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Recap / Kamen Rider Decade Ep 9 Blade Blade

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The battle continues as Decade, Garren and Leangle battles against Chalice and Paradoxa Undead. Unfortunately, during the battle, Chalice manages to steal Garren's Blay Buckle. Suddenly, the fight comes to a sudden halt when Kamen Rider Todoroki shows up and defeats everyone. Due to the attack, Todoroki disappears while both Chalice and Paradoxa Undead manages to escape. Back at BOARD Corporation, Tsukasa was given three thousand yen as a special bonus due to Tsukas defeating Capricorn Undead. Tsukasa was not happy with the bonus as President Hajime tells him he needs to increase the cafeteria sales if he want higher bonus. On the other hand, Sakuya was demoted to Rank 3 (due to him losing his Blay Buckle) while Kazuma was fired (due to disobeying his orders and the cause of losing his and Sakuya's Blay Buckle). Furious, Kazuma pack his things and was about to leave when Tsukasa tells to not quit and somewhat insults Kazuma to be in 0 of Ace. Kazuma was about to beat him up when Yusuke stops him, telling him that Tsukasa's intention that he's so harsh at him was for him to start back from zero since he knew Kazuma's way too focus on the ranking. Tsukasa just goes along with him; unknowing to both that Tsukasa was working just for his camera repair fees.


While Tsukasa and Kazuma (with the help from Mai and Yusuke) sets up an Ace Lunch to all BOARD members, Sakuya and Mitsuki are outside searching for Chalice using their Undead Tracking System to get back their Blay Buckles. However, Chalice appears before them and battle Mutsuki as he transform into Kamen Rider Leangle. Leangle didn't stand a chance against Chalice as he manages to steal his Blay Buckle. But his last attack manages to strike Chalice's belt as Chalice revert back, revealing to be President Hajime. This cause Hajime to capture both of them while back at BOARD corporation, an announcement of both Sakuya and Mutsuki have retired from the corporation. Disbelieve, Kazuma and Yusuke decide to find them seeking the approval from President Hajime, who seems to be in the BOARD's lab. Just before Tsukasa follows them, a mysterious man compliment his dish and ask him if he has eaten his sea cucumber; he hints that he knows him.


At the BOARD lab, both Hajime and Paradoxa Undead has just finish creating the Joker card using the Blay Buckles they stolen and both Sakuya and Mutsuki's life force. Both Kazuma and Yusuke arrives too late as Hajime attack Kazuma while Paradoxa Undead easily defeats Yusuke. Taking outside, Hajime reveals his true motive is to get additional funding by creating more powerful Undead. Without Undead, his company would be useless. Anger, Kazuma tries to attack him but Hajime transform into Joker with his new powers. Thankfully, Decade manages to save him and return Kazuma's Blay Buckle. Once Kazuma transforms into Kamen Rider Blade, both manages to defeat Joker and Paradoxa Undead together.

Before Tsukasa part ways, Kazuma thanks him for everything he did and despite learning he's the Destroyer of Worlds, Kazuma knows he's a good person in hearts. Soon, Tsukasa and company begins their next venture into the World of Faiz.


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