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Recap / Kamen Rider Decade Ep 7 Super Trickofthe Real Criminal

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After defeating Knight, Decade is about to finish him off when Ryuki pleads with him not to deliver the final blow, as he feels Knight must answer for his crime by his hand. However, Abyss uses this time to make his move to take out all three Riders at once, forcing them to retreat with Ren refusing to answer Shinji as he leaves. After her brief encounter with Narutaki, Natsumi learns that Shinji and Tsukasa are convinced that Ren is Reiko's murderer, although Yusuke sees otherwise. Meanwhile, a wounded Ren battles Kamen Rider Odin and defeats him, emerging from Mirror World with Odin's Time Vent as Shinji and Yusuke find him. Learning that Ren obtained the card to save Reiko, Shinji uses the card to go back in time as Tsukasa holds Abyss off. Arriving seconds before Reiko's death, Shinji and Tsukasa manage to save Reiko with the latter cornering her true murderer, Kamata. Despite this, Kamata arrives and absorbs his past self before becoming Abyss and unleashing his monsters on Decade. After learning the truth behind Ren coming to the Atashi Journal and why he left, a relieved Shinji runs to Tsukasa's aid. Though the two manage to defeat Abyss together, they learn from Narutaki that Kamata is actually an Undead as the two depart. After he receives Shinji's photo of himself and Yusuke, Tsukasa and company enter the World of Blade.


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