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Recap / Mobile Suit Gundam Ep 02 Destroy Gundam

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The White Base's captain, Paolo Cassius, orders an attack on Char's Musai. But the missiles from the Musai impacts the White Base and the blast results in Captain Paolo getting pelted by shrapnel.

Slender makes it back to the Musai and reports to Char about the Gundam. Although skeptical of the Gundam's capabilities, Char decides to report it to his superior officer, Admiral Dozle Zabi of Zeon's space fleet and a member of the ruling Zabi Family. When contact reaches Dozle, the admiral is quite unhappy about Char not showing up for a celebration of his own victories. Char tells him how he's been sidetracked with the discovery of the Federation's V Project. Dozle is pleased and agrees to Char's request for more supplies


Back in Side 7, Fraw is helping evacuees (specifically three orphan children) onto the White Base, when another young woman named Sayla Mass calls her to help provide medical assistance to Captain Paolo. Bright walks in and gives a dire damage report to the Captain. All the engineers and soldiers have been killed and White Base only has ten battle-ready personnel. A woman nearby, Mirai Yashima, states that she has piloted ships before and volunteers to pilot White Base. Bright and Captain Paolo finally make contact with the Gundam's pilot and are surprised to see Amuro to be a young boy. Bright is angry over this and is ready to remove Amuro from the Gundam, but Captain Paolo points out that they have no one else to replace him.

Meanwhile, Char and a few pilots float towards Side 7 in their space suits. They give a signal and the Musai fires, creating several holes which they use to get inside. While others on White Base see this attack, Bright grudgingly sends Gundam out at the Captain's orders to destroy the spare parts before Zeon gets a hold of them.


Sayla, Frau, and a Federation cadet Ryu Jose begins to search for more survivors from the colony and run across a young man named Kai Shiden, who is running for White Base. Sayla realized that Kai is saving his own hide and slapped him for leaving everyone else behind. She and Frau continue where they left off in which the former comes across Char himself. Sayla holds Char at gun point, but Char is taken aback when he sees something familiar about Sayla. So Char decides to remove his mask, which caused Sayla to stare in shock. This provides Char the chance to kick the gun out of Sayla's hand before making his escape just as Amuro and the Gundam arrives on the scene. Amuro picks up Sayla, who is left wondering if Char is her brother.

Amuro destroys the spare parts, but when the hangar holding White Base opens up, Char manages to get in. Captain Paolo shouts for the crew to close all the hatches and give a gun to everyone who can hold one. Char flies through the hangar with his jetpack, taking pictures, but the camera it destroyed by the gunfire. He makes it out with the others. Amuro tries to fire at Char, but Gundam cannot get a lock on such a small target.


White Base prepares for battle, with Mirai, Sayla and Hayato getting used to their new positions, being trained by other wounded personnel. Char comes out in his special red-colored Zaku and fights Gundam. Char gets the upper hand for a moment, but Ryu manages to distract him with the Core Fighter. This gives Amuro enough time to destroy Slender's Zaku with his beam rifle. Char watches and is in awe at the mobile suit's power. A frightened and defeated Char retreats back to his Musai. Amuro returns to White Base and gains respect from Bright, although all he can openly do is reprimand him.


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