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Recap / Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Spin Off Introducing Zenkai Red Kai

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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Spin-Off: Introducing Zenkai Red-kai!

Original Airdate: March 21-28, 2021

Kaito has a nightmare over Akaranger's comment on him not being a Red leader, causing him to lose confidence and mess up in the Zenkaigers' latest battle against the Tojitendo. With the revival of Super Warumono Wald, now as Normal Warumono Wald, a mysterious man shows up with the ability to transform into a red Zenkaizer known as Zenkai Red, seeking to usurp leadership of the "True Zenkaigers" from Kaito. Meanwhile, the Kikainoid Zenkaigers are all turning into humans! What will become of this increasingly "normal" Super Sentai!?



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