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Recap / Kingdom Hearts BBS Mission T 01 Enchanted Dominion

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Terra's first stop is at the Enchanted Dominion, a seemingly peaceful kingdom. As he steps into the forest, he's attacked by strange creatures- based on Eraqus's description, he realizes that these are the Unversed. Though he manages to slay most of them, one of them escapes into the forest, and he chases it into a nearby bridge, where he defeats it.

On the bridge, he encounters an evil (well, not that he notices at first) fairy named Maleficent, who asks him why he isn't sleeping like the rest of the world's denizens. After he explains that he is looking for Xehanort, she recalls that she had ran into an old man- Xehanort- looking for a light in the castle, and guides Terra to the castle. Terra reaches the castle, where he encounters the sleeping Princess Aurora- the light Maleficent had mentioned. Maleficent tells him that Aurora is a Princess of Heart, one of seven maidens who hold the key to all worlds. Sensing the darkness in his heart, she manipulates him into releasing Aurora's heart.


Terra is disturbed by the act, but as she taunts him, another Unversed, the Wheel Master, crashes the castle. She takes her leave as he descends into the throne room. After he defeats the Unversed, he realizes that he needs to abstain from the darkness. However, unknown to him, Maleficent schemes to find all of the Princesses of Heart...


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