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Recap / Maicchingu Machiko-sensei

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  1. "Pranks? I Give Up!"
  2. "Kenta's Skateboard Plan"
  3. "Go After the Idol!"
  4. "Clash! The Bicycle Army!"
  5. "I'll Touch the Teacher, Too!"
  6. "Hands Up! The Baby Gang"
  7. "The Rockin' School Festival"
  8. "Great Victory With a Hidden Camera"
  9. "Get the Groper!"
  10. "Mixed Up Hypnotism"
  11. "New Weapon: The Whoopee Panties"
  12. "A Surprising Present from Santa"
  13. "The Time Machine of Love"
  14. "The Skating, Falling Roundup"
  15. "Break Through the Booby Guard"
  16. "A Proposal for Princess Kaguya"
  17. "Two Miss Machikos"
  18. "Valentine's Duel"
  19. "The Match! Team Machiko vs. Team Kenta""
  20. "The Circus is Here"
  21. "The Microprocessor Birthday"
  22. "A Present From Space"
  23. "The Blue-Eyed Rival"
  24. "Swing With the Hips, One, Two, Three!"
  25. "Spring Vacation in Peril!"
  26. "Find the Monster, Nassie!"
  27. "The One-Touch Ramen of Love"
  28. "Two Touches and a Misunderstanding"
  29. "The Crows Does What He Wants"
  30. "The See-Saw Battle Decided by Boobs"
  31. "SOS! The Blue Lagoon"
  32. "The Boobie Tap Out"
  33. "Kenta the Action Reporter"
  34. "Take on the Beauty Contest"
  35. "Teacher's Hips Have 100 Horsepower"
  36. "Marshmallow White Knight Tengu"
  37. "The Field Planting Field Trip"
  38. "The Peace a Baby Brings"
  39. "The July 7th Rendezvous"
  40. "The Dolphin Returns"
  41. "The Mean-Spirited Bicycle Race"
  42. "Madoka's Prince"
  43. "Parents' Day Run Amok"
  44. "Dr. Dracula's Laboratory"
  45. "The Boy Geniuses"
  46. "A Happy Dance to Festival Music"
  47. "Call Us to Save Your Life"
  48. "The Comeback Macchi Smash"
  49. "Banzai, Takenoko Dancers!"
  50. "Kenta the Home Tutor"
  51. "The Enthusiastic Three-Legged Race"
  52. "The Hip Line of My Memories"
  53. "The Messenger From Easter Island"
  54. "The Red-Haired Board"
  55. "A New Discovery: The Primitive Yamagata"
  56. "A Chance For Photographic Love"
  57. "Kung-Fu Lady Number One"
  58. "Sayuri the Ninja"
  59. "The Love Call From the South Seas"
  60. "The Lovey-Dovey Honeymoon"
  61. "Kenta's Big Shocking Prediction"
  62. "The Big Boobie Bail-Out"
  63. "Healthy Jogging in a Straight Line"
  64. "A Straight Ski From the Hips"
  65. "The Kiss-Kiss Christmas Cake"
  66. "Machiko the Lion-Tamer"
  67. "The Secret of Longleg Weed"
  68. "The Secrets of Beauty and Popularity"
  69. "The Boobie Baking Powder"
  70. "The Homing Pigeon Rescue Squad"
  71. "Red Oni, Blue Oni, Family Oni"
  72. "Great Job, Manga Artist!"
  73. "The Friendly Needlework Class"
  74. "The Travels of Jirocho"
  75. "To Whom Goes the Empress?"
  76. "The Powerful Rival Trio"
  77. "The Guardian Tengu"
  78. "Achoo! A Spring Cold!"
  79. "Kenta's Unbelievable Birthday"
  80. "The Boobie Patrol"
  81. "The Vice Principal's Big Decision"
  82. "The Mysterious Super Dress"
  83. "The Magic Puppet Show"
  84. "The May 5th Ambush"
  85. "The Skirt Prohibition"
  86. "The Psychic Present"
  87. "The Terrible Love Misconception"
  88. "The Great Pursuit Through Wonderland"
  89. "Aloha With a Touch"
  90. "The Exhausting Man-Powered Flight"
  91. "The Troubling Trip Home"
  92. "Beloved Machiko Goes to Paris"
  93. "The Great Remote Control Flight"
  94. "The Angel Who Lost Her Robe"
  95. "The Soft Touch of Love"

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