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Recap / Monk S 513 Mr Monk Is On The Air

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A woman named Linda Riggs comes to Monk, accusing her sister's husband, radio DJ Max Hudson, of killing her. Monk takes on the case, but how could Hudson have killed her when he was on the air at the time?

This episode includes examples of the following tropes:

  • Animal Assassin: It turns out that Max Hudson had trained the neighbor's dog to turn on the gas in the bedroom where his wife, the victim, slept whenever the dog heard a certain phrase during his radio broadcast.
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  • Chirping Crickets: Monk tries to deliver a few of Kevin Dorfman's jokes to Max Hudson in an attempt to get Max to break. This leads to an awkward silence. J.J. promptly plays the sound effect of chirping crickets on his computer.
  • Comically Missing the Point / Dramatically Missing the Point: When Kevin learns Linda knows Max Hudson, he tries to get the lowdown about the Shock Jock. She points out that her in-law beat up his wife, had a bad temper and was an over all monster. Kevin is only further interested, as though she simply just shared trivia about the man.
  • Death Glare: Monk's beating Max Hudson up in the booth after he made jokes about Trudy is preceded by him glaring at Max.
  • Domestic Abuse: Linda implies that Max did this to his wife, and behind closed doors, has a bad temper.
  • Don't Explain the Joke: Monk and Natalie arrive at Max Hudson's house to investigate:
  • Dude, Not Funny!:
    • A lot of Max Hudson's jokes. That he's not funny for the main characters is suggested when Monk and Natalie are investigating Max's wife's death at his house:
    Linda Riggs: This was where she was found, on the bed. This morning I heard him joking about it on his show. I don't know how somebody can joke about something like that.
    Natalie Teeger: [sighs] I don't know. Any time I'm in a store or in a restaurant and he's on the radio, I just have to leave.
    • Later, on the show, he starts making tasteless jokes about Trudy. Some of his colleagues realize what is happening, but can't prevent Monk from attacking their boss.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Usually, Hudson's colleagues go along with any joke he comes up with (even ones about his own wife's death). However, said-colleagues become somber and give Monk their condolences when he shares how Trudy died. And when Hudson makes rather tasteless jokes about her to get Monk's goat, even the colleagues know Max is crossing the line.
    • Even Lt. Disher (who idolized his sense of humor), had to stop the car at hearing the shock jock joke about Trudy's death. Suffice to say, he probably doesn't find him so funny anymore.
  • Facepalm: Natalie is seen facepalming when Monk tries talking to Max Hudson and his yes-colleagues live on the radio.
  • Gaslighting: The whole purpose of Max calling his sister-in-law "Loony Linda", so nobody takes her claims that he killed his wife seriously.
  • Hate Sink: Max Hudson. Let's see, Shock Jock who catcalls women who visit his radio station, makes jokes about his own wife's death, is implied to be abusive, made fun of Trudy (and got beat up for it, thankfully), murdered his wife for trying to get away from him, and trained a sweet, innocent dog to commit said murder. What more is there to say?
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  • Innocently Insensitive: Kevin Dorfman is very impressed that Linda personally knows Max Hudson and tries to ask her for details, despite that she just said Hudson killed her sister.
  • The Internet: Jeanette Hudson's sister Linda Riggs tells Monk she found him on the Internet, resulting in Monk saying "I'm on the Internet?". This clip was of course then used by USA to advertise the Monk section of their website.
  • Kick the Dog: Max Hudson often does this with his tasteless jokes. His biggest kick is when, possibly to rattle Monk's cage, he makes jokes about Trudy's death. This leads to...
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Monk rightly beats up Hudson for tastelessly mocking Trudy's memory. Naturally, the Shock Jock had it coming. Even Stottlemeyer was satisfied to hear Monk fight for Trudy's honor.
    • Later, when Max is finally arrested, Monk comes up to him and soberly points out Hudson isn't laughing. Hudson concurs that indeed, he's not laughing anymore.
    Max Hudson: You're right. I'm not laughing.
    Monk: (coldly) Join the club.
  • Malicious Misnaming: Max Hudson sarcastically refers to his wife's sister Linda Riggs as "Loony Linda".
  • Oh, Crap!: Natalie immediately tries to get into the recording booth to stop Max once she hears him making fun of Trudy.
  • Reverse Whodunnit: That Max Hudson will be the culprit is certain within the Cold Opening, so once Monk goes on the case, much of the episode is Monk trying to figure out how Max killed his wife.
  • Shout-Out: When Monk and Natalie first interview Max Hudson during his radio show, there is a point where Monk wipes his microphone down, causing some static feedback in the other mens' headsets:
    Max, J.J. and Little Willie: Ow! Ow!
    Max Hudson: You’re hurting me!
    J.J. and Little Willie: Ow! Oooh!
    Max Hudson: This guy’s great! He’s possessed!
    J.J.: [raises fist] Yo, Adrian!
    Adrian Monk: Yo.
    [They burst out laughing until Max signals for them to stop]
    J.J.: What is going on there?
    Max Hudson: Okay, we just lost a third of our audience.
  • Take That!: Max Hudson is an insult directed at shock jocks and radio pundits. He's got a bit of Howard Stern in him.
  • Tranquil Fury: What Monk says that let's you know he is going to destroy Max.
    Monk: Are you making fun of Trudy?

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