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Recap / Meta Runner S 2 E 05 Heart To Heart

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"Konnichiwa, Tari-chan!"
Tari and MD-5 finally reunite... but under the strangest circumstances.

After successfully dating Satsuki-chan, Tari is finally able to contact Lamar and finally reunite with him, Sofia, and the newly re-armed Masa in Pocket Gakusei, where they can discuss their new plan to take down TASCorp and save her and Theo. Meanwhile, Belle discovers what's on the file she obtained in the last episode...

Episode 15 provides examples of:

  • As Herself: Kizuna AI appears again as Tari's guide to Pocket Gakusei.
  • Bait-and-Switch/Covers Always Lie: That shot of Tari doing an manga-esque punch in the trailer, opening, and thumbnail of this video? That was just her offering a gift of a rubber duck (a Shout-Out to Tari's SMG4 counterpart and her love of rubber ducks) to Satsuki-Chan.
  • Discretion Shot: The audience don't see what state Lucinia is in, but given the smoke and Lucks' reaction it probably wasn't pretty.
    Lucks: What has he done to you?
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  • Embarrassing Ringtone: Tari keeps spamming the "Add Friend" button in-game, which causes a "POCKET GAKUSEI!" notification sound to repeatedly go off on Lamar's phone. Unfortunately, she's doing this while MD-5 is trying to discuss their new plan, much to Lamar's embarassment.
  • Flashback: The video file Belle watches transitions into a flashback of Lucks investigating Sheridan's lab in the immediate aftermath of the Project Blue incident, and discovering what happened to Lucinia.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After finding out Lucks knew about what happened to Lucinia and lied to her face for two years, Belle decides that she's going to help Tari and MD-5 take down TASCorp to avenge her friend.
  • "Reason You Suck" Speech: Belle goes into this after Masa initially refuses to let her help MD-5, but Masa quickly mutes her. After Tari convinces Masa to let her help them, Masa unmutes Belle, who quickly realizes most of her speech fell on deaf ears.
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  • The Reveal: Lucks knew about the fate of Lucinia the whole time, despite stating the opposite in the previous season.
  • Title Drop: "Heart to Heart" is an mechanic in Pocket Gakusei, which is triggered when Tari fills her relationship meter with Satsuki-Chan.

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