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Recap / Joe Oriolo Felix The Cat1x 05 Felix The Cat Suit

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"Either I'm getting fat, or this mirror is out of focus!"

Felix the Cat Suit is a 1959 Felix the Cat cartoon and the 5th episode of the Joe Oriolo Felix the Cat series.

Felix is sleeping in bed when a rooster (and an alarm clock with a bugle) wakes him up. Just outside the window, Professor is spying on the cat, eyeing his Magic Bag. He sneaks inside the house and disguises himself in a giant inflatable Felix the Cat costume. Professor hides behind a mirror, unscrewing the glass so he can pass himself off as Felix's reflection. Felix walks up to the mirror and starts combing himself, but is startled by how odd his reflection looks. When he's not looking, Professor grabs Felix's bag, but a bee suddenly flies into the house and pops the costume, blowing Professor's cover. Professor runs off with Felix's bag, and Felix gives chase. Professor lays a water bucket trap for Felix that he falls for, and they continue chasing each other throughout the house. Professor sets some mousetraps, and plants a sign saying "Professor is in this room." that points into the doorway where the traps are set. Felix runs past it and points the sign to another doorway nearby. Felix eyes the sign and thinks its a trick, so he walks into the doorway with the mousetraps and springs all of them. Professor laughs at how he's trapped Felix.


Just then, Professor looks around the corner and finds out that Felix is unharmed in spite of springing all the mousetraps. Felix continues his search for Professor, just barely missing him when they spin through a rotating door. Felix then notices a bulge travelling through his carpet, and assumes its Professor hiding, so he grabs a nearby broom and prepares to swat him—only to see a mother cat and two kittens emerge from it. Felix continues his search, and looks up, seeing Professor hiding up on the chandelier, with lightbulbs in hand. He begins dropping lightbulbs at Felix, but the cat turns the tables by switching on the lights, electrocuting Professor and sending him fleeing upstairs. Professor hides in a phone booth and calls the telephone nearby. Felix rushes to answer it, and Professor startles him with a party horn over the line. Professor hides behind a curtain nearby, but Felix sees his feet and decides to turn the tide. Felix goes to his window and motions for a nearby squirrel to help him. The squirrel comes inside and pulls a string from a ball Felix has through the house, going through all the rooms and pipes in it and tying the string to a car outside, getting on the seat of it. Felix ties the string to Professor's ankle, and gives the signal for the squirrel to start driving. The squirrel takes off, and Professor is yanked by the string and drops the Magic Bag, being carried through every pipe and drain, and even through the tiles of the roof of the house. Felix adds a coup de grace by throwing some mousetraps down a storm drain that Professor is about to go down. The indignated Professor, covering in the mousetraps, is dragged off by the squirrel in the car as Felix says "Righty-O!" and laughs as the cartoon irises out.



  • Artistic License – Biology: For some reason, the bee that blows up the Professor's costume has its stinger on both its hindquarters and its nose.
  • Bee Afraid: A bee (with a face like Felix's for some reason) ends up popping the Professor's inflatable Felix the Cat costume.
  • Blooper: A very noticeable blooper occurs after Professor sets the mousetraps. In the shot where Professor sets up the sign for his mousetraps, there is only one door and a corner for Professor to hide in. In the next shot, there are suddenly two doors next to each other between the sign.
  • The Calls Are Coming from Inside the House: Played for Laughs when Professor uses a phone booth inside Felix's house to make a phone call inside the house to distract Felix.
  • Deranged Animation: The episode was mostly animated by Jim Tyer (except for a scene of Stock Footage from "The Magic Bag") so the animation is much wilder than usual for the Joe Oriolo Felix cartoons. There are lots of scenes with weird drawings and smears, such as the part where Felix runs to the telephone.
  • Mirror Routine: Professor tries this, wearing a strange inflatable Felix the Cat costume and posing as Felix's reflection in a mirror. Felix notices how odd his "reflection" look, thinking he either has the mumps, is getting fat, or the mirror is out-of-focus. But then a bee comes along and punctures the Felix suit with its' stinger, causing the costume to explode.
  • Missed Him by That Much: Professor and Felix are always in very close proximity to each other in the episode, but they keep evading each other.
  • Scooby-Dooby Doors: Professor and Felix go through this routine when Felix is chasing him through the house.
  • Standard Snippet: Felix's alarm clock plays the standard Military Bugle wake up call to awaken the cat.
  • Stock Footage: Felix's opening walk cycle from "The Magic Bag" is reused when he walks up to the mirror.
  • Wraparound Background: At one point, Professor is running past a background like this, but it's so short that you can clearly see the cutoff point where the background is supposed to loop over and over again!

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