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Recap / Littlest Pet Shop 2012 S 2 E 9 A Day At The Museum

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"Wow! Look at the dinosaurs! Look at the trees! Look at that volcano! Oh, I love what your imaginations have done with the place!"

Written by Merriwether Williams

As Blythe walks the Littlest Pet Shop pets down the street, Sunil's attention turns to a bus stop advertisement for a movie called Crazy Zombies 2: Museum Zombies. Blythe, not wanting him or anyone else to get too distracted, keeps them moving but finds out the park has been closed for reseeding. Pepper suggests the fields in front of the museum across the street—Blythe initially refuses, insisting on returning to the shop but is eventually convinced to bring them there.

As they play with the ball in front of the museum, Minka accidentally tosses it into the museum, right as a door is opening. Minka, not wanting to lose the ball, dashes inside with Penny Ling trailing close behind, ignoring Blythe screaming to come back. When Blythe and the other pets approach the museum doors, she notices a sign banning pets from the museum. As she ponders over what to do, however, the ball bounces ever deeper into the museum with Minka and Penny on their trail. The ball lands between the toes of a tyrannosaurus skeleton, but before Minka can pick it up, she and Penny look up and marvel at the skeleton. Blythe eventually decides to put the pets in bags to conceal them as she walks in. She immediately gets the notice of a security guard, who asks her what's in her bags. She nervously stammers, trying to avoid the answer, but the guard just tells her she could keep the bags in the bag check. She turns down his offer and gets far away from him.


Back at the tyrannosaurus skeleton, Minka won't stop telling Penny about how awesome it must have been while Penny repeatedly asks her to find the ball and get out of the museum. Minka, instead, creates an imaginary prehistoric world filled with her favorite dinosaurs. Somehow, Penny gets sucked into it, and they play around with MinLing, a baby triceratops.

As Blythe continues to search for Minka and Penny, Pepper starts emitting a stench from getting nervous. This draws everyone's attention towards her, including the security guard, who spots Russell in Blythe's backpack. As he demands a search for Blythe's bags, Zoe leaps out of the tote bag and runs off, scampering and barking. Blythe claims that someone let their dog loose in the museum, and the guard cases after Zoe instead. While Blythe escapes the guard once again, she realizes she now has a third pet to find in the museum. Zoe finds the tyrannosaurus skeleton, however, and ponders how long it would take to bury all of those bones. Zoe meets up with Penny and Minka and she, too, winds up in Minka's imagination.


As Blythe continues to search, she meets up again with the security guard, who now immediately gives chase to Blythe. She loses him by turning into a broom closet. When they see the doorknob shaking, Vinnie and Sunil go back into the tote while Russell, leaping out of the backpack to get away from Pepper, curls into a ball as Blythe hides behind a mop and turns off the lights. The janitor walks in, grabs Russell mistaking him for a sponge, and drops him into his mop bucket full of dirty water. Russell eventually escapes by the tyrannosaurus skeleton and evades the security guard's notice, then finds Minka, Penny, and Zoe behind the sign.

For an unexplained reason, Pepper has been moved to the tote bag with Vinnie and Sunil. Vinnie and Sunil soon reach their limits of Pepper's odor and leave the bag, leaving Blythe alone with a frustrated Pepper. However, they find themselves in the taxidermy section surrounded by large animals and freeze in terror, finally fleeing when Fred, a man working as the museum's mummy mascot, stumbles into the room. In their panic, Vinnie and Sunil fall into the janitor's mop bucket. After Russell gets pulled into the prehistoric fantasy, they hear an announcement that the museum will close in five minutes and that everyone has to make their way to the exit. He warns them that they need to find Blythe, but Minka doesn't know how to end the fantasy. Fortunately, Blythe finds the four of them and puts them back in her bags, bringing them back to reality. As Blythe decides to confess that she broke the rules by bringing pets into the museum, Vinnie and Sunil zoom by on the janitor's mop bucket and out the door, eliminating the need to do such a thing.

As everyone reunites on the steps of the museum, Blythe regrets that the ball has gotten lost. Minka pulls it out from behind her back, only for it to start hatching with Penny discovering MinLing inside.

This episode contains examples of (YMMV entries go here):

  • All Animals Are Dogs: The diplodocus behaves like one. Penny points it out.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Minka was, as Russell put it, "laser-focused" on the ball, but she gets distracted by the skeleton.
    • The guard also gets sidetracked in a conversation when Blythe talks about the "No Pets" sign that he forgets to chase Zoe.
  • Call-Back: The "No Pets" sign at the museum is exactly the same as the sign at the zoo entrance in "Blythe's Crush," right down to Esteban's silhouette on the lower-left. Viewers who haven't seen that episode will likely be confused about who that silhouette depicts.
  • CamelCase: MinLing's name, according to Word of God.
  • Can't You Read the Sign?: The "No Pets" sign at the museum, which has a silhouette of all seven of Blythe's animal companions plus Esteban. See Call Back above.
  • Continuity Nod: Vinnie and Sunil previously displayed their enjoyment of horror films in "Door-Jammed." Additionally, their Security Clings and touching in fear make a come-back.
  • A Day in the Limelight: After being Out of Focus for a while, Penny and Minka share the B-story together. This is also the episode with the most screentime for the security guard, serving as this episode's antagonist.
  • Determinator: To the guard, nothing in the museum takes priority over finding out what's in Blythe's bags.
  • Dinosaur Doggie Bone: Naturally, with a premise like this in this kind of show.
  • Dwindling Party: Blythe loses the pets one by one in the museum until only Pepper is left. That being said, it is largely Pepper's fault.
  • Gainax Ending / Clap Your Hands If You Believe: The ball Minka chased at the beginning of the episode, by the final scene, has turned into MinLing's egg. The episode ends before anything can properly be explained.
  • Hammerspace: Minka pulls the "ball" from behind her back in the final scene.
  • Imagine Spot: Minka creates one for prehistoric times. It is then turned Up to Eleven as characters get sucked into it with no explanation on how they're sharing the fantasy.
  • Mishmash Museum: The supposed natural history museum seems to have exhibits on ancient ruins and artifacts.
  • 1 Million B.C.: The Imagine Spot places no concern on if the dinosaurs actually all lived at the same time. Justified, though, as this is all in Minka's imagination.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Done by accident by Russell. He curls up into a ball, and the guard mistakes him for a "prickly rock," throwing him onto a display full of similar-looking prickly rocks.
  • Portmanteau: Penny and Minka both want to name the baby triceratops after themselves. In a compromise, the baby triceratops is named MinLing.
  • Puppy-Dog Eyes: All of the regulars try it on Blythe to get her to take them to the museum grounds. It works.
  • Race Against the Clock: Blythe has to gather up all the pets and get out of the museum before it closes.
  • Reality Warper / Power Incontinence: Minka's fantasy functions as if there was a portal to another realm behind the sign. As the museum is about to close, she admits she is unable to end it.
  • Recurring Extra: The security guard, whose previous appearance was in the previous episode. The very sight of him fills Blythe with dread, presumably due to the number of bad encounters with him. He has no beef with Blythe, however, despite her always causing the trouble she puts him in.
  • Shout-Out: The title of this episode is a play on the film Night at the Museum.
  • Stock Dinosaurs: Minka's favorites are the most famous ones: Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Diplodocus. The musical sequences also throw in the Allosaurus (referred to as a Velociraptor, despite lacking feathers or the sickle-shaped footclaws), Brontosaurus (which should have been known as Apatosaurus at that time), plesiosaur (not a dinosaur though, and they seem to also resemble Kappas), as well as an unknown prehistoric flying creature that looks like a mishmash of a bird and a pterosaur (probably passable as some sort of enantiornithe).
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: At the beginning of Act 2, Blythe tells the security guard that there is nothing unusual or not allowed in her bags. It's all for naught.
    Blythe: Ah, um, uh, there's nothing inside my bags. Really! Not anything unusual and nothing that's not allowed in the museum. (giggles) I'm really into following rules. (giggles) I hate breaking them! I never would. I guess you can say it's not my bag! (giggles) Get it? We're talking about bags, and then I said it's not my bag? (giggles) So uh, you want to know what's…in my bags? …Uh, why do you ask?
    • The guard finds Blythe again later in Act 2, and she continues to deny she anything is wrong.
  • Throwing the Distraction: Although the guard is at first trying to figure out what is in Blythe's bags in the middle of Act 2, Zoe angrily barks by and he follows her instead.
  • Tyrannosaurus rex: The central element to this episode is the tyrannosaurus skeleton.
  • Whateversaurus: Zoesaurus, Pennylingasaurus, and Minkadinkabellyrinkadimpledonkasaurus.
  • You Just Had to Say It: Blythe wonders if things could get worse after Zoe gets lost in the museum and she has to run from the guard. Sunil and Vinnie answer in the affirmative, though their response (museum zombies) is different from what actually happens (they lose Russell).
    • Vinnie reassures Sunil that zombies don't come to life until the lights go out. Immediately, the lights shut off for closing time at the museum.


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