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Recap / Littlest Pet Shop 2012 S 3 E 5 Hamster Hoods

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"We like to think of it more as a redistribution of wealth."

Written by Guy Toubes

The episode opens with a special news report from Sally Hairspray, who explains that the Largest Ever Pet Shop has been robbed. When asked for more details, Fisher Biskit instead keeps insisting that the Largest Ever Pet Shop is the only pet shop in Downtown City and doesn't divulge any specific information, but offers a reward for anyone who can figure out the thief's identity.

In frustration, Mrs. Twombly turns off the TV in the Littlest Pet Shop she had been watching the news report from due to Fisher's insistence of his lack of competition. Discussing the theft with Blythe, Blythe wonders why anyone would steal specifically from a pet shop, while Mrs. Twombly, fearful that Littlest Pet Shop may be next, decides to practice her kung-fu quilting to better defend the store. As she leaves, Blythe attempts to head back to her room to do her homework, but she instead finds a large pile of stolen merchandise from the Largest Ever Pet Shop in the dumbwaiter. Penny Ling initially suggests returning the stolen items herself, but Zoe points out that doing so will make Blythe look like the thief.


At the Largest Ever Pet Shop, Fisher shows his daughters that business has improved dramatically since the news story about the heist. However, when Monban detects more items have been stolen, Fisher gets set on edge, fearing that if it continues, the Largest Ever Pet Shop will run out of things to sell. Monban also detects the stolen goods turning up in the store, and Brittany and Whittany run down to the source. They see Blythe entering the store with bags of the merchandise and immediately accuse Blythe as the thief. Before they can do anything further to Blythe, she leaves the store, telling the Biskit Twins that she'll figure out the culprit herself. The Biskit Twins, refusing to be one-upped by Blythe again, decide to play detectives too, basing their personas off the main characters of SCI: Super Cute Investigators, a TV show they watch.


In the day camp, Blythe finds a set of footprints that don't match any of the regulars, which leads underneath the armchair. Blythe pushes the armchair aside and sees a hole in the wall with the entrance to a habitrail tube. Figuring this is most likely how the stolen items wound up in the Littlest Pet Shop, Blythe tasks Vinnie and Pepper to go into the tube to see where it leads. They run down the tube, but as they lose contact with the other pets, they discover an enormous labyrinth of tunnels in Downtown City's sewer system.

Back at the Littlest Pet Shop, Blythe makes a list of items she discovered in the pile and goes over it with Zoe to try to find any answers. Before she can make any progress, the Biskit Twins storm through the doors and attempt to coax information out of Blythe using techniques learned from watching SCI, but they have no effect. Eventually, Blythe distracts the Biskit Twins with a pretend TV remote so she can escape from the them, sending the twins back to the proverbial drawing board.

Wandering through the maze of tunnels, Pepper and Vinnie get lost. Pepper asks if Vinnie can retrace his steps, and in the process, he falls through a trap door but finds the entrance to the Largest Ever Pet Shop inside a rodent cage. They don't wait long, however, until a pair of hamsters join Pepper and Vinnie in the cage. At first angry at Pepper and Vinnie for trespassing, they calm down once Pepper tells them they found a tunnel and wanted to see where it leads. They introduce themselves as Dodger and Twist and that they operate a help service around Downtown City, taking things from Largest Ever Pet Shop and giving them to animals whom they feel need those things. Vinnie takes that thought to heart and goes into a fantasy session where he envisions himself as Vinnie Hood leading his Band of Merry Pets to rob the Biskits of Snottingham, though Pepper snaps him out of it before he gets out of hand. Steering the discussion back on topic, Pepper finds out from the hamsters that they've been stashing the items in the Littlest Pet Shops dumbwaiter for some time, where they keep the ones whose recipients they don't yet know. However, Twist tells Pepper that the stash seems to have vanished, so Pepper lets them know Blythe returned them to the Largest Ever Pet Shop. Twist decides they need to "borrow" more things to compensate, but his statement makes Pepper nervous, as she understands they're stealing.

To prove that the hamsters have good intentions, however, Dodger leads Pepper and Vinnie into the tube network to show them what he and Twist do day-to-day. Along with Twist, the four of them deliver rubber balls to bored alley cats, a hamster wheel to an overweight guinea pig, and a toy boat to occupy a trio of noisy ducklings. They return to the cage in the Largest Ever Pet Shop, but Pepper is still not convinced, futilely trying to explain to the hamsters that even if they're trying to do good, they are still stealing. Twist argues that the Largest Ever Pet Shop has far more merchandise than they'll ever use, and Dodger and Twist leap out of the cage. Attempting to stop them, Pepper follows them out along with Vinnie. After turning a corner, however, Monban notices Pepper and Vinnie and apprehends them. Realizing their actions got Pepper and Vinnie in trouble, they double over to the Littlest Pet Shop to let their friends know what happened at the Largest Ever Pet Shop. Hearing the story, Blythe immediately heads over there to free them.

Now that the hamsters feel remorse, Russell proposes they take back all of the items they've taken and return them to the Largest Ever Pet Shop, which would simultaneously atone for the stealing and prove that Littlest Pet Shop had nothing to do with it. To that end, with cooperation from the remaining day camp pets, they receive the toy boat back from the ducklings, the balls back from the cats, and the hamster wheel back from the now-fit-as-a-fiddle guinea pig.

Meanwhile, Blythe tries to explain to the Biskit Twins and Monban that the goods were going through a network of tubes that wound up in the Littlest Pet Shop. The twins, however, are not convinced and continue to blame Blythe. Sally and Fisher zip over where Fisher immediately points fingers at Blythe. When asked to explain why Blythe is innocent, she finds herself unable to provide an explanation that wouldn't give away her animal-hearing abilities. As pressure mounts on Blythe from every other human in the room, all of the stolen merchandise comes falling from a hole in the ceiling from a removed tile. Fisher examines the pile and finds out that they are all discard items, old merchandise to be thrown away. Blythe, hearing about this, persuades Fisher, on camera, to donate the discard items to needy pets and pledges that Littlest Pet Shop will do the same.

Blythe and Mrs. Twombly cooperate in loading a box of merchandise to part with, though Mrs. Twombly wonders how the pile wound up at Littlest Pet Shop. Unable to come up with a good explanation, Blythe distracts Mrs. Twombly to go back to the day camp room, where she finds Dodger and Twist. They tell Blythe that they'll look for things from the trash instead of from the Largest Ever Pet Shop and provide Blythe with a list of animals they've encountered who may need certain things before heading back down the pipe.

At the Largest Ever Pet Shop, the Biskit Twins ask Fisher to give them the reward. Fisher, initially hesitant because they never discovered the thief's identity, offers his daughters the reward anyway for having helped bring the stolen merchandise back: An extra-large bag of dog food.

This episode contains examples of (YMMV entries go here):

  • Animals Not to Scale/Depending on the Artist: Usually series-wide, but this episode provides a more extreme example: When in the Largest Ever Pet Shop and in the house with the fat guinea pig, Pepper, Vinnie, Dodger, and Twist are dramatically smaller than in other scenes.
  • The Artful Dodger: Dodger (of course) and Twist are based on this character archetype, albeit they are adults, and are named after the Oliver Twist characters.
  • Bad Liar: Sunil, and he knows it. Lying overwhelms him with guilt.
  • Banana Peel: Pepper slips on one, whose trail Blythe spots.
  • Battle Cry: Vinnie Hood rips a Tarzan-like scream when he reaches the Biskits' pile of treasure.
  • Beehive Hairdo: On Sally Hairspray.
  • Brick Joke: Penny suggests Blythe return the stolen goods herself but is quickly shot down as Blythe would be falsely accused. A bit later, Blythe has no choice but to do so and take the blame. Luckily for her, Fisher never bothers to punish her.
  • Call-Back: Mrs. Twombly's kung-fu quilting returns, having been previous central plot elements in "Lotsa Luck" and "Shanghai Hi Jinks."
  • Cassandra Truth: No one believes Blythe's story, but to be fair, without knowledge of the hamsters' actions or the tube system, the only evidence is the pile of Largest Ever Pet Shop merchandise in the Littlest Pet Shop.
  • Clear My Name: Much of the episode is spent with Blythe and the pets attempting to prove Blythe did not steal the merchandise.
  • Continuity Nod: Pepper immediately concludes Dodger and Twist tried to escape from the Largest Ever Pet Shop, most likely because Pepper herself was imprisoned in the store before.
    • Also from "Gailbreak!," Pepper and Vinnie get captured by Monban again.
    • Among the box of items to donate at the Littlest Pet Shop is a mouse toy from "Eve of Destruction" and, oddly, an octopus plush commonly seen on store shelves at the Largest Ever Pet Shop.
  • Curtains Match the Window: The hamsters' eyes are the same colors as their shirts.
  • Don't Explain the Joke: By Pepper.
    Vinnie: We're on it, Blythe!
    Pepper: Yeah! We're also in it! Get it? 'Cause we're in the tube!
  • Dumbass Has a Point: Brittany points out that Fisher contradicted himself regarding whether the thievery is good or bad for the store.
  • Good Cop/Sad Cop: The title of an episode of SCI, which the Biskit Twins take literally.
  • Hammerspace: There are more stolen items in the dumbwaiter than should logically fit in it.
  • Hurricane Kick: Mrs. Twombly demonstrates one in the Cold Open regarding defending the Littlest Pet Shop.
  • Idiosyncratic Wipes: A fingerprint brush sweeps itself across the screen in Act 1.
  • Imagine Spot: Vinnie imagines himself as Robin Hood but eventually confuses it with Tarzan.
  • Insistent Terminology: Dodger refers to his stealing as "permanent borrowing," and later, "redistribution of wealth."
  • Just Like Robin Hood: How the hamsters see themselves.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Blythe tells the twins to stop acting like they're in a TV show. Whittany then threatens Blythe to confess so the end credits can roll.
  • Literal-Minded: When Pepper tells Vinnie to retrace his steps to find their way back, Vinnie instead recalls the dance moves he made. This does not help them figure a path back.
  • Look Behind You: Blythe makes a hand gesture simulating changing the channel on a TV remote. This somehow convinces the Biskit Twins to look in that direction long enough for Blythe to get away.
    • Blythe does this again to Mrs. Twombly near the end, telling her of a nonexistent customer.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: When it becomes clear the Biskit Twins are convinced Blythe stole the items, Blythe chooses to simply walk out of the store before the situation gets worse.
  • Magic Skirt: When Mrs. Twombly does her high kicks, her dress flaps around just enough to avoid a Panty Shot.
  • Malicious Slander: Fisher accuses of Blythe of stealing and Littlest Pet Shop being a front for a burglary ring on live TV when all he has is circumstantial evidence. Even if it could be proven Blythe was guilty, there's nothing proving Mrs. Twombly was involved.
  • The Maze: Dodger and Twist's network of tubes.
  • Non-Answer: Fisher never directly answers any of Sally's questions.
  • No True Scotsman: Fisher, in this episode, does not consider the Littlest Pet Shop a true pet shop as it isn't owned by him.
  • Off-Model: After delivering the rubber balls to the cats, Pepper's tail is improperly outlined as she slides down the tube.
  • Pipe Maze: Dodger and Twist's tubes, when seen from outside, resembles this.
  • Rodents of Unusual Size: Dodger and Twist are pretty big for hamsters, being the same size as all the other pets. They seem a little larger than Guinea Pigs if anything, which are already more than twice of size of the average hamster. See Animals Not to Scale above.
  • Rule of Three: Sally yanks the microphone away from Fisher after he says his new motto the third time.
  • Running Gag: Fisher's insistence that he runs Downtown City's only pet shop. By the fourth time, Sally learns to not let Fisher have the microphone for more than two seconds.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Dodger and Twist don't seem to have much concern for laws or privacy, only doing what they believe is helpful.
  • Shout-Out: SCI's title is based on that of CSI and possibly NCIS. The characters themselves evoke Nancy Drew. The "not-cute" detectives resemble Alexander Scott from I Spy (on the left) and Sherlock Holmes (on the right).
    • The intro to SCI uses the phrase "There are two types of..." and ends with "These are their stories" both are taken from various intros to Law & Order.
    • The hamsters' tube network may be based on the subways in London, which are collectively known as The Tube.
    • Twist's line "We're not bad guys" is delivered in exactly the same way as Zangief did in Wreck-It Ralph, except with the cockney accent.
  • Skewed Priorities: Fisher seems more concerned with trying to passive-aggressively discredit the Littlest Pet Shop than to deal with the thefts in his store.
    • Though possibly a little justified as he honestly believes LPS "did" steal the items. So in his eyes he'll be killing two birds with one stone, as he'll get LPS shut down permanently which in turn would end the thefts.
  • Squee!: The Biskit Twins right before they start watching an episode of SCI on Whittany's phone.
  • Stealth Insult: Fisher sarcastically calls Monban "state-of-the-art security." Monban picks up on the sarcasm.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Fisher keeps claiming that the Largest Ever Pet Shop is Downtown City's only pet shop and puts unusual emphasis on the phrase.
  • Telescoping Robot: Monban demonstrates this trait again when capturing Pepper and Vinnie.
  • Temporary Bulk Change: The overweight guinea pig becomes fit and muscular after running on the wheel, then goes right back to overweight eating a crumb of cheese.
  • Weirdness Coupon: Blythe accidentally admits that animals speak to her, but the Biskit Twins chalk it up as Blythe being weird as usual.
  • We Will Meet Again: The Biskit Twins vow to track Blythe down for good "in the next episode."note 


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