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Recap / Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger E 1 The Space Pirates Appear

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When the evil Space Empire Zangyack invades Earth, the 34 Super Sentai engage them in the Legend War before sacrificing their powers to destroy the armada. Some time after, the Gokai Galleon arrives to Earth with its crew of pirates after their navigation robot Navi confirms it to be where the Greatest Treasure in the Universe is buried. Though a small advance fleet of Zangyack ships are seen heading towards the planet, the Gokai Galleon's Captain Marvelous refuses to turn the ship around when they are close to the treasure. With that in mind, the Gokai Galleon fights through the fleet before forming Gokaioh to destroy them single handedly. After reaching the Earth, Captain Marvelous introduces himself and his crew to a group of humans as the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and state their intentions to obtain the Treasure from them, only for no one to have any knowledge of the treasure. As Captain Marvelous has his lookout Luka Millfy sell her ring off for cash to eat at the Snack Safari, the Zangyack flagship Gigant Horse arrives within Earth's atmosphere as an infuriated Commander Warz Gill declares an all-out assault on the planet with the main invasion force. Action Commander Shikabanen leads the Gormin Sailors to attack as the Gokai Galleon crew were about to eat. Though they attempt to stay out of the skirmish, the Gokai Galleon crew reconsiders due to their experience with the Zangyack forces conquering their planet long ago. Arriving to the aid of two women and several children, the crew transforms into the Gokaigers to battle the Zangyack forces. When the second wave arrives, the Gokaigers assume the forms of the Gorangers, Shinkengers and Magirangers to get rid of the Gormin. Transforming back, the Gokaigers use their Gokai Sabres' Final Wave attack to destroy Shikabanen. Soon after, now expecting retaliation from the Zangyack forces, the crew take their leave while being admired by the populace as heroes, though Captain Marvelous insists that they were not protecting them and only attacked the villains for ruining his lunch.



  • All Your Powers Combined: The previous Sentai teams combine their powers to wipe out the entire Zangyack invasion force at the finale of the Legend War in the cold open, though they lose their powers in doing so.
  • Big Good: Akaranger leads the first 34 Sentai in the Legend War.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Luka's not happy when Marvelous orders her to sell one of her rings.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Just as the pirates are about to try their curry, the Zangyack's first attack on Earth completely decimated the restaurant while all five were completely unfazed and unaffected by the destruction. You get the feeling this has happened before.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Captain Marvelous gets in a few pistol shots and downs a few enemies before the fight actually begins.
  • De-Power: The fate of the past Sentai teams after defeating the Zangyack invasion during the cold open.
  • Finishing Move: Being the first episode, the basic Final Wave is used to destroy Shikabanen.
    • Also, when the Gokaigers change into the Gorangers, they use the Goranger Hurricane to take out the Gormin. The ball transforms into a Garbage Truck which sucks them all in and drives off.
  • Fleeting Demographic Rule
  • Gendered Outfit: The Gokaigers change into the Gorangers, Shinkengers and Magirangers this episode. Luka changes into Kiranger who was originally male, but doesn't get a skirt as Momoranger didn't have one. For the Magiranger change, Joe and Luka's have gender-flipped suits, as their counterparts were the opposite gender. The Shinkengers are the only team they change into where they have the same gender counterparts.
  • I Was Just Passing Through: When asked by some Earth children why the Gokaiger saved them, Captain Marvelous says they were just getting back at the Empire for ruining their curry rice.
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  • King Mook: Shikabanen bears a slight resemblence to both the Gormin and Sugormin.
  • Monster of the Week: Action Commander Shikabanen


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