sails through the air towards Bogus who is still hopping around on foot in pain before he notices the shotput coming his way, but he quickly runs away before the shotput hits the ground. Bogus then picks up the shotput before holding it up above his head, but unfortunately for him, because the shotput is metal, he ends up slowly sinking into the ground while holding the shotput, due to its weight.

Bogus then approaches a sprinkler, feeling rather thirsty, before pulling out a straw which he intends to use to take a drink from the sprinkler. Unfortunately, when he inserts the straw into the sprinkler and tries to take a drink, the water suddenly thrusts him into the air, before a bird passes by, to which Bogus jumps off the water torrent and grabs one of the bird's feathers for a wild ride in the sky. After a few seconds, Bogus suddenly loses his grip before he starts falling back down before landing directly on the pad for the Pole Vault right behind Tommy. Bogus then runs away from Tommy once again, while Tommy then realizes that Bogus shouldn't be too far now. Amidst the footprints on the track, Tommy then notices a smaller set of footprints, which he knows belong to Bogus as he starts following the footprints. This time, Bogus then runs into a building where different Gymnastic events are taking place. Bogus then sneaks into the building while hiding under a towel, before peeking out from under the towel and looking around to see a really strong man doing a bench press. Bogus then approaches a smaller weight that is laying next to the bench that the strong guy is working out on, before he begins lifting the weight a few times while at the same time making himself really buff again. Unfortunately, he ends up losing his balance due to the heaviness of the weight before he falls over.

Bogus then looks up to see a wrestling ring, before he climbs into the ring and starts doing punching moves, but then a pair of Dirt Dudes then approach the ring as well and challenge Bogus to a wrestling match. Bogus makes himself really buff again before telling the Dirt Dudes that he accepts their challenge. Bogus then jumps the first Dirt Dude, but he picks up Bogus, before Bogus grabs him by the ankle that knocks him to the ground. Bogus and the first Dirt Dude start rolling around the ring before Bogus gets thrown into one of the posts of the ring. The Dirt Dudes then jump on top of one the ropes as they then jump off, preparing to hit Bogus with a body slam. Fortunately, Bogus is able to get out of the way before the Dirt Dudes could land on him. The Dirt Dudes then pick themselves up before Bogus pulls back one of the ropes of the ring, which acts like a slingshot, which sends the Dirt Dudes flying out of the ring. After that's over, Bogus then starts celebrating his victory, before he starts laughing in celebration after that.

Third Act

The camera travels upwards to the stadium, before cutting back to the gymnastics building, just as a group of runners run out from the building, followed afterwards by Bogus. Bogus then raises his fist in the air in a triumphant matter, before he suddenly hears Tommy coming again before hiding in some bushes again, just as Tommy walks by while trying to find Bogus. Tommy then stops before he starts looking around, before Bogus then hides directly in the bush while peeking out before giggling to himself. Of course, Tommy comes up with a plan on how to lure Bogus out from his hiding place, before he pulls out a candy bar from his shirt pocket, knowing full well that Bogus can never resist a good taste treat. While hiding in the bush, Bogus suddenly catches the scent of the candy bar that Tommy pulled out, while Tommy is still holding out the candy bar. Bogus wants the candy bar, but tries to keep himself from falling to its temptation, knowing that this is Tommy's doing. Tommy still waves the candy bar in front of the bush, with Bogus still trying to keep his head as he tries to sneak away, but unfortunately for him, his nose pulls him in the other direction, before he floats out from the bush and lands on the candy bar that Tommy is holding.

When Tommy tells Bogus that he outsmarted him this time, Bogus then admits defeat, but he is able to turn the tables on Tommy by snatching the candy bar from Tommy's hand and running off again, which Tommy is not happy about as he angrily yells for Bogus to come back. Bogus then runs out into the path of some bikers as he looks up at them passing him by while he is still holding the candy bar, before he starts running around trying to dodge the bikers. Tommy then runs up to the bike path while yelling for Bogus to get out of there. However, Bogus is able to run past the bikers with ease while eating the candy bar. Tommy then tries to cross the bike path after Bogus, but unfortunately for him, a biker suddenly zooms past, which causes Tommy to start spinning around uncontrollably. After that, Tommy is rather disoriented, before he regains himself before looking around angrily for Bogus. After looking around for a little bit, Tommy then figures that Bogus probably hitched a ride on one of the bikes and should be able to meet up with him at the other end. It turns out that Tommy is right, as Bogus is now riding on the foot of a biker before he gets thrown through the air, while Tommy is running, preparing to catch Bogus, but Bogus suddenly bounces off his head, which causes him to lose his balance before the two friends both crash to the ground. Bogus staggers around while Tommy rubs his head, before he angrily looks down at Bogus as he tries to grab Bogus, but by chance, Bogus is able to dodge Tommy while still disoriented before he finally regains his bearings again. When Tommy tries to grab Bogus again, he quickly runs away again before he starts running in a serpentine pattern.

Bogus is now running across a field, before becoming surprised to see a horseback polo player come his way. Bogus ducks down just as the horses pass him by. Bogus is relieved to be in the clear once again, but when he tries to walk off again, he is suddenly taken by surprise by a polo ball that flies out of nowhere and strikes him forcefully in the belly, knocking him to the ground. Bogus then takes notice of the polo ball before he looks up to see another polo player raise his mallet before striking Bogus and the ball, which sends Bogus flying through the air once again before getting his head stuck in an archery target. A woman archer is preparing to fire an arrow before firing the arrow directly at the target that Bogus is stuck in, which surprises him greatly. Bogus quickly pulls his head out from the target, just as the arrow then strikes the target right under his nose before Bogus slides down the archery target, before he quickly rushes forward as if he is on fire, before running past a trio of runners, leaving them in the dust. After reaching the end of the track, Bogus then finds that his feet are now on fire as he blows the flames out, before he starts resting a while.

However, while Bogus is resting, he has no idea that Tommy is right behind him, about to grab him. Before Tommy can do so, he is suddenly interrupted by Mr. Anybody who tells Tommy that it's time to go home. Tommy then protests that he's not ready to go home just yet, while at the same time, Bogus escapes once again. Mr. Anybody says that he's glad to see that Tommy has a new appreciation for the Olympics, but it's time for them to go home now. Tommy then sadly laments that he'll possibly never see Bogus again, while Bogus then peeks out from the statue before running off once again. Mr. Anybody and Tommy then start to make their way down the grandstands. This time, the next event that Bogus checks out is canoeing as the coach then starts yelling for the athletes to start rowing. Bogus then walks out onto the pier when he sees the Olympic canoeing team before he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a grappling hook which he throws as it anchors onto the rear of the canoe. Bogus is now water-skiing while holding onto the rope while doing all kinds of tricks, before approaching a ski jump, which sends Bogus flying directly out of the Olympic stadium before flying directly towards Tommy. Mr. Anybody then gets into the car, while Tommy is still sadly standing next to the car, before Bogus then lands in his shirt pocket once again. At first, Tommy is angry with Bogus for running away and disobeying him, but decides to forgive him for the trouble that he caused. Bogus feels better knowing that he has reconciled with Tommy once again, before he starts laughing as the episode ends.

Absent Characters: Mrs. Anybody, Kevin, Brattus, Aunt Bogunda, Ratty, Mole, Jake and Butch

Tropes found in Good Sport Bogus:

  • Agony of the Feet: Happens twice to Bogus in this episode; the first time in the second act, when Bogus ends up hurting his foot after attempting to kick a metal shotput, and the second time in the third act when Bogus winds up with his feet on fire after running really fast, before he blows out the flames.
  • Desert Skull: Bogus comes across one of these while lost in the desert in the first act.
  • Fist Pump: Bogus does this in the third act, though in a variation, he actually raises his fist above his head.
  • Hammered into the Ground: Happens to Bogus in the second act, when attempting to hold up a shotput that he had picked up, but because of its weight, he ends up sinking into the ground.
  • High-Dive Hijinks: Happens in the second act, when Bogus tries to do the high dive at the Olympic pool.
  • Oh, Crap!: Two examples in this episode; the Dirt Dudes both get this reaction in the first act when Bogus uses his spaceship to fire a stream of water that blasts them away, and Bogus himself gets a rather hilarious one in the third act when he sees the arrow soaring directly toward the archery target that he's stuck in.
  • Reverse Telescopic Vision: Happens to Bogus in the first act, when looking through the wrong end of a camera lens.
  • Shout-Out: The way that Bogus looks directly at Tommy through the wrong end of the camera lens is an obvious reference to that of Disney's The Little Mermaid (1989) when Scuttle was looking at Ariel and Flounder through the wrong end of his telescope.
  • Water-Geyser Volley: Bogus ends up getting thrust up into the air on a torrent of water from a sprinkler in the second act when attempting to get a drink of water from said sprinkler.