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Recap / Marvel's Spider-Man S 2 E 20 "Brand New Day"

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When a series of attacks captures the Avengers one-by-one, Spider-Man is left to figure out who is behind the kidnappings.


  • Crazy-Prepared: Subverted. Spidey gathers every anti-supervillain countermeasure created by him or Otto while the latter occupied his body to combat Regent, who has replicated several superpowers from his incarcerated rogues gallery. The fight ends with Spider-Man being trapped in a dark void with the Avengers.
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  • Didn't Think This Through: Peter may have gotten his body back, but when he arrives at Horizon High, not everyone is happy to see him. Miles even points out that since he quit going to the school since Otto took over his body, Peter is no longer a student and is therefore trespassing on campus.
  • Foreshadowing: So far in ever synopsis Spider-Man is referred to as "Superior Spider-Man" due to Otto having taken over his body. This episode's synopsis however simple refers to him as Spider-Man, spoiling the fact he would switch back with Otto (which happened in the previous episode).


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