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Recap / Mike Tyson Mysteries S 2 E 19 The Farmers Daughter

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Mike and the team come to the aid of a farmer in order to handle his gift for his wife. After the van breaks down, the team stay over their house for the night. While there, Pigeon encounters the farmer's daughter who the farmer claims is "dead."

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • No Longer with Us: The Farmer's Daughter isn't literally dead, she's just been disowned by them because of her lifestyle choices.
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  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Marquess explain that ghosts can die and come back as lesser ghosts. He explains if he were to die he'd come back as an intangible ghost and if he were to die again, he would be a bedsheet ghost.
  • Special Edition Title: Live-action Mike and Deezy sit down to watch their favorite show together. While the camera cuts to the opening briefly to show the title, we are otherwise watching Mike and Deezy watch the opening.
    Mike: I knocked a motherfucking Tyrannosaurus Rex out!

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