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Recap / Moshi Monsters Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Fur

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20, 000 Leagues Under the Fur is the seventh Moshi Monsters mission. It may be the grossest yet if you're squeamish about body stuff, but don't worry—you're rewarded with a Ridiculously Cute Critter at the end.

It begins at the volcano. All the computers are glitching out, Elder Furi's staff is on the floor and there's no one around. When your monster cannot find Elder Furi, it decides to investigate. Click the staff to pick it up. Then, click on the computer to fill in a password. Click on the lock, then answer what family Shishi is in (Beasties), which island you can visit in mission two (Tiny Tiki Tropic), which shop is not located at the port (Bizarre Bazaar), and what the name of the joke-loving cloud who cleaned goo off your plane is called (Nimbus). Then, click the return button, and click the colours to fill in the password. Then, a key hole appears in the floor. Open your inventory (the blue bag on the right) and use the staff to open it, then get in.


You're taken to a room where Elder Furi is lying on something and Tamara Tesla is nearby. Click on her. She's been expecting you and tells you that he's sick with a disease called Glumps and you have to go inside him with a microscopic-strength shrinking potion. She says that, once shrunk, you can go into Elder Furi and cure him with her craft called R.O.S.S. When your monster asks for the ingredients for the potion, Tamara says that she needs a minime stone, some fur from Elder Furi and a Tiki feather. She asks for the staff so that she can extract the feather, which is delicate, and to speak to her once you find the ingredients. The minime stone is in the bottom right corner, you can get the hair from Elder Furi's beard, then give Tamara the staff and she'll pass you the feather. Then, talk to Tamara, who sends you to the Woodland Hideout to get more ingredients and make the potion.


Click the open book on the desk. There are pieces of paper added to the diary, which now reads, "Dear Diary, ! Attention Supermoshis! you will see that I have tweaked the ingredients of the Make-All-Smaller Potion. It now has microscopic strength. Good Luck! ——Tamara Tesla. Make-All-Smallest Potion. * ADD THE FOLLOWING TO A CAULDRON. 1x Tiki Feather. 1x Mini Me Stone. 1x Lock of Elder Furi's Hair. 2x Drops Troll Snot. 3x Batty Bat Droppings. BOIL THE POTION! Close, then click the glowing bottle of troll snot, the bat and its droppings, the candle, and the log. Then, use the candle and the log to light the fire. (Note: If you click the evil to-do list, it now reads "Steal Goo Goo's voice (it's so annoying) Hypnotise Moshiversity Students, Poison Elder Furi, Ruin Halloween... HA! HA!, Curl moustache). Then, click the empty bottle and drag it onto the potion. Click the door to leave.


Back at the lair, give the potion to Tamara. Then, click on R.O.S.S. You get shrunk.

Inside Elder Furi, you use the mouse to avoid "snot goblins". You enter Elder Furi's brain.

In the brain, there are lights, Glumps,paper and goo scattered about. Click on the drawers and your monster reveals they're for fear, doubt, and intel and one is locked. One of the pictures depicts a secret weapon. Put it in the red fear drawer. (It's in your inventory). One picture is of Strangeglove being scared of Musky Huskies. You put that in the yellow intel drawer. Click on a picture of Simon Growl surrounded by question marks and put it in the purple doubt drawer. This unlocks the locked drawer. Click it. Inside is a giant toothbrush, which you can use to clean off the Glumps. Then, click the spaceship and collect Glumps but avoid Snot Goblins. Then, you go back out of the nose.

You're asleep in the volcano and Elder Furi wakes you up, having recovered. He tells you to be alert and gives you a Sparkly Sweetheart named Tiamo.

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