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Recap / Kids Incorporated S 1 E 17 Superbike

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Here, Renee finds a bike and restores it as a present.

We begin the episode with the end of "There's No Stopping Us" (from "Leader of the Pack") before Riley tries his hand at comedy, telling a joke (with Wendy joining in) about trying to catch an elephant before leading to opening song "Freedom". Once the song ends, we then see a possible explanation for the aforementioned joke, as it seems that Riley has not had any success finding a car.


As this is going on, Renee arrives with a 1964 The Beatles recordnote  and shares the news to no avail, as the others are interested in a sale - with Kid openly mocking Renee for her interest in older things before the group goes back on stage for "Cool It Now" (complete with a rare rap vocal by Mario Lopez). As the others prepare to leave, Renee spots a teddy bear the others are convinced is junk.

Then Renee sees a bike, but not just any bike; as this one talksnote , who then precedes to ask the started Renee if her dolls talked to her (her response was in her imagination leading to what amounts to a Sure, Let's Go with That reaction from the bike). We then learn more about the bike, not the least of which is the fact said bike had gone through 5 owners and the last owner in particular severely neglected the bike (leaving it in the rain and not doing basic maintenance such as oiling it or even filling the tires). Riley (walking back home) shows up and sarcastically questions whether she could fix the bike, which naturally gives additional motivation to Renee to do just that ("It's a Miracle").


Just as Renee finishes, the others return from their shopping trip with their haul (Kid, the first to appear, shows up with a new hat he's quick to note was genuine leather; Mickey shows up with a new Walkman; Gloria a new jacket; Stacy a new school bag); and after being shocked to learn that was the same bike they dismissed as junk, we see Renee take the bike for a test drive ("The Kid's American").

The test drive ends when Renee drives it into the P*lace before giving it to Riley (only condition: the kids get to use it while Riley's on the clock), who vows to take good care of it as we go to closing number "Shake It Up".


Songs performed in this episode:

  • “Freedom“ (Wham! cover; lead vocals by Gloria and Mickey)
  • “Cool It Now” (New Edition cover; lead vocals by Kid with rap by Mario)
  • It's a Miracle“ (Culture Club cover; lead vocals by Renee)
  • “The Kid's American” (Matthew Wilder covernote ; lead vocals by Kid, Gloria, Stacy and Renee)
  • “Shake It Up“ (The Cars cover; lead vocals by Mickey)

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