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A recap page for all of the episodes of Joe Oriolo's made-for-TV revival of Felix the Cat.

If you're looking for recaps of the B&W and Van Beuren Felix the Cat cartoons, see the page for them here.

Joe Oriolo Felix Cartoons

  1. The Magic Bag: Felix is enjoying the day with his Magic Bag of Tricks when he winds up getting kidnapped by Professor, who is intrigued by the abilities of his bag.
  2. Into Outer Space: Felix tries to escape Professor's lab, but is unwittingly launched into space by the loony scientist, which ends up making the cat a national hero, much to Professor's envy.
  3. Abominable Snowman: Felix is traveling through the arctic region as Professor tries once again to steal the Magic Bag, which leads to an encounter with a massive abominable snowman.
  4. Felix Out West: Felix travels out west with his bag, and Professor trails after him to steal it, and ends up getting captured by Indians along the way.
  5. Felix the Cat Suit: Felix gets ready for the day while Professor sneaks into his house and tries to use a disguise to try and steal the Bag of Tricks. The sham is quickly foiled, and Felix spends the rest of the cartoon chasing Professor for his bag around the house. MUCH of the score's from the classic Paramount Harvey/Famous 1958 Herman and Katnip short, "Felineious Assault".
  6. Electronic Brainwasher: Professor tells some of his backstory and shows off his laboratory to the audience, and then uses a Cat Liquifier to capture Felix and the Bag of Tricks.
  7. Do-It-Yourself Monster Book: Professor disguises himself as a dinosaur named Dinah that wants to be friends with Felix so he can get closer to the Bag of Tricks.
  8. Blubberino the Whale: Felix is stranded in the middle of the ocean on a raft, and Professor uses this opportunity to torment the cat with a shark. Things take a turn for the worse when a giant whale named Blubberino shows up and devours the cat whole.
  9. Ghostly Concert
C Ontinuing where the last two left off, the Professor has a silent "ghost orchestra".
  1. Captain No-Kiddin'
  2. Felix in Egypt
T He chase continues in Egypt as the Professor disguises himself as a palm trere, then chases the feline into a pyramid with 20th century elevator!
  1. Detective Thinking Hat: Felix becomes a Junior G Man and decides to look for his first crook to catch, setting his sights on a local thug named Rock Bottom.The first appearance of Rock Bottom.
  2. Balloon Blower Machine
Prof.and Rock Bottom in their first appearance together work a crooked bsaloon steal SCHEME.
  1. Friday the 13th
  2. Stone Making Machine
  3. Penelope the Elephant
  4. The Money Tree
  5. Oil and Indians Don't Mix: Felix is running a desert diner when he gets caught up in a scheme by Professor and Rock to steal the diner to mine the oil well underneath it.
  6. The Glittering Jewels: A museum with pricey royal jewels is open, and Felix has to foil Professor and Rock's scheme to try and steal them.
  7. The Gold Car and County Fair
  8. Sheriff Felix vs. the Gas Cloud
  9. Felix's Gold Mine
  10. How to Steal a Gold Mine?
  11. Private Eye Felix and Pierre Mustache
  12. The Gold Fruit Tree
Profoessor and Rock try to steal Felix's gold fruit tree. It's rooted in the ocean, which brings in gold.
  1. The Flying Saucer: Felix is babysitting Professor's nephew, Poindexter, when the kid decides to build a flying saucer and take off into the sky of his own accord, with Felix hanging on to it for dear life as he tries to stop the kid from getting hurt.
  2. Felix Baby-Sits: Felix gets hired to babysit Poindexter for the night, but the kid causes trouble for the cat when he uses a shrinking formula on him, leaving Felix at the mercy of microscopic life forms, including the ravenous Gulpo, the King of the Blobs.
  3. Instant Money: Professor has created a formula that allows him to create counterfeit money with water, but Rock bungles the equipment for it and ends up pouring the loot into Felix's house, forcing them to find a way to try and get their money back without being discovered.
  4. Master Cylinder, King of the Moon: Felix and Poindexter are flying away from the moon, only to be pulled inside of it by a tractor beam. They're intrigued by the lush environment inside of it, but things turn sour when they come face to face with the ruler of the domain, an evil cyborg named Master Cylinder.
  5. The Invisible Professor
N Ot to be confused with Tank Gun. The Professor and Rock Bottom paint themselves invisible to steal the King's gold in a British kingdom. The first of the "storybook" Felix shorts, in the tradition of sorts, of the 1930s cartoons.
  1. Venus and the Master Cylinder
The Professor hires out his Nephew and Felix follows him.
  1. The Termites of 1960: Felix is relaxing in his house when he receives a letter warning him to look out for termites, which includes a free live termite that causes no end of trouble for the feline.
  2. Moo Moo Island Oysters
K Ing Neptune needs help: The Professor and Rock Bottom sneak out to the sea to steal oysters with a shock gun, to shock the shells of the oysters the better to prod them to release the pearls. It's up to Detective Felix to follow them. (all three parties have the same underwater pill)
  1. The Mouse and Felix: Felix is trying to relax at home when his house is invaded by a pesky mouse, who Felix goes out of his way to try and drive out.
  2. King Neptune's S.O.S.
In an aquarium, Rock and the Professor again try batting Felix underwater, in their mechanical"Octopus".Second and last of the two King Neptune cartoons.
  1. Relax-a-Lawn Chair: Felix tries to relax outside of his home, but he is constantly foiled by his attempts to set up his brand new Relax-A-Lawn Chair.A number of "Cat and Chair Feud" uses of the 1959 cartoon "BE MICE TO CATS".
  2. The African Diamond Affair
Rock and the professor are in Africa this time, stealing diamons from a protected (elecric fence) diamond yard with fishing poles and lines coated with sticky flypaper!
  1. Felix's Prize Garden: Felix is trying to enjoy a nice Sunday morning while Rock Bottom plays pranks on him, and Felix unwittingly provokes the wrath of the bully by laughing at him when he becomes the butt of a joke himself.
  2. Finally, The Magic Bag is Mine!
  3. Felix and the Rhinoceros
  4. Felix-Finder and the Ghost Town
The chase continues in a ghost town, where the professor dresses as a hotel clerk (who looks like a ghost).Running gag with a tornado.
  1. Snoopascope, A Magic Bag of Tricks
T He Professor dresses at Felix's non-existent Uncle Hector.
  1. Stone Age Felix: Felix thinks time is going by too fast for him, so he tries to hijack a machine used by Father Time to slow it down, only to break it and send himself flying backwards through time.
  2. The Gold Silkworms
The Professor and Rock Bottom try to steal Felix's amazing silkmoths to try to make silk of their own.
  1. Felix and Vavoom
Felix and Vavoom meet, with the Professor and Rock trying to steal him.
  1. The Jubilee Dime: Professor and Rock Bottom try to steal a very rare dime so they can return it to its owner in exchange for a big cash reward, but things go south when Felix accidentally gets wrapped up in their scheme.
  2. Movie Star Felix:
The Prossor announces that he's a movie producer to trap Felix, and gives him some impromptu "screen tests".
  1. Youth Water: Professor and Rock Bottom run a Fountain of Youth scam to try and sucker old people out of their money, and Felix tries to stop them.
  2. Game Warden Felix: Felix is working as a Game Warden when he gets word that Rock Bottom is out poaching animals, and sets out to stop the crook.
  3. Master Cylinder Captures Poindexter
The Professor is out one night when we see Poindexter and Felix, when Poinsy gets a telegram, from the Master Cylinder, who's KIDNAPPED the Professor, only, once the two get to Mars, is JOINED by the M.C>, who Clang the squid trapped,too.
  1. Atomic Drive Explosion of Master Cylinder
Poindexter and Felix fly to Mars, only to caputred by the M.C>who has an atomic drive mahcine.
  1. Supertoy:
Pondexter invents a little bell shaped toy who talks, named Supertoy, but she gets out of control, taking The Professo'sbed with him in it, and Felix has to jump on and hold onto the bed.
  1. The Jewel Bird
A bird that can lay eggs with jewels attracts the interest of both Felix and the two villians, all of whom try to find it.
  1. The Atomic Rocket Fuel
  2. The Hairy Berry Bush: Felix is hired to go on an expedition to find a rare exotic plant that sprouts berries that make hair grow, but Professor and Rock trail behind him to try and claim the bush for themselves.
  3. General Clang and the Secret Rocket Fuel
Gen.Clang has a very large sleeping bag like teleport, the first of two (see also Exchanging machine) used by hin, to sneak in disguise into the lab, to hypnotize Poindexter and kipnap him.Felix follows in the sacuer..
  1. The Rajah's Elephants: A Rajah's herd of elephants is being kidnapped by an unseen force (Professor and Rock in an airship) and Felix is hired to track down the culprit.
  2. The Exchanging Machine
To kipnap Poinsy for the secret to the Secret Rocket Fuel, so that Master Cylinder can invade earth, General Clang, who's already invented a another in this case, hard-wood telepoter, uses that to bring Poindexter, by using a Poindexter robot. W Hen Ponsy askes for Felix, Clang actually obliges with a Felix doll!
  1. The Leprechaun
Felix, Rock and the Professor, meet King Barney and his leprechaun gang in the first of the five episodes with them. The leprachauns are worth gold, so the bad guys try to catch them.
  1. The Master Cylinder's Spacegram
The Master Cylinder has sent a message that Poindexter picks up, and actually brings him home after hypnotising an understandably disapproving Felix, only to regret it.
  1. The Leprechaun's Gold
Profesor and Rock agsain try in Dublin, Ireland, to catch leprechauns for the gold, but the leprechauns have their own secret=mirage like "fairy"(read: Fool's) gold, which vanishes!
  1. Felix and the Mid-Evil Ages: Professor wants to challenge Felix to a duel, so he uses a time machine to send the cat back to the Medieval Ages, forcing the cat to take part in a jousting match.
  2. The Capturing of the Leprechaun King
  3. Martin the Martian Meets Felix the Cat: Poindexter figures out how to exploit the Magic Bag of tricks so he can travel to Mars, and Felix tags along with him and meets Poinsy's pen pal, a friendly martian named Martin. Things go south once they become the target of Master Cylinder, who is now using a more compact body.
  4. The Professor's Committed No Crime!
The Professor's surprising evil for being in a Poindexter short, as he has now invented an airplane to steal banks.
  1. The Martian Rescue: An alien crash lands near Felix's house, and the cat invites the stranger to stay in his home. Things quickly take a turn for the worse when the cat discovers the extent of the aliens appetite, just as it sets its sights on Felix himself.
  2. The Portable Closet
Rock invents a portable closet with which to steal the magic bag.
  1. Redbeard the Pirate
Professor and R Ock, and Felix, all after treasure.
  1. A Museum, The Professor, and Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom (NO Professor] tries stealing valuble musuem paintings, under Felix's nose, and tries ambushing the cst.
  1. The Professor's Instant Changer
The Professor can change into anything with his instant changer.
  1. The Vacation Mirage
T He Professor follows Felix to the desert, to heckle him further with mirages,this time.[T His one relies heavily on cues from latter-day "spot-gag" short "Silly Science:)
  1. Cat-Napped: Rock Bottom, who is now a hired gun for Master Cylinder, attempts to kidnap Poindexter for a fee, but unwittingly kidnaps Felix instead.
  2. The Sea Monster and Felix:
Out fishing, Felix gets heckled by a sea serpent, with a boot, and then noticing the monster, tries to escape.
  1. The Diamond Tree:
Felix has a diamond tree but not only runs afoul of Rock and Prfoessor but of his squeezing love plant, known as The Squeezum Plant.
  1. King of the Leprechauns:
King Barney has a mine of gold, where a harp can find gold by playing it, but Rock Bottom and the Professor steal it.
  1. The Magic Apples:
Felix and Poindexter wind up in the Middle ages...dreaming that the Professor's a wizard and Rock's a assistant named Sir Rock.(description wrongly in The Wizard and Sir Rock)
  1. Oysters and Starfishes:
When the Professor finds out about how strong starfishes are, he gets an inspired, crooked brainstorm to exploit this to grow a starfish to open oysters//
  1. The Haunted House:
Felix and Poindexter wind up, still n the medieval times, at a haunted castle!
  1. Gold Digger Vavoom: Felix travels to the South Pole to film Vavoom live on TV, but gets wrapped up in Professor and Rock Bottom's scheme to force Vavoom to mine through a gold mine for them.
  2. The Wizard and Sir Rock:
The title characters aka Professor and Rock, and Felix and Poindexter, in a magic show.
  1. The Coal Diamonds:
Rock and the Profeessor want Felix's diamond machine, which can turn coal into diamonds, just like real life,with a lightning rod through an ingenously designed ad hoc stove, with refrigerated bolts. so the crooks make a fake lightning bolt, break inside, but Rock makes the stupid mastake of leaving the fridge door open so the bolts partly melt or otherwise shoot thru Felix's house.
  1. Out West with Big Brownie: Felix and Poindexter are staying with a ranch owner named Bart when the ranch is seemingly attacked by a bear named Big Brownie. Felix tries to help Bart stop the bears rampage, but Poindexter is convinced that the bear is nicer than it seems.
  2. Love-Sick Squirt Gun:
To get money from Felix, Professor invents love causing juice and a gun to use it in, with Felix, once he's failed for it and given the Professor money and then recovered, running into the bad guys' new lion, who temporarily sides with him due to their family relaiton.
  1. Mechanical Felix:
To lure the bag closer, the Proffesor invents a robotic Felix!
  1. The Ski Jump:
Rock and Professor and Felix compete in a Ski Jump.
  1. Felix and the Beanstalk:
Felix is Jack in this spoof of the classic take.
  1. The Milky Way:
Felix and Poindexter travel thru space to the famous real-life galaxy. Not to be confused with the 1990s Felix cartoon.
  1. The Super Rocket Formula
In his space lab, Master Cylinder sends Martin the Martian to kidnap Poindexter to make super rock formula, but Martin gets a fair agreement, not having the heart to kidnap Poinsy, and sends his fourth dimensional space capsule, which goes into the lab, only to bring Felix to Mars and the M.C.
  1. The Weather Maker:
Rockbottom, for a change, has a wacky invention of the Professor's that can change weather.
  1. The Giant Magnet:
After Poinsy hears a call from what's apparently Saturn, he and Felix fly up in the saucer only to a sinister, huge skull-ship-planet.
  1. The Instant Truck Melter:
TO catch a rare baby bird, Rock and the Professor, noting the bird is in a security truck driven by Felix, invent a trukc melting spray, then the Professor disguises Rock Bottom as a giant bird.
  1. The Pep Pill
To be able to excercize more, Poindexter takes a "pep" pill that he's invented, so that he can run, and the cat's having no end of trouble chasing the little kid, who even grabs the cat!
  1. Leprechaun Gold from Rainbows
Professor and Rock try to steal King Barney's and the leprechaun's gold, after learning of bagpipe music to seperate it from rainbows, while Felix and King Barneyride the underground mushroom-boat of Barney, to follow the bagpipe music of the crooks's
  1. The Magnetic Ray
  2. The Instant Grower:
Professor has a can of instant grower that he sprays on himself to turn into a giant.
  1. The Professor's Ancestor? The Wizard:
The Professor, in another time time adeventurem send sFelix back thru the time when the cat winds up onProfessor'sworkout bike like time device.
  1. Luring the Magic Bag of Tricks:
The Professor and Rock Bottom have Felix volunteering for them at the lab where both try to steal the magic bag, where Professor creates Liquid Light to make Felix transparent.
  1. The Uranium Discovery:
Felix finds some uranium, which The Professor and Rock try to steal.
  1. Chief Standing Bull:
A tribe of indians invades a village, and Felix tries to stop it.
  1. The Strongest Robot in the World:
Poindexter invents the strongest robot in the world.
  1. Stairway to the Stars:
Poindexter's invented a stairway into space, where the two wind up on a strange planet with aliens with horns for heads.
  1. Cleaning House:
Felix the Cat's got a new robot maid who cleans house but then makes a mess.
  1. Vavoom Learns How to Fish: Felix takes Vavoom on a fishing trip, but they discover a dam is about break apart and flood a nearby town. Felix does his best to hold it back while Vavoom tries—and repeatedly fails—to warn the townsfolk about the incoming flood.
  2. The Golden Nugget: Felix goes searching for gold in the arctic region, but Professor and Rock Bottom trail him, and they all end up accidentally giving the same nugget to each other by using a single gold nugget.
  3. Big Brownie:
Introduces Big Brownie, a giant grizzly bear, in the snow, who turns out to be a friend, but is chased by uncle/rancher Bart in the first of three stories set at his ranch.
  1. The Genie
Felix tries to ork the Genie introduced in Felix Finds a Genie
  1. Felix and Poindexter Out West:
Another story of Felix, Poinsy, Brownie and Bart, as Bart has a hole-with-leaves trap in store for the big bear, but Felix and the Professor, who arrives in a helicopter, fall thru it instead!Big Brownie is again with Big Bart, Felix, Poindexter and Professor, who rushes out but with Felix, falls through the trap that Bart's set for the bear.
  1. The Bad Genie
Rock and Professor try to catch the genie that wants to trap Felix.
  1. The Rajah's Zoo:
Rock and the Professor are at it again with the Rajah, this time in his zoo, to steal the animals. Felix winds up in a turtle shell which is VERY big inside (as a cat with a magic bag and who's traveled with Poindexter thru space in a martian's "space capsule", he's probaly not surprised.)
  1. The Loan Business:
Felix's new dog, Sniffer, and Felix run a unqiue loan deal where Sniffer can sniff anyone, a money hound as it were,to catch deadbeats.
  1. A Treasure Chest:
At his late uncle's haunted house, Felix is cleaning house there when the ghost of his uncle shows up, and Felixaccidentally reveals a tresure chest/
  1. The Essence of Money:
Another Felix/Sniffercrooks story, this time partly taking place on a runaways truck, which both forgot to drive!
  1. Mercury's Winged Sandals:
All about Felix and Mercury vs Rock and Proffessor over the famed winged sandals of ancient legend. but the crooks naturally cannot stop the crazy shoes. Much stock music from the 1960 Paramount Modern Madcap short "The Kid From Mars"
  1. The $10,000 Vacation:
The Professor and Rock want to go on a vacay in a place like Palm Springs but need money, only their go to source, Felix's specialty hound Sniffer will know they're deadbeats, so Professor uses a fake cute girl dog rag doll, and a electronic baseball shaped brain called B-X-9, which the Prfoessor then uses to lure Sniffer.
  1. Brother Pebble Bottom:
Rock's brother Pebble Bottom, a little puppy, tries to steal Felix's bag in the rare "good guy Rock Bottom" episode.
  1. The North Pole and a Walrus Hunt: Felix takes up an offer from the zoo to go to the North Pole and bring back a mate for the zoos walrus in exchange for 10,000$, but this catches the attention of Professor and Rock, who try to beat Felix to the walrus to claim the reward for themselves.
  2. Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets:
The legendary queen's secrets wind up plundered by Rock and the Professor, with hilarious results.
  1. The Trip Back from the North Pole: Felix has saved the walrus from Professor and Rock and is starting to transport it to the zoo, but the crooks catch up with Felix to try and catch the walrus again so they claim the 10,000$ reward for it.
  2. The Golden Whale Baby-Sitter:
Felix has to babysit a whale who gives out gold.
  1. North Pole Jail Hole: Felix is still trying to get the walrus out of the North Pole, but Professor and Rock have other plans as they set a trap for Felix so they can claim the walrus for themselves.
  2. Felix the Handyman
  3. Public Enemies Number One and Two: What starts off as an episode where Felix is trying to figure out why Professor and Rock Bottom break into his house without stealing anything turns out to be a setup for a surprise birthday party everyone is throwing for Felix.
  4. Horse Thieves:
Through an inspired magical piano with magnet, Professor and Rock steal horses under Sherriff Felix's nose!
  1. Adventures of Felix
Actually a specific story about Felix's flamingo Flim Flam, golf, and the Prof.and Rock try to cheat with a magical golf ball.
  1. Felix the Cat Bottles A Genie:
While on the beach,), Felix the Cat, finds a mean genie, who gives him trouble.(Produced before a couple of other episodes, above, that mention genies, since they also feature the same character).
  1. Felix the Cat Finds the Golden Bug: Felix finds a Golden Bug that will lead him to a hidden treasure, but Professor and Rock Bottom are aware of it and trail him to try and kidnap the bug and claim the treasure for themselves.
  2. Felix the Cat Bottles The Genie Finds a Genie:
Follow up to the last one, here with Felix on television showing off his immense bottle collection, out of which the genie springs as Rock and the Professor show up to steal it.

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