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Recap / Littlest Pet Shop 2012 S 3 E 9 Feud For Thought

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Story by Adam Beechen and Roger Eschbacher
Teleplay by Roger Eschbacher

During a slow day at the Littlest Pet Shop, Mrs. Twombly plays Captain Quackers on a portable game system. Right after she loses, two hillbillies walk into the store each holding a small eucalyptus tree, enraged at each other, and put the trees on the counter. Mrs. Twombly identifies them as Mr. Coyfield and Mr. McHat and the koalas who emerge from the trees as Whiskers and Sideburns. As soon as Whiskers and Sideburns make eye contact, they also start glaring angrily at each other and start growling. Mr. Coyfield and Mr. McHat step out of the Littlest Pet Shop and walk off, still glaring at each other, as Whiskers and Sideburns retreat back into their trees. Mrs. Twombly, a bit annoyed at the koalas' behavior, drops them off into the day camp room and introduces Whiskers and Sideburns to the regulars.


In Blythe's room, Blythe discusses with Sue, Youngmee, and Jasper their plans to head to the amusement park as soon as it opens to beat the crowd, stating where they want to go and their goals. As Blythe gets ready to go to school, she looks at a T-shirt design with Vinnie and regrets that this design didn't work out too well.

Penny Ling attempts to greet Whiskers and Sideburns as they hop off their trees, but they are too busy glaring at each other to care, their growling scaring Penny away. The two of them then take out a stick of chalk and draw a line down the middle of the day camp room. Whiskers goes to the left and Sideburns to the right, declaring the other as their mortal enemies and recruiting the pets caught on their side—Russell, Vinnie, Minka, and Zoe for Whiskers and Penny, Pepper, and Sunil for Sideburns. The pets start laughing at their ridiculous behavior but quickly shut up when both koalas furiously assert themselves on the pets on their side and order the pets not to speak to pets on the other side.


At school, Blythe's class ends, and the students discuss their grades. Blythe's group more or less is proud of the results, but as they chat, the Biskit Twins walk by astonished at their own grades, Whittany particularly stupefied that she got an F while Brittany got a D-. Furious upon hearing Brittany boast about being "smarter" than her, Whittany tells her to be with "her own kind", forcing Brittany to join Blythe's group, and walks away on her own. Blythe, overhearing the whole thing but choosing to remain civil and polite, asks Brittany what happened. Brittany tells Blythe that, for the first time ever, Brittany got the higher grade so Whittany declares Brittany a "smart kid". When Blythe asks why this entails joining her social circle, Brittany tells Blythe that they consider Blythe's group as the class's smart kids, to the horror of the four of them.

At the Littlest Pet Shop, Russell goes over to Whiskers and Sideburns and tries to tell them that the place works on mutual respect and friendship. Whiskers, noticing that Russell has one foot on each side of the line, shoves him back over to his side mid-speech and orders Russell to be quiet, accusing Sideburns of being a criminal who must be stopped, along with his allies. Vinnie expresses delight at Sideburns's supposed past but is quickly shot down by Whiskers, forcing him in line. Meanwhile, Sideburns tells the pets on his side that Whiskers is a liar and schemer and encourages them to fight Whiskers and his allies. When Sunil states that he doesn't like those traits, Sideburns comes down and makes him his watch captain. Whiskers, figuring he needs a watch captain too, chooses Vinnie as his watch captain.

Blythe, at school, has spent her entire time with Brittany enduring her non-stop talking. Brittany initially talks about how Whittany has mistreated her but soon starts making insulting assumptions about Blythe and other smart kids. Brittany then follows Blythe into the cafeteria, where she complains that, as a smart kid, she may be required to read and study. As they head to their table, they pass by Whittany, who now sits alone at her own table, depressed. As they head to the table, Brittany starts relentlessly criticizing their clothing choices as she puts her feet on the table, spilling some of the food. Brittany follows Blythe into chemistry class, where she recknessly mixes things together while ranting about having to follow directions. Her concoction explodes in Jasper's face and crawls away as Blythe notices Whittany, again alone in the back, sighing to herself. Blythe, Youngmee, and Sue retreat to the library, where they seem to have lost Brittany. However, Jasper comes in with bad news: Not only did Brittany follow him and found out they're in the library, Jasper spilled the beans about visiting the amusement park. Sue braces herself with the misfortune of having to spend the day there with Brittany.

At the Littlest Pet Shop, Vinnie and Sunil watch each other closely as watch captains while Russell and Pepper engage in a staring contest. Afterwards, the two groups sit down in a circle on each half of the room. Penny tells Sideburns that she'd rather things returned to how they were like before the koalas got there, but Sideburns tells her that the other side wants her to think that and that Whiskers's group is trying to make them cave in and give up, which successfully provokes Penny into aggression. On the other side, Zoe laments that all of her belongings are on the other side. Whiskers tells Zoe that Sideburns's group withheld Zoe's things on purpose to weaken their fortitude. His words convince Zoe to detest the Sideburns camp.

Before long, the pets are all throwing food at each other. Vinnie and Sunil soon realize they're fighting for no real reason, and Sunil considers finding Blythe to figure out how to resolve the conflict. They then collapse onto the floor panting heavilty with everyone else watching. Blythe walks into the room and slumps onto the armchair. Although initially reluctant to help out, she does hear out Vinnie and Sunil, who talk about Whiskers and Sideburns. She sees the koalas continue to glare at each other, as well as the dividing line down the room, and figures that the best way to resolve a feud is to find the reason behind it all. Realizing that this is the solution to Blythe's own dilemma, she comes up with a plan to get Brittany back with Whittany by using one common fact: they both can't stand her.

At Downtown City Park, Blythe sends a text message to both Biskit Twins to meet Blythe. Soon, they see Whittany and Brittany approaching the restrooms. Blythe walks out to meet the twins and stalls, tapping her foot as a signal for Sue to slide a skateboard over. Blythe gets on the skateboard and starts rolling around uncontrollably on it, which elicits a giggle from Brittany. Watching closely from the bushes, Jasper brings out a remote-controlled truck with a ramp and positions it in front of Blythe to send her flying into the air, which causes Whittany to giggle. Finally, Youngmee, hidden from sight, pushes the trash dumpsters so Blythe lands in them, which causes both twins to laugh. Brittany and Whittany share apologies remembering that they have more common ground with each other than with Blythe and walk away.

Sunil and Vinnie directly ask the koalas to apologize, and unlike with the twins, they don't give in. Zoe accuses them of not even remembering what started the feud, which gets them both thinking hard. Whiskers asks if it may be a dispute regarding koalas as not really bears, but Sideburns says they resolved that one quickly by looking it up online. Sideburns believes it's because he wanted to try varying their diets beyond eucalyptus leaves with Whiskers refusing, but Whiskers recalls them trying out pasta and getting sick. Whiskers wonders if it could be because Sideburns wanted to watch telenovelas whereas Whiskers wanted to watch luchador wrestling, but they figured out a schedule. After so much thinking and friendly discussion between the two, they decide to make peace and hug. With the day having reached its end, Mr. Coyfield and Mr. McHat drop by to pick up their koalas, the two of them now buddies. The friendship doesn't last long, however, as each owner tries to gesture to the other to go on out first, which escalates back to them being enemies as they exit simultaneously.

At the amusement park, Jasper notices Brittany advancing towards the gang. Initially apprehensive, Whittany emerges from behind Brittany and are now acting like their normal selves, having arrived to make fun of Blythe and leave. Blythe and her friends are relieved that life is back to normal.

This episode contains examples of (YMMV entries go here):

  • 2D Visuals, 3D Effects: Jasper's RC truck with the board.
  • Animal Stereotypes: Played with. Whiskers and Sideburns fuliflll the irritable-and-gruff side of koalas for much of the episode but fulfill the sweet side when they start agreeing. They also thoroughly avert accents associated with animals—they bear the (presumed) southern drawl of their owners and not Australian accents.
  • Berserk Button: Calling Zoe hideous. Even rumors of someone else calling her as such will cause her to fly off the handle.
  • The B Grade: Played straight with Youngmee, who must get no lower than an A- on her tests. Inverted with the Biskit Twins, who pride themselves on their low grades to distance themselves from Blythe's group.
  • Big Eater: Jasper has a long list of foods to try, but he doesn't have the digestive fortitude for it.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: Zoe says, "What the what?" when Whiskers tricks her.
  • Call-Back: The visit to the amusement park with Blythe is a second attempt among the friends to have fun there as a quartet, the first time being in "Summertime Blues."
    • Brittany does not eat any of the cafeteria food and sits in the lunch room with no food whatsoever. This reflects how they normally eat food brought from home (though prepared in the cafeteria), as seen in "Penny for Your Laughs."
  • Continuity Nod: This story's A-story is similar to that of "Frenemies," only it permeates all of the regulars instead of just Pepper and Zoe.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Brittany sprinkles insults at Blythe as she rambles to her, no doubt a big part of Blythe's annoyances.
  • Death Glare: Mr. Coyfield and Mr. McHat refuse to let up staring angrily at each other until the third act, though their grudge resumes shortly afterwards.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Brittany talks about "historical history."
  • Eating Lunch Alone: Whittany after she places Brittany into Blythe's group of friends.
  • Finishing Each Other's Sentences: Despite their mutual antagonism, the koalas seem to frequently share statements.
  • Foodfight!: Act 3 begins with the pets throwing food pellets and kibble at each other.
  • Hellish Pupils: Brittany creates a substance in chemistry class that comes to life and has snake-like eyes.
  • Here We Go Again!: After Mr. Coyfield and Mr. McHat become peaceful, they attempt to let the other one leave first and re-ignite the rivalry.
  • Idiot Ball/Jerkass Ball: The pets in this episode seem to be a bit too easy to persuade into the conflict. It's also inconsistent from scene to scene how invested they are, especially Sunil and Vinnie, who go from total focus to begging for Blythe's help.
  • Imagine Spot: A brief one from Sunil regarding which hat he'd like to wear.
    • Sunil and Vinnie share another one where they contemplate what to do next while, for some reason, floating above the surface of the Moon.
  • Literal-Minded: Vinnie, upon being appointed as Whiskers's watch captain, straps watches and clocks to himself.
  • Malicious Slander: Whiskers and Sideburns both repeatedly spread nasty lies about the other koala or about the pets on the other side to provoke them into anger.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Both koalas fuel the flames of conflict during Act 2 by playing on the various pets' insecurities.
  • Meaningful Name: Mr. McHat and Mr. Coyfield. Are named after two real-life historical feuding Hillbilly families. The McCoys and the Hatfields. See Shout-Out below.
  • Motor Mouth: Brittany rants endlessly about Whittany when she's with Blythe.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: When Whiskers and Sideburns are asked what caused the conflict to begin with and fail to find a reason, they set aside their differences realizing their rivalry was stupid.
  • Nice Hat: Whole shelves of them in Sunil's Imagine Spot.
  • No Indoor Voice: No doubt because of their fury. This way of speaking also creates the force of will the koalas use to get the other pets in line with them.
  • Pac-Man Fever: Captain Quackers uses 8- and 16-bit audio. This is despite Mrs. Twombly playing it on a PSP-like system.
    • Though most if not all modern handhelds do sell retro games.
  • Puff of Logic: Sunil and Vinnie, on the Moon, realize there's no air. Suddenly, they start choking.
  • Read the Freaking Manual: Apparently not the philosophy of Fisher Biskit, who abhors having to read directions.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Whiskers and Sideburns devote themselves entirely to defeating the other. No means is beneath them.
  • Sarcasm Mode: Mrs. Twombly sarcastically refers to Mr. Coyfield and Mr. McHat as "a couple of charmers."
  • Serious Business: The rivalry between Whiskers and Sideburns.
    Whiskers and Sideburns: This is serious!
  • Shout-Out: The Coyfields and McHats, of course, are based on the infamous warring families, the Hatfields and McCoys. Their coming to terms in Act 3 may be based on the peace agreement ending their feud signed in the 2000s.
  • Single-Minded Twins: Averted this time, as the B-story is about Brittany splitting off and joining Blythe's social circle.
  • The Speechless: Aside from a few grunts, Mr. McHat and Mr. Coyfield don't say a single word.
  • Staring Contest: Between Russell and Pepper.
  • Temporary Bulk Change: Sunil sprouts a six-pack for one shot when he's wearing the Spartan helmet.
  • This Is My Side: The first thing Whiskers and Sideburns do after coming out of their trees is to draw a line in the day camp.
  • Uncatty Resemblance: Whiskers resembles Mr. Coyfield, and Sideburns resembles Mr. McHat. The humans' facial hair color also matches his koala's fur color with each koala wearing a miniature item of clothing identical to his owner.
  • Voice of the Legion: Zoe, when Whiskers convinces her that Sideburns's group is calling her "hideous" and in need of beauty supplies.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: The Coyfields and McHats are going to a shared family reunion. They actually manage to find common ground.


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