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Recap / Kamen Rider Ex Aid Ep 36 Perfect Invincible Gamer

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Written by Yuya Takahashi
Directed by Kyohei Yamaguchi

All of a sudden, Genm Corp. suddenly announces a new addition to Kamen Rider Chronicle! The "Cronus Capture Quest!" The purpose of it is in order to increase the number of Kamen Rider Chronicle Ride-Players. All while knowing what dangers lie ahead, thousands of players join the game! Meanwhile, Emu is still reminded of the message Kiriya said to him before Masamune took him away. Kuroto also quickly completes an invincible golden Gashat holding an unbelievable amount of hidden power! It was Ex-Aid and the others who rushed to stop the "Cronus Capture Quest" when Brave and Lazer Turbo stand in their way once again...


Episode Tropes:

  • Bittersweet Ending: Kiriya is revealed to be Good All Along, and he manages to get the Proto Gahsats back from Masamune. However, Masamune is still alive and Hiiro is given orders to kill Emu the next time they meet, lest Saki dies permanently.
  • Call-Back: Emu convinces Parado to go inside the Gashcon Bugvisor II in order to retry the plan Emu and Kuroto did three episodes earlier. What Parado doesn't know is that this isn't what Emu plans on doing.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: As traditional for a Kamen Rider Final Form debut fight, Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer decimates Cronus, nullifying the Pause ability fully, and landing the Doctor Riders their first true victory over Cronus since his debut.
  • Easily Forgiven: Subverted. Kiriya doesn't forgive Kuroto for killing him, but is willing to trust Emu's judgement on allying with him.
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  • Enemy Mine: Emu calls up Parado to work together in order to defeat Cronus. What Parado didn't know was that meant Emu injecting Parado into his body to reawaken the Genius Gamer "M" persona inside Emu, and use the Hyper Muteki Gashat properly to defeat Cronus. Parado isn't upset however, as it meant that he was finally able to play with Emu.
  • Fake Defector: Kiriya is revealed to be Good All Along (which he told Emu last episode to play along with this lie), and got close to Masamune to not only get the Hyper Muteki Gashat back, but also reclaim the Proto Gahsats.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: Doesn't it seem a little odd that Kiriya as Lazer Turbo is able to beat Emu as Maximum Gamer, even though Emu should be both powerful enough to beat him and not holding back? Almost like he's letting him win.
  • He's Back: Emu purposely injects Parado into him with the Gashcon Bugvisor II to become "M" once more in order to use the Hyper Muteki Gashat properly.
  • Hostage Situation: Turns out that Masamune's deal to Hiiro is actually this when he threatens the latter with a Sadistic Choice.
  • Hour of Power: When used as an Invincibility Power-Up Hyper Muteki is this as the Invincibility lasts for ten seconds. Cronos believes that Hyper Muteki Ex-Aid is the same. He's not.
  • Kick the Dog: Masamune took advantage of the current control he has over Hiiro to force him in a situation he knew will emotionally destroy him, and get the results he wants.
  • Never My Fault: The Doctor Riders lose the Hyper Muteki Gashat in the beginning thanks to Kuroto deciding to describe the Gahsat's abilities while under the power ups ability, but Kuroto blames Emu for not using it properly.
  • No-Sell: The Hyper Muteki Gashat allows the user to do this to Cronus's Time Stands Still ability, whether used by itself as an Invincibility Power-Up or as Muteki Gamer. It simply doesn't work on them and even with everything else frozen they're perfectly fine.
  • Pet the Dog: Hiiro is horrified at Masamune's Sadistic Choice involving Emu and Saki.
  • Sadistic Choice: What a pissed off Masamune gives to Hiiro: Kill Emu, or Saki's data is permanently deleted.
    • This is especially painful because of Hiiro's previous behaviour over the possibility of Emu dying. Masamune is forcing him to choose between what are probably the two most important people in the world to him (excepting his father).
  • Sore Loser: Cronus is shown to be a poor loser after being pulverized by Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer.
  • Transformation Is a Free Action: Double Subverted and Justified: Cronus uses his pause while Ex-Aid is transforming into Muteki Gamer...only for the Gashat to negate his power and transform anyway, just as it's designed to do. Points for trying at least.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: At least Genm has learned his lesson about lacking the necessary skill to beat a Level 99 (and above) Rider. Cronus isn't.
  • You Are Already Dead: Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer's Hyper Critical Sparking is apparently so fast, all of the damage comes in after he's made all of his strikes.

    Gashat Count: Ex-Aid: 9 Snipe: 3 Lazer: 10 Genm: 2 Poppy: 1 Nico: 1 Para-DX: 1 Brave: 5 Cronus: 2
    Gashatrophies Collected: Gamer Riders: 9 Genm Corp.: 1
    Genm's Continues Left: 94

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