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Recap / Lloyd S 1 E 5 Oh Heavenly Cat

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It's true; God is a Brony!

When Lloyd is killed, he must return to earth in the body of Chevy Chase to solve his own murder!

Tropes present in this episode include:

  • The Cameo: Hugo from The Bible Reloaded as God, and Robert Walker as Duffy. Also, Dookie and Zico can be seen in Heaven.
  • Cat Stereotype: When Lloyd asks God if he could possess a body similar to his own, the options he is given are that of a live-action siamese (which is just footage of Brad's real-life cat that Lloyd is based off of) and a racist Asian caricature that parodies the siamese cat from The Aristocats.
  • Mad God: Shades of this. Not only does God manifest as a giant pink unicorn, but he lets Lloyd solve his own murder by possessing the body of actor Chevy Chase. Apparently he only did this for Lloyd.
  • Shout-Out: The plot and characters are based off of the 1980 comedy film Oh! Heavenly Dog.


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