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Recap / Kamen Rider Build Ep 30 The Truth Of Pandoras Box

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Written By:Shogo Muto
Directed By: Kazuya Kamihoriuchi

Sento: A civil war has erupted over the incredible energy hidden within Pandora’s Box. Stalk is manipulating Seito and has used a portion of the power in the box to create the massive Pandora’s Tower, which has wreaked havoc on Touto. Touto, home to Kiryuu Sento aka Kamen Rider Build, has decided to ally with Hokuto to stop Seito’s rampage, but…
Nanba (as Mido): We at Nanba Industries will demonstrate our weaponry’s power to the world!
Sento: Huh? Aren’t you Seito’s Prime Minister Midou? Why would you say you’re at Nanba Heavy Industries?
Nanba:’s because I’m good friends with Nanba Heavy Industries, that’s all.
Sento: Are you reeeally Prime Minister Midou?
Nanba: I can’t reveal a spoiler like that during the recap! Now, what’ll happen on Episode 30?!

In the panic over Seito's sudden war declaration on Touto, the nascita group barely manage to convince Kazumi to stay with them until the end. But as the last episode ended with Rai taking Misora hostage then revealing that Vernage took control, what does this mean for our protagonists?

Episode Tropes:

  • Action Figure Speech: The nascita crew (minus Misora) try to do a quick recap on the situation by using dolls to represent themselves and try to get a handle on who Vernage and Evolt are in the grand scheme of things early on.
  • Aliens Speaking English: Justified: Sento asks Vernage, a Martian, if she can speak Japanese. She replies yes: she's been listening for seven years and learned.
  • Ambiguously Human: For some reason, Vernage seems to put some sort of emphasis on Ryuga on being the one she places her hope on. A little later into the episode, when Ryuga starts playing with the molten block that used to be his Dragon Sclashjelly, it starts heating up before breaking from its shell and creating a Fullbottle.
  • Cliffhanger: Sawa tells Misora that it’s likely that Ryuga might not be human.
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  • Conveniently an Orphan: When asked about his parents, Ryuga responds that they have died in an accident ten years ago, and that his memories from then are hazy from the stress and such.
  • Demonic Possession: Evolt has assumed control over Soichi’s body for some time now, and while it seems like Soichi has been Fighting from the Inside, it doesn’t look like he has much control left over his own body.
  • Exact Eavesdropping: Gentoku, already suspicious of Seito continuing the war, overhears Nanba gloating about how he's replaced Mido and plans to use the Pandora Box to Take Over the World.
  • Felony Misdemeanor: Kamen Rider Build is accused of treason in the second half of the episode, but this is an invoked ploy to allow Sento to try and take Pandora’s Box from Pandora Tower. The crime he did? Stealing one Dollark from the Prime Minister.
  • Home Field Advantage: When the three Riders are brought into Pandora’s Tower, they try to do their usual thing of beating the enemy with what they have, only to find that the battlefield is being manipulated by Blood Stalk and who tells them that they are at his bidding.
  • Mistaken Identity: After Misora wakes up from her nap, Sento goes over to her bed to check up on her and mistakenly finds her stuffed rabbit first since his goggles are covered in smoke.
  • Painting the Medium: When they try to talk about Ryuga’s origins again, Sento brings up the flashback from #2 when Ryuga started with him being born in a clinic in Yokohama, before throwing it out of frame again.
  • Power Up Let Down: When Sento passes to Ryuga the knuckle power-up item, Ryuga takes a swing...and then sees that his weapon did absolutely nothing to the surprise of both him and the Hard Guardian he was fighting. Subverted a bit later as he realizes that he was just using it wrong and it easily takes out one of the Kaisers.
  • Storming the Castle: After he and Misora talk about what options they have left in this situation, Sento suggests that stealing the box is probably a good choice. Misora retorts that going off alone would be treasonous, to which Sento agrees, but in the morning after, Sento drives off to Pandora's Tower while the Touto government announce that Kamen Rider Build is now marked for treason.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Once again, there is an explosion in the lab as the group minus Misora and Sawa try to make a Next Tier Power-Up for Ryuga.
  • Wham Episode: The biggest one yet. Vernage cryptically warns the heroes of Evolt, the one responsible for the destruction of Mars's civilization, and implies that there's something special about Banjou. Banjou's Sclash Driver and Dragon Jelly is destroyed, but Banjou somehow turns the charred remains of the jelly into a new bottle. Soichi is revealed to be possessed by another being, who's heavily implied to be Evolt. Gentoku overhears Nanba disguised as Mido gloating about his plans for Nanba to become a world-dominating empire. And finally, Sawa's investigations into Banjou's background reveal that he may not even be human.
  • Wham Line: Several of them.
    Vernage: (said to Banjou) Do you not know who you really are?
    Soichi/Evolt?: Don't pop up without permission, just shut up and watch.
    Sawa: Banjou... might not be human.
  • Wham Shot: Banjou turning the charred Dragon Jelly into a new bottle.
    • There's also Souichi preparing to transform, ominously commenting that 'it's time to get serious,' raising the Transtream Gun... Only for his other hand to abruptly come up and grab the arm, complete with the music stopping suddenly. This is promptly followed by the equally Whammy Talking to Themself scene.
  • You Are Not Alone: Ryuga and Kazumi appear after Sento went off trying to fight his way into Pandora's Tower. They say they were tasked with bringing back both Sento and the one Dollark to Touto, but join Sento on his crusade into Pandora's Tower.

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