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This is the list of episodes for Lilo & Stitch: The Series, a Spin-Off of the 42nd Disney animated film Lilo & Stitch that ran for 65 episodes from September 20, 2003 to July 29, 2006 over two seasons. Each episode recap also contains a list of experiments that appeared or were mentioned in each episode (other than the latter title character, who is in every episode to begin with).

The episodes are supposedly listed in their airing order based on their initial broadcasts in the United States, though due to a lack of reliable sources available, this is a bit hard to determine if they're true or not. As a result, we will go by the order used on Disney+, since it's owned by Disney themselves. Airing orders according to Wikipedia (see its episode list article), IMDb, the now-offline (see's archives), and Lilo & Stitch Wiki are noted below where applicable. Production order and other discrepancies, such as between airings in other countries, are also noted.note 


Spoilers Off for episode recaps. You Have Been Warned.

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    Direct-to-Video Film Pilot (2003) 
  • Stitch! The Movie: While Stitch has difficulty fitting in with the locals on Kauaʻi, ex-Captain Gantu kidnaps Jumba for the scientist's former partner Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel, who wants the experiments he funded the creation of back from Jumba. Lilo and Stitch activate one of them to save Jumba and prevent Stitch's "cousins" from falling into Hämsterviel's clutches.

    Season One (2003–2004) 
  1. "Richter":note  Earthquakes erupt around Kauaʻi when a purple Ankylosaurus-like experiment designed to cause them activates. Lilo and Stitch must tame this experiment before the earthquakes split the Earth into two, while Stitch must also learn to take care of an orange ball.
  2. "Phantasmo":note  A green ghostly experiment causes destruction at the Pelekai residence, framing Stitch for it all, and Lilo must prove Stitch's innocence to Nani as a result.
  3. "Clip":note  Lilo and Stitch capture a hair-eating experiment, and Mertle mocks Lilo's supposedly "unruly" hair. Lilo tries to get revenge on her rival by using the newly-captured experiment, but the experiment flees and starts eating hair all around Kokaua Town.
  4. "Mr. Stenchy":note  A cute stinkbomb of an experiment helps Lilo to be accepted by the hula girls, causing Stitch to become jealous of all the attention the experiment gets. When he lets Gantu have the experiment, however, he soon becomes guilty for his actions and goes out to take Mr. Stenchy back.
  5. "Spooky":note  A green blob-like experiment activates on Halloween night and scares Stitch. He and Lilo must face their fears in order to capture the experiment, who leads them to an abandoned house.
  6. "Holio":note  Mertle gets a new charm bracelet for her birthday, but Lilo and Stitch find out that one of the charms is the pod of an experiment that can create black holes. Lilo gets into trouble with a local police officer as she tries to take the pod before Mertle gets it wet. Meanwhile, Nani is cleaning up her rental hut for an upcoming inspection.
  7. "Cannonball":note  An experiment that can create massive tidal waves threatens to flood the Earth should he jump into the Pacific Ocean. As Lilo and Stitch try to prevent him from washing away the planet, she must also make a sand sculpture for a competition on Lahui Beach.
  8. "Yapper":note  Mertle gets a new pet dog she names "Gigi" and enters her in a dog show in Honolulu. Lilo enters Stitch in the same dog show to prove Mertle that she's not "riff-raff". During the dog show, Jumba and Pleakley find Gantu looking for an experiment in the Hawaiian capital city.
  9. "Yin-Yang":note  Two experiments, one that shoots water and one that shoots lava, threaten to cause devastation should they meet. Lilo and Stitch argue over who's better at catching experiments and try to catch one of the two experiments first to prove who is the better experiment hunter.
  10. "Kixx":note  A muscular, four-armed experiment begins to beat up people around Kauaʻi just as Stitch loses his fighting ability from eating macadamia nuts and a tennis shoe. Lilo must re-train Stitch so he can defeat the experiment.
  11. "Splodyhead":note  Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley get stranded on the "Forbidden Isle" of Niʻihau with Gantu and 625 thanks to a fiery experiment that's on the loose. Lilo and the other five aliens (especially Stitch and Gantu) must work together to capture the experiment so they can head back to Kauaʻi.
  12. "Amnesio":note  An experiment causes Lilo, Stitch, and Gantu to lose their memories. Lilo and Gantu become friends under the names Martha and Lenny while believing Stitch to be a criminal.
  13. "Swirly":note  Hämsterviel plans to use an experiment with the power of hypnosis to turn humans into his slaves via a popular TV show.
  14. "Fibber":note  Pleakley tries to lie his way out of an Arranged Marriage by saying that he is already engaged, but it backfires when his family shows up. Making it more difficult is that Lilo and Stitch find a Living Lie Detector experiment.
  15. "Tank":note  When unable to go to a Renaissance festival with Lilo (who has taken Yuki, Teresa, and Elena with her), Stitch winds up teaming up with Mertle against an experiment that eats metal and grows bigger with each bite.
  16. "Sprout":note  Lilo ignores Jumba's warning not to activate a plant like experiment for a competition, which wreaks havoc at the fair as a result. Meanwhile, Stitch participates in a rodeo.
  17. "Elastico":note  Stitch joins a circus and discovers another experiment who also found his "one true place" on his own.
  18. "Yaarp":note  Stitch is temporarily left deaf by an experiment that emits loud blasts of sound, leaving Pleakley (who has no visible ears) to attempt to retrieve said experiment.
  19. "627":note  Stitch develops an ego when he breaks his experiment catching record, so Jumba activates his newest, strongest, and most evil experiment to knock Stitch down a peg. However, the new experiment joins Gantu and captures several experiments for him so easily that he's unbeatable... or so it seems.
  20. "The Asteroid":note  Lilo and Stitch hear from Cobra Bubbles about an asteroid that is about to hit and devastate Earth, so they go out into space using Jumba's ship to destroy it. They then find an alien living on the rock, forcing the duo to decide which home they need to sacrifice to save the other.
  21. "Topper":note  Stitch searches for an experiment pod that got wrapped into a present during Christmastime, causing everyone else to mistakenly think he's being greedy.
  22. "Melty":note  Lilo invokes Time Travel in order to keep herself from humiliating herself in front of Keoni.
  23. "Houdini":note  An experiment who can make people and objects disappear accidentally turns Stitch invisible.
  24. "Sinker":note  A shark-like experiment that can capsize ships wreaks havoc.
  25. "Nosy":note  Lilo and the others help Nani make a good impression for her boss, but that proves difficult with an experiment that spills secrets in the way.
  26. "Finder":note  Stitch is jealous of an experiment that can locate missing persons and things.
  27. "Slushy":note  During a heat wave, an experiment freezes over Kauaʻi.
  28. "Dupe":note  Lilo tries to use a duplicating experiment to clone herself but Stitch and Pleakley get cloned instead. Then Gantu gets his hands on this experiment and decides to duplicate 4 other experiments he recently activated after capturing them in pod form.
  29. "Short Stuff":note  While trying to get big enough to go on a ride, Stitch has to deal with an experiment that cuts wires to short them out.
  30. "Angel":note  Stitch runs into a beautiful female experiment and falls in love with her, but Lilo is suspicious of this one. It turns out that Angel is actually designed to turn good experiments back to evil by singing a siren song and is working for Gantu and Hämsterviel. However, Stitch's dedication to her wins her heart, causing her to regret working for his enemies.
  31. "Felix":note  A neat freak experiment sterilizes everything in sight and an attempt to make him less like that makes everything worse.
  32. "Poxy":note  Pleakley accidentally swallows an experiment that causes illness and Lilo and Stitch are shrunk down to go inside of him and retrieve it.
  33. "Hunkahunka":note  Lilo catches the titular experiment, who can cause an individual to fall in love with the next person they see, to get her crush Keoni to fall for her. It results in random characters falling in love with the unlikeliest of partners.
  34. "Sample":note  An experiment that can record sounds and play them back is chased by a pair of friends who want to prove that aliens are real.
  35. "Baby-Fier":note  Stitch, Nani, Jumba, Pleakley, and Gantu are turned into babies by an experiment and Lilo must find a way to return them to their rightful ages.
  36. "Bonnie & Clyde":note  Lilo and Stitch run away from home after Nani unfairly punishes them for minor things. The duo comes across two experiments that badly influence them. Meanwhile, Pleakley is inspired by a TV crime drama to become a detective himself.
  37. "Slugger":note  An experiment that can bat projectiles with it's tail is recruited to help Lilo play a baseball game against Mertle.
  38. "Bad Stitch":note  Dr. Hämsterviel masquerades as a behavioral correction doctor in an attempt to capture Stitch, who is learning to make up for causing a lot of destruction.
  39. "Drowsy":note  Stitch uses a sleep inducing experiment to help Lilo get a good night's sleep but can't wake her up the next morning.

    Season Two (2004–2006) 
  1. "Spike": Lilo and Mertle are set to compete against each other in a family trivia contest, but the former's chances of winning are threatened when Stitch gets spiked by an goofiness-inducing porcupine-like experiment. Meanwhile, Pleakley holds a therapy session to tame that and other experiments.
  2. "Frenchfry": Nani has been implementing a strict healthy diet for the house, so when she is away, Lilo, Stitch, and Pleakley activate Frenchfry, an experiment meant to serve as Jumba's personal chef, to cook them delicious unhealthy food. However, when the three begin getting extremely fat, it becomes clear that Frenchfry is fattening them up to eat them.
  3. "Swapper":note  A new girl named Victoria moves into Kokaua Town and joins Lilo's hula class, but Mertle tries to befriend her to prevent Lilo from gaining a new friend. Lilo tries to throw a party to prove she's "normal" and win Victoria over, but this gets complicated when a two-headed experiment swaps her and Stitch's bodies.
  4. "Shoe":note  An experiment designed to cause bad luck threatens the success of Jumba and Pleakley's new "bed and not breakfast".
  5. "Slick": Lilo uses an experiment designed to sell anyone anything to try to sell the most candy for a fundraiser for her hula school.
  6. "Skip": Tired of being a kid with restrictions, Lilo uses an experiment meant to skip time by 10 years to become a teenager then an adult but finds out doing so was not a good idea.
  7. "Checkers": The titular experiment puts itself on Lilo's head, causing everyone to treat her like a queen. When she decides to stop being one though, Gantu gets a hold of the experiment and becomes a king and it's up to Stitch and several other experiments to overthrow him.
  8. "PJ":note  Lilo befriends an experiment that plays practical jokes to prank various people, including the strict substitute hula teacher.
  9. 'Ploot':note  While cleaning Pudge's grotto, Lilo and Stitch discover an experiment that eats trash. The problem? Said trash gets converted to sludge.
  10. "Snooty":note  Lilo goes after a vampiric experiment that feeds on mucus while her friend Victoria tries to overcome her fear of vampires.
  11. "Retro":note  While Nani tries to impress two friends of hers who mistakenly assume she is vice president of the Birds of Paradise hotel, an experiment that "de-evolves" living things is on the loose.
  12. "Belle":note  When Lilo and Mertle go camping on a whim and tell scary stories, an experiment with a haunting scream roams around.
  13. "Morpholomew":note  Crossover episode with American Dragon: Jake Long. Lilo tries to use an experiment designed to morph someone into another person to win a skateboarding competition.
  14. "Spats":note  Crossover episode with The Proud Family. An experiment causes people to squabble with each other while the Proud family visits Kauai for vacation.
  15. "Heckler":note  An experiment that specializes in insult comedy could jeopardize a charity event and Pleakley's stand-up comedy career.
  16. "Wishy-Washy":note  Desiring a perfect family photo, Lilo uses the powers of a wish-granting experiment. However, she learns to Be Careful What You Wish For.
  17. "Phoon":note  When Lilo decides to enroll herself in a preppy school to impress would-be friends, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley hunt for an experiment that creates typhoon force winds.
  18. "Bugby":note  An experiment turns Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley into bugs.
  19. "Rufus":note  Crossover episode with Kim Possible. When Stitch gets kidnapped by Dr. Hämsterviel and Dr. Drakken, Kim and Ron help to save him. Jumba also mistakes Rufus for an experiment.
  20. "Shush":note  Lilo uses an eavesdropping experiment to listen in on private conversations.
  21. 'Lax':note  Crossover episode with Recess. T.J. and his friends come to visit Kauai just as an experiment that can turn a person or machine into a Lazy Bum is activated.
  22. "Remmy":note  On the anniversary of her parents' deaths, Lilo decides to take a nap to try to feel better. However, an experiment that causes nightmares gets into her mind, so Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley have to retrieve it before she wakes up.
  23. "Mrs. Hasagawa's Cats / Ace":note  Two Shorts episode.
    1. Lilo and Stitch find that local elderly fruit seller Mrs. Hasagawa has a bunch of experiments living with her and attempt to round them up, only to realize that she actually takes good care of them.
    2. A Clip Show episode where an "Evil Genius Organization" threatens to kick Jumba out of the group after hearing reports of his experiments becoming good, so Lilo and Stitch set up an illusion to "prove" otherwise. However, a failed good experiment threatens to ruin their trickery.
  24. "Glitch / Woops": Two Shorts episode.
    1. An experiment that causes technology to go haywire messes with the recent upgrades Jumba made to the house.
    2. Lilo and Stitch try to find the one true place of an experiment who is a klutz.
  25. "Snafu":note  The Series Finale before Leroy & Stitch, but not the last broadcast. Upon learning from Nosy that Angel is on Gantu's ship with several other experiments, Lilo and Stitch plan to rescue them.
  26. 'Link':note  Last broadcast episode; broadcasted a month after Leroy & Stitch. An experiment causes Lilo and Mertle to get stuck together and they have to find a way to get themselves and others (such as Stitch and Nani) unstuck.

    TV Film Finale (2006) 
  • Leroy & Stitch: Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley finish their mission of rehabilitating all of Jumba's experiments, but they go their separate ways after the aliens get new jobs from the United Galactic Federation.note  However, Gantu leaves Earth (and his partner 625 behind) and breaks Hämsterviel out of prison, and they force Jumba to create and clone a new experiment named "Leroy" so that Hämsterviel can take over the galaxy. Lilo and 625, now named "Reuben", must rescue Jumba, Stitch, and Pleakley to fight back against Hämsterviel before he and his Leroy army destroy the other 624 "cousins".

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