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Recap / Meta Runner S 2 E 06 Hack And Slash

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"All I can tell you is... I'm ready for this!"
Tari makes her big Meta Runner debut in one of the most action packed games she's played yet.

Tari and Evelyn's big show match has arrived, and Tari and MD-5, now joined by Belle, are ready to carry out their new plan to expose TASCorp and rescue Theo. As Belle tries to get Theo out of the corrupted Ultra Jump Mania, Tari, Lamar and Masa must try to keep the game of Hidden Heroes going on long enough for the incriminating data on TASCorp to be transferred. But Evelyn isn't the patient type....


Episode 16 provides examples of:

  • Cliffhanger: The episode end with Tari alone and surrounded by minions.
  • Contrived Clumsiness: Tari "accidently" does a stumble that temporarily cuts power to Horizon Stadium, which gives Lamar a cover for him to swap the Hidden Heroes cartridge with another one designed to bypass TASCorp’s firewall.
  • Evolving Credits: Belle is now standing with Tari and MD-5 in the last shot of the intro.
  • Race Against the Clock: While MD-5 tries to keep the Hidden Heroes match going for 20 minutes, long enough for the data on Sofia’s phone to be downloaded, Belle must run Theo through the corrupted Ultra Jump Mania game and beat the game within those 20 minutes so the game will dump its memory cache, freeing Theo and allowing him to be downloaded onto the phone.
  • "Reason You Suck" Speech: Evelyn delivers one to Tari towards the end of the episode, explaining her hatred towards her, ranting about how Tari has been hogging the spotlight from her despite all the hard work she went through to get to where she is now. Tari fires back with a smaller one expressing how much she's fed up with her and TASCorp.
    Tari: I've never done anything to hurt you... intentionally.
    Evelyn: Oh, but you've hurt me anyway... you want to know why I hate you? Because unlike you, I actually worked hard to get to where I am! Years of training... countless TASCorp screening tests... night after night of yearning and dreaming of the day when I stand on stage, and the whole world cheers for me! But then you came along... and suddenly, you're the most important person to have ever lived! An upstart nobody whose only talent is being a freak! You're not even that good!
    Tari: Trust me, if I could leave, I would. Being at TASCorp has been a nightmare and I'm sorry to say that you've been a big part of that. So you know what, Evelyn? You want all the attention? You can have it. My only dream is that you people would leave me alone!
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  • Unfriendly Fire: MD-5 is nominally playing against Tari and Evelyn in the Hidden Heroes game. But naturally, helping Tari is part of their real plans. To that end, they do periodically engage in team-killing when Tari is in danger.

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