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Recap / Kamen Rider Genm VS Lazer

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Rematch between Genm and Lazer.

Genm has awoken! Kuroto Dan has obtained the God Maximum Mighty X and the world falls into the chaos that is Zombie Chronicle. Kiriya has found the key to face the power that not even Muteki can overcome and after receiving a certain message from Masamune, he faces Genm. What will become of these two and of the world?

Episode Trope:

  • Back from the Dead: At the very end of the movie, Kiriya not only manages to survive his Rider gauge being depleted to 0, but also is completely brought back to life as a human.
  • Battle in the Rain: The climax of Kiriya and Kuroto’s battle happens as it begins to rain.
  • Born in the Wrong Century: Kuroto muses to himself if he would be acknowledged for his talents if he was born in a different era.
  • Beyond the Impossible: Kuroto’s God Maximum Mighty X is essentially like the original Maximum Mighty X, but in addition to the power armor granted to him, he can also create other games at will.
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  • It May Help You on Your Quest: As Taiga is about to take on the horde of Genm Zombie Gamers, he receives a phone call from Nico who’s in America, who tells him to head to Genm Corp first to get a gashat designed to fight the zombies, Bang Bang Tank.
  • Leave Him to Me: Kiriya breaks the news of Zombie Chronicle and Kuroto to Emu, and leaves his lab coat for Emu to watch over as he goes to fight Kuroto.
  • Man of Kryptonite: Because Lazer X is empowered by Masamune’s Bugvisor II, Lazer X also has the ability to reset Genm down to something manageable on Lazer X’s level.
  • Mutual Kill: The final exchange between Genm and Lazer ends with both Riders depleting the other’s gauge to 0.
  • No Ontological Inertia: Kiriya defeating Kuroto also causes the Zombie Gamers to disappear and saves those who were infected by the zombies.
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  • No-Sell: One of the many things God Maximum Mighty X can do is move in paused time, something Masamune learns first-hand.
  • Pet the Dog: Since Kiriya had the gall to challenge Kuroto directly, Kuroto gives Kiriya the proto-gashats of Shakariki Sports and Jet Combat as a reward for his tenacity.
  • Super Mode: Kuroto gets God Maximum Mighty X and Kiriya gains Lazer X in this movie.
  • Take Up My Sword: As he is flung to death’s door a second time, Masamune entrusts Kiriya with the duty of putting an end to Kuroto and leaves behind his Bugvisor II as he fades away.
  • Trapped with Monster Plot: Simplified, as Kuroto leaves Masamune alive to also participate in Zombie Chronicle, abandoning him in his chamber with the Bugvisor II containing Masamune’s Parado and a Zombie Gamer.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Kuroto devises Zombie Chronicle to allow people to revive those who were taken and done in by the Bugster Virus. Nevermind the fact that only eight or so people worldwide have the means of defeating the Zombie Gamers, Kuroto himself included.

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