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Recap / Kanius Production Abridged

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First Party Corner/The Siege of GranDracmon

  1. Act V: Diverging Paths! Entering the Castle from Hell!
  2. Act VI: A Great Rebound?! Turning the Tide!
  3. Act VII: Clearing the Dark Castle! GranDracmon’s Final Breakdown!
  4. Final Act: The Final Stand! The Trinity’s Ultimate Victory!

Second Party Corner/Digimon Fusion Movie: Yagami’s Second Coming

  1. Act I: The Return of a Monster
  2. Act II: A Call to Arms
  3. Act III: Buckling Down and Training Hard
  4. Final Act: The Last Stand Against Yagami

Third Party Corner/House of Madoka: Halloween Night

  1. Chapter 1: Welcoming the Guests
  2. Chapter 2: Of Parties, Dances, Oh My!
  3. Chapter 3: The Incursion of Midnight
  4. Chapter 4: Good Guests vs Party Poopers
  5. Final Part: All Grand Hallow Finale

3.5 Party Corner: Kuipers' Party

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3

3.5 Party Corner: Villains' Welcoming Reunion

Fourth Party Corner/Shinnen:New Year (Series Finale)

Part 1

  1. Chapter I: Festivities of Manhattan (Part I)
  2. Chapter II: Festivities of Manhattan (Part II)
  3. Chapter III: Festivities of Manhattan (Part III)
  4. Chapter IV: Festivities of Manhattan (Part IV)
  5. Chapter V: Festivities of Manhattan (Part V)

Part 2

  1. Chapter VI: The Soiree of Deities
  2. Chapter VII: Continuing Festivities (Part I)
  3. Chapter VIII: Continuing Festivities (Part II)
  4. Chapter IX: Continuing Festivities (Part III)
  5. Chapter X: The Nightfall of Da'ath
  6. Chapter XI: The Unification of Heroes and Villains
  7. Chapter XII: The Return of the Void King

Part 3

  1. Chapter XIII: Urban Battlefield (Part I)
  2. Chapter XIV: Urban Battlefield (Part II)
  3. Chapter XV: Chinatown's Battle Royale
  4. Chapter XVI: All Your GHQ Belong to Us
  5. Chapter XVII: Urban Battlefield (Part III)
  6. Chapter XVIII: Urban Battlefield (Part IV)
  7. Chapter XIX: Assault on Ward 24

Part 4

  1. Chapter XX: Extraordinary Confrontations (Part I)
  2. Chapter XXI: Extraordinary Confrontations (Part II)
  3. Chapter XXII: Extraordinary Confrontations (Part III)
  4. Chapter XXIII: Extraordinary Confrontations (Part IV)
  5. Chapter XXIV: Extraordinary Confrontations (Part V)
  6. Chapter XXV: Assault on Ward 24 II
  7. Chapter XXVI: Divine Intervention I
  8. Chapter XXVII: Divine Intervention II
  9. Chapter XXVIII: The Emergence

Part 5

  1. Chapter XXIX: Shinnen:Convergence (Alpha)
  2. Chapter XXX: Dawn and Dusk betwixt Chaos
  3. Chapter XXXI: Shinnen:Convergence (Omega)
  4. Chapter XXXII: New Years Finale Fest

Final Part

  1. Chapter XXXIII: A Grand Celebration (uni)
  2. Chapter XXXIV: A Grand Celebration (du)
  3. Chapter XXXV: A Grand Celebration (tri)
  4. Epilogue: A Few Days Later

Episode of Fiends (Resurrection B Segments)/Digimon Fusion Movie: Resurrection B

  1. Act I: Resurrection of the Evil Emperor Burizalor
  2. Act II: Jacomon's Warning
  3. Act III: Our Monster Friends
  4. Act IV: Across Dimensions Part Deux (or Part Two?)
  5. Act V: A Desperate Situation
  6. Act VI: Omega X vs. Burizalor II - Rematch for the Digiverse
  7. Act VII: The Golden Standard
  8. Act VIII: A Whole Tri World
  9. Final Act: The Decisive Finale

Valkyrie Homecoming (Valkyrie Advent Segments)/YuYuGiDigimoon Movie: Valkyrie Advent

  1. Segment I: The Asgardian Party
  2. Segment II: (Un)expected Visitors I
  3. Segment III: (Un)expected Visitors II
  4. Segment IV: (Un)expected Visitors III
  5. Segment V: (Un)expected Visitors IV
  6. Segment VI: (Un)expected Visitors V
  7. Segment VII: Journey to the Circles of the Earth
  8. Segment VIII: Beast Spirits Reborn

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