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Recap / Kingdom

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A recap page for the individual arcs (and their tropes) of Kingdom.

Beware of spoilers. They will be present in the arc names below, and obviously in the recap pages.

Story Arcs

  • Prince Seikyou's Rebellion
  • Battle of Dakan Plains
  • Escape From Zhao
  • Royal Assassination Plot
  • The Battle of Bayou
  • Bayou Aftermath
  • Sanyou Campaign
  • Sanyou Aftermath
  • The Coalition War: Battle of Kankoku Pass
  • The Coalition War: The Battle of Sai
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  • Kyoukai's Revenge
  • Tonryuu Conspiracy
  • Choyou Campaign
  • State of Ai
  • Kokuyou Campaign
  • Battle of Shukai Plains


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