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Recap / Kids Incorporated S 1 E 6 The Basket Case

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So far, we've had episodes focusing on Mickey; Gloria and the Kid; and we now have our first episode focusing on Renee.

We start with Riley warming the crowd up with a knock-knock joke; only to receive a frosty reception, upon which he then precedes to introduce Kids Incorporated for their opening song "ABC". During the band's break between sets; Riley reads a newspaper article about a Princess Luannanote  had gone missing from the Kenobi consulate; where she had been staying with her parents, the royal ambassadors to the United States. Mickey, naturally, is smitten just from seeing her eyes; while Renee begins imagining what it would be like to be a princess (she thinks no homework, people serving her {adding "no dumb jokes" when Stacy makes a crack about waiters serving people}). Riley then reminds everyone it's time to go back on; setting up "The Glamorous Life".


During that performance, Princess Luanna enters the P*lace; proceeding to buy Western clothing. We then see her at an arcade machine struggling to figure out how to play before asking Mickey; who then has a Delayed Reaction and recognizes her as the Princess. However, Princess Luanna is chafing at the pressures of royalty and being unable to be a regular kid; leading to her running away, upon which Mickey and Renee invite the Princess to hang with them ("The Lucky One"). Mickey then suggests having Renee go in Princess Luanna's place (Renee: "Is your brain pan empty?"); however the real Princess Luanna agrees to go does a very reluctant Renee. At the consulate; "Princess" Renee is no more willing to go along with the royal demands than she was to go along with this scheme, with her griping about her duties nearly tipping her attendants (one of whom is played by Mario Lopez in addition to his normal role as the band drummer); leading to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".


Renee returns to the P*lace and (after being briefly mistaken for the Princess by Kid) openly states the life of a princess is not for her; leading to Luanna acknowledging she's the missing Princess (and urging the kids now to bow). Renee then tries to convince her to stay in America; but Princess Luanna states she couldn't speak to her parents against their will; something that - when Stacy adds "Why not? Renee does it all the time" - lead to Renee threatening to let Stacy have it when they got home. Ultimately, Mickey suggests finding a way to air out her frustrations without being disrespectful, something the Princess agrees to try; as we see her calling her parents as closing song "All Night Long" is performed.


Songs performed in this episode:

  • "ABC" (The Jackson Five cover; lead vocals by Renee, Stacy & Kid)
  • "The Glamorous Life" (Sheila E. cover; lead vocals by Gloria)note 
  • "The Lucky One" (Laura Branigan cover; guest vocals by Katie Barberi)
  • "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" (Robert Hazard cover {popularized by Cyndi Lauper; lead vocals by Renee and guest vocal by Katie Barberi)
  • "All Night Long (All Night)" (Lionel Richie cover; lead vocals by Kid)

Tropes associated with this episode:

  • Prince and Pauper: The attempted switch between Princess Luanna and Renee.
  • Qurac: Based on Princess Luanna being photographed with a veil, the country of Kenobi seems to be implied to be a Middle Eastern nation.
  • The Kirk: Mickey takes this role in convincing Princess Luanna to find a non-disrespectful way to get her concerns about the rules and regulations of being a princess across.
  • What Beautiful Eyes!: Mickey becomes smitten with Princess Luanna just from seeing her eyes; and it leads to his recognizing her when she shows up wearing Western clothing.

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