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Recap / Lupin III: The Italian Adventure

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Recap for Lupin III The Italian Adventure (a.k.a Part IV (Blue Jacket)). Unlike previous seasons, the bulk of the season is set in Italy and focuses on more recurring plot lines. The season first premiered on Italian television, as the Lupin III franchise is popular there.

TMS Entertainment was still on board to produce the series with a count of 26 episodes (two of them being broadcast exclusive to Italy).


Note: Despite being part 4, this is considered more to be Season 5 due to the spin-off, Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine being considered Season 4.

  1. The Wedding of Lupin III
  2. The Fake Fantasista
  3. 0.2% Chance of Survival
  4. With a Gun in My Hand
  5. The Magician's Left Hand
  6. Venice of the Dead (broadcast exclusive to Italy)
  7. Until the Full Moon Passes
  8. The Zapping Operation
  9. Welcome to the Haunted Hotel
  10. Requiem for the Assassins
  11. The Lovesick Pig
  12. The Dream of Italy, Part 1
  13. The Dream of Italy, Part 2
  14. The End of Lupin III
  15. Don't Move the Mona Lisa
  16. High School Undercover!
  17. Lupin's Day Off
  18. The Murdering Marionette
  19. The First Supper
  20. Dragons Sleep Soundly
  21. To Hear You Sing Again
  22. From Japan With Love
  23. Nonstop Rendezvous (broadcast exclusive to Italy)
  24. I'm Going to Get You, Lupin
  25. World Dissection, Part 1
  26. World Dissection, Part 2

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