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Recap / Lobo Webseries E 2 Market Day

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Airdate: Unknown 2000

At Tubo's Swap Meet, Sunny Jim decides to sell Darlene for two thousand credits until Lobo arrives.


  • Alien Lunch: Tubo's favorite food is candied heads which are beheaded heads dipped in hot caramel.
  • Arc Villain: Sunny Jim.
  • Don't Be Ridiculous: Said word-for-word by Sunny Jim as he denies his misogyny towards Darlene.
  • Explosive Cigar: Lobo puts this in Tubo's mouth and detonates it.
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  • Forbidden Zone: The Mental Zone of the galaxy.
  • Greed: Tubo is very greedy and wants attention for his flea market.
  • Knockout Gas: Darlene referred to her getting gassed earlier as tacky.
  • Mud Wrestling: Darlene was wondering if she and Sunny would do mud wrestling.
  • Your Head A-Splode: Tubo's head explodes after the cigar was detonated.

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