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Recap / Mike Lu And Og S 2 E 15 Flustering Footwear Flotsam

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Our story starts with a cargo container falling out of a cargo ship one stormy night. The next morning, the islanders see the container washed up on the beach and assume it's a monster. Mike comes by and opens it, showing that the container is filled with shoes. While the islanders instantly become fascinated with them, Mike is uninterested because of her "traumatic" experiences shoe shopping when she was younger. Throughout the story, the shoes cause the islanders some problems: Alfred feels he has nothing to do when he manages to catch the wombat, Wendel has a had time choosing between galoshes or fuzzy slippers, Margery creates "shoe portraits" and becomes obsessed with stealing Mike's red shoe, Lu's feet hurt from wearing elevator sandals and Og can't stop dancing in tap shoes. Queeks becomes annoyed by everyone coming into his cave complaining about their problems, but they refuse to give up their shoes. Mike becomes annoyed too and asks Queeks if he can do anything to solve the shoe crisis. Queeks then steals all the shoes and says that he will destroy them, but he really wants them to himself, but this hypocrisy gives him a taste of thunder from the gods.


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