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Recap / Law And Order S 14 E 4 Shrunk

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The detectives are called in when a woman is found dead in the home of famous Broadway composer John David Myers. He met the victim, Carrie Gunderson, at a play the night before; he claims he passed out from drinking and doesn't know how she died. It initially appears that someone broke into the house, but when it becomes apparent that this was staged, Myers' assistant admits she did it to get him off the hook. He is arrested. Myers is unstable and insists that his psychiatrist, Dr. Barrett, be present. When told that Barrett is not allowed in to see him, Myers confesses to the murder. His defence quickly gets this rendered inadmissible.


When Southerlyn learns Myers had a history of harming women, she questions Barrett, who says that as a child Myers witnessed his mother murder his father. Ever since then, he has had fantasies about stabbing a woman. Myers' lawyer, furious that the prosecutors spoke to Barrett, changes his plea to an Insanity Defence. Myers tells Skoda that Carrie reminded him of his mother, so he killed her. In court, the defence and Barrett argue Myers had developed schizophrenia. But Barrett's testimony leads the prosecutors to believe that he knew Carrie.

Southerlyn learns Carrie had been Barrett's patient, and they had a relationship; when they broke up, she threatened to sue him for malpractice. Subsequently Barrett gave Carrie's roommate a ticket for the play Myers was going to. McCoy confronts Myers, Barrett, and the defence with the knowledge Barrett manipulated Myers into killing Carrie. But Barrett's influence over Myers is so strong that Myers will not implicate him, and faces a manslaughter charge with a possible life sentence.


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