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Recap / Lupin IIIS 2 E 97

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Shin Lupin III: Find the treasure of Lupin I.

Lupin is all worked up, as Fujiko has finally agreed to spend a night with him. However, things do not go the expected way as the woman drugs him with a sleeping pill and proceed to extract a teeth, holding inside a microfilm showing an island. Fujiko, back with her clothes on, shows said picture to her latest associate, Sherlock Holmes the Third, who reveals that that island is the one where Lupin the First is said to have hidden his treasures and was buried, and he intends to recover them using his special airbase "Paradise", a floating house attached to a balloon and equipped with propeller and motors. When Fujiko retorts that Lupin will surely come back for the map, the detective replies showing her old regalia from Russia, England and America (a precious bra, axe and ear-picker) which, according to Sherlock Holmes the 1st, were stolen by Lupin, and mentions how said countries will do anything to recover the treasures and restore their national pride and he already has made an arrangement with them.


Back in Lupin's hideout, the thief reads the news published on paper while an angry Goemon urges him to take revenge, but Lupin is pretty nonchalant and is sure that Sherlock intend to bait him into coming out of hiding so that they can track him to the island, while mentioning how dangerous the three men sent by the international coalition are. Suddenly, an intruder appear in the construction site outside the hideout: noneother than Zenigata himself! He claims to be serious about arresting Lupin's gang this time and challenges them alone. Astonishingly enough, not only he manages to dodge and catch Goemon and Jigen, but also to outsmart and capture Lupin himself with nothing but a knife! However, rather then arrest them, he leaves them be, warning them about the three assassins hired by the govermnets and how to not underestimate them, if they don't want to be defeated. He then leaves, wishing the thieves good luck, much to their surprise.


Using an aircraft, Lupin's gang infiltrates the Paradise, where we are introduced to the three agents, camera-wielding Napoleon Zero from America, the portly, orange-eating James Dupond from England and the doll-user Rasputan from Russia.A paper airplane flies in the room, quickly hit by James' orange stones, while Lupin appears from a nearby vent. While the three assassins wait for the chance to strike, Lupin explains that the paper airplane is actually an apology letter prepared for Sherlock to sign: Holmes not only has to apologize for being a despicable scumbag, he also has to shave himself bald as an apology. Of course, the detective is furious at Lupin, who wants to force him to sign by pointing out that his friends are ready to wreck the balloon if he refuse. Goemon starts cutting the ropes, but is defeated by Napoelon's super-bright camera flash and captured. In turn, as Napoleon's about to use his camera on Lupin when Jigen disarms him and destroy the camera, threatening to shoot at the balloon, but he's too defeated by James, who spits corroding stones at his Magnum. When James tries the same tactic on Lupin, the thief use a miniature peashooter to shoot some of the corrosive seeds back at him before knocking him out cold. Lupin then tries to force Sherlock to sign up the letter but is challenged and defeated by Rasputan's special, size-shifting doll and surrenders.


Eventually, the Paradise lands on the island where Lupin's buried, and proceeds towards the tomb, down into an underground cavern, sealed behind a massive stone door. Lupin is released so that he can open the door... which leads to a dungeon room full of empty chests and barrels, with no treasure in sight. As Lupin explains, in truth Lupin I died without a heirloom to leave, and the crypt was the work of some primitive islanders he tricked, who then rebelled when they found out the truth. Sherlock refuses to believe him and sends the agent against the fleeing trio. Armed only with handcuffs, they remember Zenigata's lesson and manage to confront and capture the three agents. When Sherlock arrives, Lupin explains that it was actually Sherlock Holmes the 1st who, impersonating Lupin, stole the three regalia and blamed the French thief out of jaelousy, and frees the three killers, giving them barber tools to exact revenge on Holmes. Fujiko tries to charm Lupin into forgiving her, only for the thief to refuse and leave her on the island, along with a now bonze-like Holmes.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Actually Pretty Funny: Fujiko thinking of Holmes the III with a shaved head.
  • Adaptational Villainy: According to this episode at least, Sherlock Holmes was actually a master thief in disguise and blamed most of his crimes on other thieves.
  • Blinded by the Light: Happens to Goemon when he's defeated by Napoleon's bright flash.
  • Camera Fiend: Napoleon Zero brandishes a camera as his weapon of choice, though the flash' excessive brightness could be a problem at taking actual pictures.
  • Canon Discontinuity: Sherlock Holmes the Third of this episode looks nothing like the Sherlock Holmes the Third from Episode 15, and his morality is much more questionable.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Zenigata, once again, proves that even in this series he can be a match for Lupin if motivated. He even outsmarted Lupin, for Pete's sake!
  • Extreme Omnivore: James can safely eat his oranges despite the corrosive juice inside.
  • Giant Woman: Rasputan's Creepy Doll can grow to gigantic size, causing Lupin to claim that he doesn't like huge women before crushing him under her chest.
  • Improbable Weapon User: The three assassins wield to deadly effect a camera with an overpowered flashlight, fruit with corrosive stones/juice and a doll which can grow to gigantic size.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: For once, Lupin doesn't forgive Fujiko for her betrayal.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Jigen trying to duel Zenigata... with the fallen Zantetsuken, rather than his trusty Magnum.
  • You Don't Look Like You: As seen above, Sherlock Holmes the Third looks nothing like his first appearence.

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