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Recap / Law And Order Special Victims Unit S 3 E 1 Repression

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Written By Marilyn Osborn

Directed By Henry Bronchtein

Eighteen-year-old Megan Ramsey reports to SVU that she was molested by her father, Evan when she was a child, hoping that it would spare her younger sisters (especially her youngest sister, Lily) of going through the same trauma.

At first, Megan's mother, Rebecca doesn't believe her, but when evidence is discovered against Evan in Lily's bedroom, he is arrested and the whole family turns against him, despite his claims of innocence.


When it's discovered that Megan planted evidence to frame Evan, the charges against him are dropped, but when Evan is found murdered in his office, the family becomes suspects. It is later revealed that Megan's allegations of childhood molestation were false memories planted by her therapist, Dr. Wharton.

Megan's sister, Jodie confesses to accidentally killing Evan. Although Jodie isn't charged with his death, Dr. Wharton ends up getting arrested for reckless endangerment.



  • Evil All Along: The psychiatrist appears to be a caring professional who is treating a young woman with a long history of sexual abuse by her own father. In the end, it turns out that the psychiatrist is a quack who inadvertently brainwashed the woman into believing she was molested by treating her with sodium amytal, a drug notorious for creating false memories in people who take it. Her careless and dangerous conduct results in the young woman's father getting killed and the whole family getting torn apart.
  • Framing the Guilty Party: Megan believes she's doing this when she plants evidence to get Evan arrested. Unfortunately, the revelation of what she did resulted in the charges against her father getting dropped. What's more, it's revealed that Evan was actually innocent all along and that Megan was never molested by anyone.
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  • My God, What Have I Done?: The mother expresses clear remorse for having a hand in the events that lead to her husband's death after learning he was innocent.

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