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Recap / Meteors Betrayal And Fourzes Revival Part 7

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The story begins with the narrator wondering why the title of the chapters is so long, something the Author explains that it has some importance to Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade. Then they cut to Dark!Gentaro in the House of Villains before he meet Queen Chrysalis but after his resurrection. He looks into the Lesser Gods Division to meet with Mitsuzane Kureshima, who "thanked" him for his resurrection by stabbing him his arm, then the rest of his body, apparently ate his intestines, pierced his eyes out and cut his head off to be cradled in his bleeding stomach. He then looted the Sengoku Driver and leaves.


The scene then shifts to Tsukasa Kadoya in an alternate House of Friendship, where he sees a supreme enraged alternate version of Fluttershy, who transforms and attacks Decade, only for the former to get knocked out by Serpent!Gentaro and an alternate version of Polygon Man, causing alternate Fluttershy to shrink back in fear. Alternate Polygon Man orders Serpant Gentaro to eliminate the two, only for the latter to turn against the former to get his power. After absorbing Alternate Polygon Man, Gentaro turns his attention to Fluttershy, knocks her away and brainwashes Tsukasa, thus explaining why Decade was after the Nintendo Gods.

Meanwhile, back in the House of Gaming, Mario and co. are still facing Decade. As Luigi performs the Negative Zone, he tells Daisy and Waluigi to get the others while he and the others hold the Kamen Rider off. Mario then gets on Yoshi and proceeds into battle. But before this can continue, the narrator points out that there are lots of other characters who they left behind


The author cuts back to Miu, Sam, Max, and Travis Touchdown, the latter of whom destroyed all the zombies that were chasing the DeSoto. After this was settled, Travis then informs Miu that Shun and JK are doing fine and asks for a plan. Sam and Max suggest they should still have Jill Sandwiches.

Tropes associated with this chapter:

  • And I Must Scream: Mitsuzane is gutted, his eyes are pierced, his intestines eaten and he's immortal and thus fully aware what is going on yet can't do a thing about it. Oh and his Sengoku Driver was taken.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Tsukasa after being affected by All-Star Power.
  • Evil Laugh: The author "Chuckles evilly" upon asking the narrator about whether Dark!Gentaro went after just the good guys.
  • Exact Words: The narrator asks the author to skip to the scenes of Dark!Gentaro eating Mitsuzane's organs. The next scene cuts to the aftermath of the attack with loving detail.
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  • Kick the Dog: Alternate!Gentaro literally kicked Fluttershy into the sky to make sure she didn't interfere with his plans.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Both Dark! and Serpent-bearer! Gentaro does this, dark for Mitsuzane (who caused Dark!Gentaro's resurrection) and Serpent-bearer for Polygon Man (for his power)
  • Mirror Universe: In the universe Tsukasa went to, the Toku Base is evil and the Demonic Legion is good—the Demonic Legion was said to have their asses kicked though.
  • Overly Long Title: Lampshaded by the narrator and author.
  • Stunned Silence: The narrator after the author decides to give it exactly what they want. (See Exact Words)

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