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Recap / Mike Tyson Mysteries S 2 E 18 Save Me

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Yung joins a Christian Youth Group and her friend wants to save her from the Rapture.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • The Cuckoolander Was Right: Mike burns down a house because he assumed the sound they were hearing was a demon, which Mike is convinced the only way to eliminate is to burn the house its in down. While everyone is shocked and apalled, by the end of the episode the couple contacts the team to let them know the demon escaped and is out for revenge. He even turns out to be right about the fire, as when God intervenes to save the gang, he does so by lighting their house on fire citing that is in fact the only way to get rid of a demon.
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  • Out of Order: The full title is "Finale: Save Me!", but it is actually the second to last episode of the season. This will lead to a Brick Joke as the next season will open following up on this episode, to the confusion of some of the gang.

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