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Recap / Mortal Wills, Mortal Hearts

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This is the recap of Mortal Wills, Mortal Hearts.

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The stories in Mortal Wills, Mortal Hearts.

Pagess: 1-9

Various persons are summoned to the End of Time, where they are met by an unknown man named Churchill. What is the meaning of their presence in this place?

When the individuals consisting of Kim Gi-Soo, Alex Mason, Green Arrow, Asterix, Sokka, Turin and Deuce were summoned to the End of Time, they are met by a British English-speaking, bowler-wearing man named Churchill, the man in charge of The End of Time. After introductions are made with some interaction, Churchill prepares to send them off to a test mission to test out their capabilities in the field.

    Test Mission 
Pages: 10-24

The party's sent off to Pripyat, Ukraine to be tested on their skills. Will they be able to make it out alive?

When the party arrives, they were confronted by wild dogs. Planning to just escape and evade, Hercule got a kick in the dogs and because of this, it forced the party to be on the defensive. After they were killed, they secure a Macguffin from armed Russian mercenaries, which was a sample of anthrax. A few minutes after securing it, a large mercenary force converged on the party and began to attack them. They sought refuge at the Pripyat Cultural Center, hiding in the chaos as they escaped to the forest outskirts in order to leave the place.

On the way out, the party confronted black-clad, American English-speaking soldiers blocking their way. Thankfully, they were able to successfully escape and evade them without a problem. The party later has two new members. GDI commando Havoc Parker and Roman Centurion turned Gladiator Agrippa.

    Securing Arms 
Pages: 24-29

The party gets a chance to rest up while reequipping themselves for a real mission.

Churchill informs the party that they would be getting help in terms of getting ready for the first real mission. The Merchant was placed in charge of the training room while Sylphie and her shop was summoned to provide weapons and items to the party prior to fighting. Meanwhile, The One is preparing to secure a certain young girl as a powerful weapon in his arsenal. As the party gets prepared, Churchill spots some "abnormalities" in the multiverse.

    In FEAR 
Pages: 30-70

The party is transported to the world of FEAR to stop The One from securing Alma Wade for his own purposes.

The party is transported to Fairport City's Armacham Technology Corporation, where they encounter the Point Man. After some hostile encounters from Turin and Havoc, Mason was able to defuse the situation by telling him that they were deployed to the city secretly by the CIA. Meanwhile, Janga of the Klonoa universe was deployed with some troops to secure Alma for The One and to prevent the Point Man and the party from reaching her. The party had previously argued on what name the party was after being introduced by Mason earlier. They begin to work together in locating Alice, but only her office as they found messages from her father Harlan. Alma begins to make her appearance, taunting the party.

The party later is expanded when Big Boss of the Militaires Sans Frontières joins up after a Mexican standoff took place between them. But as they were placed aside, the party begins to move closer and closer to securing Alice Wade with some heavy opposition on the way. Agrippa was a bit wounded while Turin was injured from a flechette dart when he launched an attack against Replica Heavy troopers. As they close in on securing Alice Wade, Wong Fei Hong appears in the End of Time. After explaining his situation, he agrees to help him. With that, the Chinese martial arts/physician went to the FEAR world to lend a hand. As the party succeeded in rescuing Alice Wade, Mercury appears in attempt to use her as a hostage. However things were taken care of as Turin finally "killed" her. But her failure meant punishment to The One as she was burned alive with another Emissary taking her place.

The party then moves on, escorting Alice out of the building as ATC black ops soldiers were dispatched to kill her. But thanks to Gi-Soo, Big Boss and the others, they were able to kill them while getting Alice to leave. Churchill gets a portal open for them to get to the Rammelmeier Industrial Compound, where they face off against Janga. He used his cloning and boomerang hurling to keep the party busy as he was about to locate the main entrance to the Project Origin facility. But thanks to the three-way war between The One's forces with troops from ATC security forces and the Replicas, the party used it to their advantage as they began to move to search for the underground facility entrance.

After defeating the Shadow Company troopers (and one Rock Soldier accompanying them) guarding the underground elevator entrance leading to the Project Origin Facility, Big Boss offered to get everyone on the elevator car's roof in order to avoid being possibly ambushed. After clearing the area of Shadow Company soldiers, the party came across a wounded scientist who informed them of Alice and Harlan Wade's presence in the Project Origin facility before they confronted the latter. After some time of negotiation, Harlan agreed to the party's assistance when the Point Man arrived. After arriving near the center of the facility, the party engaged several Nightmares before they were able to move on in a corridor filled with blood and corpses of dead scientists killed by Fettel.

The party confronts Fettel, who took Alice hostage and before she could be killed, Big Boss had kept Fettel busy with Gi-Soo and the Point Man lending assistance before Havoc killed the psychic commander by blowing his head off. The Point Man killed Fettel in the dream world, destroying his psychic connection with the Replica troops. As this point, the Nightmare ghosts were becoming the major enemy of the party and The One's forces as they went to secure the reactor and destroy it. With the reactor cells destroyed, the party now seeks to escape the facility while avoiding being killed. The group was about to escape when they visit Alma's dreamscape, learning more of the Point Man's connection to her.

After seeing Alice off to Douglas Holiday, a remaining Delta Force commando who survived the attacks during the attack on ATC and Jin Sun-Kwon, another FEAR commando and medic, the Point Man departs while he saluted the party in return. Churchill summoned a portal for the party to return back to the End of Time.

    Middle Earth 
Pages: 70 - 88

The party arrives in Middle Earth to a place called Rivendell where they are tasked to conduct an artifact retrieval operation. Can they prevent The One from taking it for his conquest?

The party arrives in Rivendell, where they are "greeted" by Elves. The tensions were high since the party didn't speak their language until Turin stepped in to save them. Once the warrior was able to speak to them, they went with the elves to Lord Elrond. On their way there, the party gains new members with the arrival of Nephenee and Master Oogway. Elrond had greeted the party, known to the elves as the "MSOG", with information that one of The One's Emissaries named Falchion had arrived to take The Lance of Longinus. He had agreed to help them by providing them with whatever weapons they need with lodging. Elrond further assists the group by giving them transport in the form of Eagles to get to their destination, the Hidden Valley. As the party touched down and got in the forest, they were in an ambush where the party fought back.

Meanwhile, Falchion meets up with Gale and Tatsu, two men sent in by The One to rout the party and help Falchion acquire The Lance of Longinus. However, Falchion tells them to take care of the party instead and not get in his way. As the party regroups, their guide Gilran tells them the story of Turin and how he was a hero after Turin went down fighting. Later on, he offers the party a path if they take out Smaug the dragon. Everyone agrees and advances to face him. However, Gale and Tatsu take this opportunity to attack the party from behind. The party had an edge in fighting against Smaug, but they lost Mason when he sacrificed his life to help the party take down the dragon. Later on, they were ambushed by Gale and Tatsu, but the party was able to drive them back and regroup while taking Tatsu as a captive. Deuce was wounded while engaging an unknown party with the other heroes, forcing Gi-Soo to his side until Big Boss came to his aid while under fire.

Eventually, the party arrived to face off against an Enforcer and Falchion after being directed to a cave where The Lance of Longinus is. Despite their superior numbers, they had a hard time in dealing with him. Even though Kirei Kotomine had been recruited to deal with Falchion, the Emissary still had some spirit in him. This gave Havoc (and perhaps Gi-Soo) enough time to secure the lance. They then defeated Falchion, who retreated before Churchill assisted the party by the portal up to get them back to the End of Time.

    Back again 
Pages: 89 - 90

The party arrives in the End of Time to get some rest. Meanwhile, one of them has to depart with a few new ones recruited.

As the party prepares to settle down and rest from their mission back in Middle Earth, Churchill informs the party that Green Arrow is needed back in his world. To make up for the lack of a party member, three new members were chosen to enter the End of Time. They consist of Mitsurugi, Riki Samejima and Weird Al. Some of the party members questioned the arrival of the latter two, but Churchill mentioned that he can only welcome those who are chosen to enter the realm. For now, most of the party rested up and rearmed themselves before another portal was opened up to enter another world.

    In the Zone 
Pages: 90 - Present

The party enters the world of Command and Conquer, in where they are en route to a Tiberium-infested China while pursued by aircraft belonging to the Brotherhood of NOD. Will they be able to get out of this war alive?

When the party arrived, they were under constant assault by NOD aircraft. Thanks to Havoc's assistance as he was from the same universe, the group began to shoot down the intruding aircraft before arriving in Chinese soil. After arriving at a local GDI base, the MSOG spent some time making preparations for an upcoming operation.


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