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Recap / Mad Men S 7 E 2 A Days Work

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It is Valentines Day at SC&P. Sally is supposed to attend a funeral, but her friends convince her to sneak away and go shopping. However, he loses he wallet and tries to find Don at work for help getting home, not knowing that he is on leave. Lou Avery, the new creative director occupying Don's office simply states that Don is not there, evading all questions by suggesting she try Don at home. Then Lou angrily reprimands Dawn, his secretary, for not being at the office to handle Sally, telling Joan to move her. Sally find Don in his apartment; he claims he was at work and offers to drive Sally back to school.


Joan, having moved Dawn up to the front of the office in reception, is reprimanded by Cooper that there is colored person up front. Peggy finds flowers on her secretary's desk, believing that they have been sent to her when they really belong to her secretary, Shirley. Peggy, believing that Ted sent her flowers, delivers belligerent phone messages to him, and then decides to tell Shirley to toss the flowers. When Shirley reveals that the flowers were in fact meant for her, Peggy tells Joan to send Shirley somewhere else, a nearly impossible job, when she cannot put black secretaries up front. A solution is found when Joan realizes she has two jobs: managing the office and managing her accounts. She then decides to moves upstairs to officially become an account woman and give Dawn her old office and job of managing the secretary pool.


This episode contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Alone Among the Couples: A floral sort; Peggy and Dawn are just a few women we see who don't get flowers for Valentine's Day and Joan's yellow roses (in contrasts to the secretaries' reds and pinks) are revealed to be a "Mother's Day" bouquet in a featurette.
  • Brutal Honesty: Discussed Trope: Don relates how this trope got him put on leave.
  • Dysfunctional Family: We could call this trope: Draper Family
  • Everybody Smokes: This was the 1960s, but these are teenagers and it is noteworthy they are all shown smoking.
  • Flowers of Romance: Played for Drama with Peggy and Shirley.
  • Half Truth: Sally tells her father that she got out of school to go to a funeral, and lost her purse. She neglected the facet of the story where she did not go to the funeral but went shopping with her friends.
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  • Internal Reveal: Sally goes to SCDP and finds out that Don isn't working there anymore. By the end he's told her about the disastrous meeting that got him put on leave.
  • Lies to Children: Don tells Sally that he was at work. Blatant Lies told to his daughter.
  • Never My Fault: Peggy appropriates the flowers her secretary Shirley got from her fiance, thinking they're from Ted, to Peggy. When she finally learns the truth she somehow makes it Shirley's fault for getting flowers in the first place.
  • Shockingly Expensive Bill: Don decides that he and Sally should leave the diner without paying upon receiving the check.
  • TV Teen: Aversion in that Sally is much more of a credible person than anyone who fits this trope. Though she stills fulfills it in her rebellion of sneaking away to go shopping and openly smoking with her friends.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Dawn tells off Lou Avery for his attitude and the comment that she enjoys a wealth of privilege in the office due to her race and gender, along with the fact he had her use her lunch break to buy his wife a present.
  • Valentine's Day Episode: Set in Valentine's Day 1969, has a lot of roses and talk of presents with a several reds and pinks showing up in the costumes.

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