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Recap / Law And Order Special Victims Unit S 9 E 2 Avatar

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Written By Paul Grellong

Directed By Peter Leto

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  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The detectives are trying to find something to arrest Gregory Seale for before he can flee the country. Said man is suspected of kidnapping, rape and murder. At the last possible second, when it seems that the detectives can't get him for anything, Seale jaywalks at the airport, giving Detective Stabler an excuse to arrest him.
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  • Dirty Old Man: Julian Cooper is one; he looks to be in his sixties and his victim is 21. Not only that, but he's basically pretending she's a teenager. He's a particularly destructive version of this trope, as his victim dies as a result of the drugs given to her.
  • Online Alias: The episode features two women who use "Tawny Coppercuffs" and "Vixy Platinum" as their usernames on the Second Life Expy "Another Youniverse."
  • Sleepwalking: Erik suffers from Sexsomnia. Which causes him to try and have sex while he's asleep. His girlfriend knows about this and accommodates him, but after she's kidnapped, he tries to get it with her sister without knowing. When awake he's horrified at what he tried to do, and when it's proven he has no awareness in this state he's cleared of the charges.


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