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Recap / Left Behind Book 5: Apollyon

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Nicolae Carpathia arranges for Tsion Ben-Judah to have a brief three-day conference with the 144,000 Jewish evangelists in Israel, although he tries to use it as an attempt to either persuade the converts to join his side or to destroy the Tribulation Force — both of which end up failing as God keeps Tsion and the 144,000 protected throughout the time of the conference. Hattie Durham and Chloe Williams both deal with their pregnancies coming to term, with Hattie suspecting that she may be poisoned and Chloe almost being near death when her child is ready to be born. During the story, the Fourth and Fifth Trumpet Judgments take place, the latter of which affects Hattie and Dr. Chaim Rosenzweig as the demon locusts have their way with the unbelievers to put them into a delirium where they seek to die but are unable to.


This story provides examples of:

  • Blood Is Squicker in Water: Nicolae's throat gets parched as he futilely tries to sway the gathered people at Teddy Kollek Stadium and asks for water. He gets a bottle of water and tries to drink it, but gags when the water ends up turning into blood, causing him to curse Tsion Ben-Judah and the believers present.
  • Boom, Headshot!: How Ken Ritz got killed in the story.
  • Car Fu: Jonas, Chaim Rosenzweig's security chief, is on the receiving end of this during Trumpet Judgement No.6 (plague of demonic locusts).
  • Convenient Miscarriage: Hattie Durham delivers an undeveloped stillborn child that has been affected by the poison that was in her system. The child was soon after disposed of to prevent further contamination.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: Chaim Rosenzweig does this to the aforementioned False Prophet during the meeting of the 144,000 Jews. When Fortunato demands to be addressed by his proper title, Chaim responds by calling the Supreme Commander 'Supreme Nincompoop,' and gets away with it.
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  • Driven to Suicide: Leah Rose admitted in her testimony of salvation that she sought to kill herself by downing as many different pills from her medicine cabinet as possible after her husband died and her children disappeared during the Rapture, but she miraculously survived and became a believer.
  • Horde of Alien Locusts: One of the Trumpet Judgments is a swarm of demon locusts that infect people without the seal of God on their foreheads with a maddening delirium that lasts for five months. Even more disconcerting is the Ominous Hebrew And Greek Chanting that the locust swarm engages in while they sweep across the globe in search of victims.
  • If You Die, I Call Your Stuff: Bo Hansen and Ernie attempt to steal Ken Ritz's wealth he had stashed at Palwaukee Airport following Ritz's death. Their attempt at robbery was thwarted by the arrival of the horde of demonic locusts. Only Rayford and T.M. Delanty were spared because they were believers.
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  • I'll Take That as a Compliment: The following exchange between Rayford and Ken in the Dramatic Audio of this story after refusing to take Hattie with them:
    Ken: Little spitfire hung up on me. Gotta like her spunk, though. She is a gorgeous thing, ain't she?
    Rayford: (chuckles) Ritz, you've got to be on the feminists' Top 10 Most Wanted List.
    Ken: Really? Hey, save me a copy when that comes out. I want to send that to Mom.
  • Imperiled in Pregnancy: Hattie Durham discovers that she has been poisoned while she was carrying Nicolae Carpathia's child and fears that the child would be in danger. When her Christian friends get her into a medical facility, she delivers an undeveloped stillborn that was absorbed all the poison meant for Hattie and the medical team dispose of it to prevent further contamination, though in the next book the doctor responsible for the delivery ends up contracting the poison that kills him.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Subverted slightly with Chaim Rosenzweig's driver, Jacov. In this book, Jacov is known to fall off the wagon. Chaim even fired him at one point, but rehired him out of pity. He becomes a believer at the meeting at the 144,000 Jews, and is later found inside a bar. Instead of getting drunk, he is preaching to the patrons inside when Chaim and Buck find him afterward. After Jacov proved to his boss that he wasn't getting drunk, Chaim's response is very deadpan, but hilarious.
    Chaim: Oy. I wish you were drunk.
  • Throwing Out the Script: When Chaim Rosenzweig is asked to appear on TV to give his explanation for the sun giving out only one-third of its sunlight due to one of the Trumpet Judgments taking place (though Chaim isn't convinced that it is the hand of God at work), he is given a script by the Global Community that has him parrot the party line's explanation of some scientific cosmic disturbance causing the phenomenon that even Rosenzweig as a botanist can see through. He chooses to appear on TV but speaks his own mind instead, almost directing people to Dr. Tsion Ben-Judah's website before being pulled off the air.
  • Translator Microbes: Again, God's supernatural power is at work at the conference to enable Tsion Ben-Judah to speak to his audience without translators. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be done for Nicolae and his entourage when he crashes the conference and tries to speak to the audience.
  • Try Not to Die: In the Dramatic Audio version, after going through the escape plan to get Tsion, Chloe and Buck out of Israel, Rayford asks for some more advice from Mac. Mac's response: "Don't get shot."

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