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Recap / Moshi Monsters Spooktacular Spectacular

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Spooktacular Spectacular is the eighth Moshi Monsters mission.

It begins in the Volcano, with Elder Furi asking if you've heard about Simon Growl's Halloween party. You say yes and that you've been invited, and show him the invitation. Elder Furi is not interested in attending because he has, at some point in his life, decided he doesn't like social gatherings anymore, but he thinks you should go as Simon's parties are popular. You promise to send him some cake.


At the party, click on the guests to talk to them. Captain Buck has recently traveled on the seven-and-a-half seas, Buster Bumblechops is also there and so is Tamara Tesla, who hopes her make-all-smallest potion doesn't have side effects. Simon Growl is DJ-ing, and if you talk to him, he agrees the party is great and says that Elder Furi got better. Your monster affirms, but wonders how Simon knew about Elder Furi getting sick. Simon then leaves because his phone rang. Then, it goes dark, reminding Buck of the cavern of eternal darkness and someone steps on Tamara's tail. Then, Simon Growl's phone rings and the sound seems to come from another room and Simon himself is missing. Click on Buster and he suggests you talk to Simon's hair (his wig). When you click the wig, your monster asks it what happened and where Simon is. The hair just barks, but your monster understands it. Apparently, the hair felt a struggle and now Simon is gone, possibly kidnapped, and that they went through the door behind it. Buster and Buck are fascinated, but Tamara's tail still hurts. Click the door behind Simon's hair. It asks who woke it. You apologise, and it introduces himself as Vincent Doorface. He says that you can come in, but only if he sees your face, and his eyes are missing. If he remembers rightly, some glumps took them and a few went towards the dungeon. He then says there should be a door to the dungeon from the ballroom. Click the red door to the left.


Big Bad Bill asks if you want to play a game. When clicked, he says that he is watching an apple bobbing cauldron but someone has put Glumps and other strange objects in it. You ask if there is an eyeball in it, and he's not sure but lets you fish for apples to find out, but you'll need a new hook. Click on the fishing rod, on the eyes to the far right, and on Big Bad Bill. When you click "I want to play!", you click to send Iggy down and bob for apples. Glumps make him sick, but green apples cure him. Eventually the eye is found. Click on the eye, then on the doorway.

Back in the ballroom, there's no one around (except Vincent Doorface) anymore. Click on the blue bag on your right (your inventory), then drag the eye onto Vincent Doorface. Then, click on the other door because Vincent believes his other eye is in there.


In the bedroom is a ghost. Click him. He is in the bedroom, but it is not his, because he is a ghost and therefore doesn't sleep. Apparently, he hid Vincent Doorface's eye and can sense you're looking for it. When you ask him why, he says he was bored. Under the bed, there is a monster but no eyes. The taxidermied moose has no eye (but a runny nose), the cuckoo clock has a robot bird in it, the bottle has another ghost in it, in one part of the plant is the ghost's cousin, in another is a plushie, and in the third is a foot. The eye is on the far right, in a bottle by the box. Click on it.

Back at the ballroom, click your inventory and give the eyes back to Vincent. He has a test, to answer some riddles. They are what goes around the world but stays in a corner? (a stamp), what has holes all over but still holds water? (a sponge) and what can you catch but not throw? (a cold). Vincent Doorface then claims to another test but he's joking.

In the clock tower, Simon is tied up and dangling from the ceiling. He's not interested in talking, he just wants to be rescued, and suggests you talk to the spider in the corner. Click the spider, and he wants some moths to eat. When you point out that he already has a bug caught in his web, he says that the bug is a fire bug and is too hot to eat. You and him make a deal: you get him moths and he helps you. He then says that you should attract the moths to stay at the pumpkins. Click the fire bug, who says he needs something hot to make him strong enough to break free. Click some hot sauce, then open your inventory and give it to the fire bug to set it free. Then, click the fire bug, open your inventory and use it to light the candles in the pumpkins. It might take a few tries, but eventually they'll be attracted and he'll eat them. You then tell the spider about Simon, and the spider weaves a web for Simon to fall into. When his hair is back and he is untied, Simon tells you that his kidnappers told him there was a secret weapon on Mount Sillimanjaro, and gives you his pet Mini Moshifone, Gabby, to help you.

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