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Recap / Llan-ar-goll-en

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This is a recap page for the S4C animated series Llan-ar-goll-en.

Season 1

  1. Y Parsel Coll: Tara Tan Toc is expecting a very special parcel but it doesn't arrive. Can detectives Prys ar Frys and Ceri the Dog-tective solve the mystery? Premiered 23 December 2013.
  2. Olwyn Coll: It's very stormy and everyone is having trouble with the wind and rain. Radli Migins the postman has fallen off his bike again and as he goes off to find something to help him mend his bike, his wheel goes missing. Premiered 30 December 2013.
  3. Orennau: Prys and Ceri have to solve the mystery of missing oranges. Premiered 6 January 2014.

Season 2

  1. Ceirw Coll Siôn Corn: Half-hour Christmas Special. It's Christmas Eve in Llan-ar-goll-en and a new visitor drops by the village - Santa Claus. He needs the help of Wales's two best detectives to find his lost reindeer. Premiered 24 December 2014.


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