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Recap / Kingdom Hearts BBS Mission T 02 Dwarf Woodlands

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At the Dwarf Woodlands, the Evil Queen consults her Magic Mirror about who is the fairest one of all, and is told that it is Snow White, a maiden with a heart of light. As fate would have it, Terra has also arrived, but at the wrong time. Having learned from Maleficent that Xehanort is after seven hearts of light, Terra suspects that Snow White is one of them. When Terra asks the Queen of Xehanort's whereabouts, she tells him that she will have the Mirror answer, but in exchange for Snow White's heart.


Suspicious, Terra traverses the Queen's castle and dungeon and eventually stumbles upon Snow White. He realizes that she is, indeed, pure of heart and thus a Princess of Heart. However, the Unversed show up, with their arrival combined with Terra summoning his Keyblade scaring Snow White into the forest.

Now aware that the Queen wants her dead, Terra returns to the Queen's antechamber to seek answers. Upset that he did not bring Snow White's heart, the Queen curses the Mirror into an Unversed and drags Terra into its lair. He vanquishes its spirit and finally gets answers to Xehanort's whereabouts:

Mirror: Beyond both light and dark he dwells, where war was waged upon the fells.

Terra then takes his leave.


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