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Recap / Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo Mystery Of Soft Machine

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Giorno attacked by Soft Machine

Chapters covering this arc: 458, 459
Episodes covering this arc: S4E5 (second half)

NOTE: Events from the anime adaptation are in italics.

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    Prelude: Giorno's New Companions and Whereabouts of Polpo's Fortune
Giorno introduces himself to the rest of Team Bucciarati

Chapters covering this event: 456, 457
Episodes covering this event: S4E5

Bucciarati explains the hierarchy of Passione to Giorno: there are groups made up of six to ten members. Then, there are capos like Polpo who command those teams and having rights and power over a particular region, making it their own territory. These teams including speacialized team, such as assassination team, drug team and even gambling team. The one who stands at the top is the boss, as he only has contact with the trusted consiglieri (right hand man). The problem is many people including Bucciarati don't know who or where he is; many of Passione's members avoid of being targeted. In order to move up the ranks, Bucciarati explains that the two of them need to have a trustworthy team.

Polpo's death now spread among the other capos. On the other side, two of Passione members, Sale and Mario Zucchero, are discussing about the rumor that he has 5 billion lire worth of hidden treasures.

Bucciarati and Giorno arrive at the restaurant where the rest of Bucciarati's team is waiting for them. There are Guido Mista, Leone Abbacchio, Narancia Ghirga, and Pannacotta Fugo, sitting in a restaurant. Mista complains about the four slices of cake they had been served, as he has tetraphobia (fear of number four). Meanwhile, Fugo helps Narancia with his math by teaching him a simple multiplication; when Narancia gets the answer incorrect, Fugo grabs a fork and stabs Narnancia in the cheek with it, grabs him by his head and slams him into the table as Mista asks Abbacchio if he's going to eat his slice of cake. Narancia then pulls out his knife, threatening Fugo. Before the chaos ensues between them, Bucciarati arrives and yells at them for bothering other customers. The group resumes their activity and ignore Giorno when the latter formally introduces himself, but Bucciarati demands them a respect towards the newcomer. When Bucciarati is called away because of a call regarding Polpo's demise, Abbacchio urinates into a teapot and serves it to Giorno as a prank. Abbacchio goads Giorno to drink it, while Mista pokes fun at Giorno because he doesn't to be one of them. Narancia and Fugo are just standing there and chuckles. When Bucciarati returns, he scolds his team members if they doing something funny to Giorno, but Giorno replies that Abbacchio went to the trouble of pouring the "tea" he served. Giorno gulping down his cup in one go, much to their astonishment. It is revealed that by turning one of his teeth into a jellyfish, he was able to absorb all the urine without drinking it. The rest of the team is impressed by Giorno's confidence, with Giorno is more than willing to tell the team about his powers in return for the four of them tell him about their powers respectively. Bucciarati even thinks there is something about Giorno that makes him hard to dislike. Bucciarati tells them to move out.

On their way to the docks, Giorno notes that Bucciarati is a popular man amongst Naples community. But at the same time, Bucciarati is disturbed by the pleas of the citizens against the drug trade plaguing the city.

    The Mystery of Soft Machine 
At the docks, Bucciarati rents a yacht while Narancia buying some snacks and soft drinks. The team then set sail toward the sea. Annoyed by Narancia's music, Mista pours lime soda on his radio. When Bucciarati deems that they are sufficiently far from the coast, he informs his team that Polpo has died and leaves a secret fortune, which according to Bucciarati's calculation, worth ten billion lire. With that money, he can climb the rank of capo. However, amidst the excitement among the gang, Narancia is suddenly pulled away from sight and disappears, leaving only his left shoe. Mista and Fugo disappeared too, leaving only Bucciarati, Abbacchio, and Giorno. While cornered, Giorno assures Abbacchio and Bucciarati that Narancia and the others are alive. He points at the cabin that he used his Stand to turn Narancia's shoe into a fly, seeking its owner. Bucciarati tells Abbacchio that it is a good time to use his Stand to solve the situation. Abbacchio refuses at first, as he doesn't trust Giorno. In order to prove himself, Giorno willingly gets attacked by the enemy Stand. Impressed, Abbacchio finally summons his Stand: Moody Blues.

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