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Recap / Lets Go Luna S 1 E 14 Boomin Boomerang House Music

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Original airdate: March 7, 2019

"Boomin' Boomerang": In Sydney, Australia, Carmen learns how to use a boomerang from Fin and Auggie. When Auggie gives himself a stomachache by eating too much Boomymite spread, Carmen fills in for him at a boomerang-throwing competition where she goes up against the Brawn Borthers, Crispy and Jumbo.

"Boomin' Boomerang" contains the following tropes:

  • An Aesop: This episode has a moral about believing in yourself.
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  • Alliterative Title: "Boomin' Boomerang" repeats the letter "B".
  • Bland-Name Product: Boomymite spread is a reference to Vegemite spread.
  • The Bully: The Brawn Brothers are constantly mocking Carmen for being a newbie who they are convinced can't win the boomerang competition.
  • The Dreaded: The Brawn Brothers are booed every time they are mentioned.
  • I Heard That: Fin comments that he is better at throwing the boomerang than Auggie is without a stomachache. Auggie replies by saying "I heard that!"
  • Instant Expert: Carmen immediately becomes good at throwing boomerangs upon first trying it.
  • Oh, No... Not Again!: Fin reacts like this when Auggie eats too much Boomymite spread and gives himself a stomachache.
  • Theme Naming: The Brawn Brothers are named Crispy and Jumbo, both terms often used to refer to shrimp when it's being eaten as a food.
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  • Trademark Favorite Food: Fin and Auggie love Boomymite spread.
  • Underdogs Never Lose: The Brawn Brothers are absolutely certain that Carmen will lose the competition. Joke's on them though, as Carmen manages to throw her boomerang far enough that it leaves Australia entirely before coming back, thus proving them wrong.
  • Volumetric Mouth: Carmen's mouth opens wide enough to cover her entire face at one point in the episode.

"House Music": While in Sydney, Australia, Andy hears a song on the radio called "Andy, My Boy", sung by Syd and the Sydney's, and becomes excited to see them perform the song live at the Sydney Opera House. The gang is assisted by Bazzle as they learn about the Opera House.


"House Music" contains the following tropes:

  • Fake Band: Syd and the Sydney's were made specifically for this episode.
  • Foreshadowing: Bazzle at one point prefaces his speech with "Andy, my boy..." as he is speaking to Andy - in other words, the name of the song that got Andy into Syd and the Sydney's. Bazzle himself is later revealed to be Syd.
  • Glass-Shattering Sound: As the gang is looking for the room where Syd and the Sydney's are performing, Bazzle's glasses shatter after he hears opera music.
  • It Was with You All Along: Bazzle helps the gang throughout the Sydney Opera House, but cannot find where Syd and the Sydney's are performing quickly enough for them to actually make it to their concert on time, much to the disappointment of Andy who is brought along to a concert Bazzle is performing as a compensation. Andy's disappointment goes away when he finds out that Bazzle is Syd.


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