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Recap / Kids Incorporated S 1 E 18 Shes So Shy

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As mentioned at the end of the recap for the episode "Funny Money"; one of the reasons Shanice Wilson left the series midway through Season 1 was the fact Wilson didn't get a chance to sing on the series. Four episodes later, Wendy Brainard would get that opportunitynote .


The episode begins, as a handful of other Season 1 episodes would, with Kids Incorporated having just completed another song before going into "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)"; after which Mickey introduces the dancers - with Wendy becoming noticeably shy when her time to take a bow comes (something which startles Kid, who was simply amazed that anyone would turn down an opportunity to take a bow). That night, Riley had to leave early; leaving Mickey to shut everything down at the P*lace and soon everyone has left.

Everyone that is, except Wendy; who upon noticing the others are gone brings her stereo to sing "It Ain't Enough". By sheer happenstance, Mickey had to return to get some books he left when he hears Wendy singing; quickly waving the others in. But their applause ends up startling Wendy, who makes a hasty exit and when explaining later notes she doesn't like singing in front of people (the other's attempts to get her to reconsider, such as Mickey's "Where would Billy Joel be?" reference, go nowhere); leading to "(She's) So Shy" - ending with Wendy once again slipping away toward the end.


The others are discussing the issue with Riley when the gears start turning in Mickey's head (with the others following, and after a false start he shares his idea with the others). They then appear outside the stage door entrance when Wendy arrives, attempting to bluff her into thinking the P*lace was closed for electrical problems (though the younger kids nearly botch the gambit by claiming the alternator won't alternate; with Kid throwing in a claim of a bad oscillator). Upon Mickey's mention that the only working light was the spotlight; Wendy decides to take advantage of the seeming opportunity, retrieving the stereo once again; this time singing "Dim All the Lights" before the lights are turned on, revealing the crowd as well as the band members there. Wendy then acknowledges she enjoyed herself, even though performing in public was still a bit scary; setting up closing song "Neutron Dance".


Trivia note: This marks the first episode written or co-written by George McGrath, one of the writers and voice actors on Pee-wee's Playhousenote , and for this episode joining him in writing the episode is Lynne Marie Stewart, who played Miss Yvonne, the Most Beautiful Woman in Puppet Land in the series and the original, more adult sketches. Amusingly, McGrath later guest starred on Kids Incorporated outright in the 8th season finale episode, "The Boy of La Mancha", playing Desmond Niles, "assistant to my Uncle Art, I mean, assistant to the mayor", who obstructs Nicole in her quest to keep the city clean and environmentally friendly as part of her position on the municipal clean up committee.

Songs performed in this episode:

  • “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)“ (The Jacksons cover; lead vocals by Kid)
  • “It Ain't Enough” (Corey Hart cover; guest vocal by Wendy)
  • “He's So Shy“ (as "She's So Shy") (The Pointer Sisters cover; lead vocals by Kid, Renee, Stacy, Mickey and Gloria)
  • Dim All the Lights” (Donna Summer cover; lead vocals by Wendy, Gloria, Kid, Stacy, Renee and Mickey)
  • “Neutron Dance“ (The Pointer Sisters covernote ; lead vocals by Mickey and Kid)

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