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Recap / Monster High Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love

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Keep it real.

This special introduced Kieran Valentine and C.A. Cupid. Cupid would go on to be a regular supporting character in Ever After High.

Tropes of Love:

  • An Aesop: True Love is not always glamorous, but a love based on superficial concepts can never compare to it.
  • Art Evolution: This was Monster High's first CG special, done by Nerd Corps Entertainment. This trend continues (with improvements in animation) until Great Scarrier Reef.
  • Ballroom Blitz: Draculaura's birthday party turns into this, with the ghouls (and Clawd) fighting to save her heart before it's too late.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Valentine and Toralei Stripe. He wanted Draculaura's heart, she wants Draculaura's unhappiness.
  • Birthday Episode: Birthday MOVIE.
  • Charm Person: Valentine resorts to flat-out hypnotizing Draculaura into loving him when his normal methods don't work. Clawd and the ghouls eventually manage to break the spell when they remind her why she loves Clawd more.
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  • Greek Chorus: The three clouds who follow Valentine around. They're there to sing angelically, and make him look good, but occasionally get snide.
  • Ironic Echo: The clouds first sing this to Clawd after hypnotized Draculaura dumps him, and then Valentine when un-hypnotized Draculaura forces him backwards into the pit.
    Cloud 1: ♪ You...
    Cloud 2: ♪ You...
    Cloud 3: ♪ You...
    Clouds in unison: GOT DUMPED!
  • Jerkass: Valentine, who romances girls and then steals their hearts. Although after this special he eventually went through a Heel–Face Turn and became The Atoner.
  • Love Goddess: The Matchmaker Cupid, complete with Love Potion arrows. Course, it's more like Love Demigoddess.
  • Mind-Control Eyes: Draculaura gets these when Val hijacks her heart—but they're less swirly than Thousand-Yard Stare-y. Plus Creepy Monotone.
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  • Our Vampires Are Different: Not only do we have the vegetarian Draculaura, but Valentine is an Emotion Eater instead of a blood drinker.
  • Prince Charming Wannabe: Again, Val.
    Kieran Valentine: I can get any chick I want!
  • Race Against the Clock: For Valentine and the ghouls: If, before the end of her 1600th, he doesn't get Draculaura's heart or the ghouls don't break his spell—she'll become an Emotionless Girl forever.
  • Rich Suitor, Poor Suitor: Val and Clawd, respectively. Clawd's not really poor, mind, but Val's most certainly loaded.
  • Relationship Sabotage: Toralei's reason to ring up Val and kickstart the plan.
  • Vampire-Werewolf Love Triangle: Clawd and Val over Draculaura. Clawd wins.
  • You Can't Thwart Stage One: Valentine: Find Draculaura? Check. Hypnotize her? Check. Get her heart? Epic Fail.

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